World Association of Lesson Studies

Minutes of the 6th Annual General Meeting of WALS

held on Saturday 25th November,  2017 at 13.15pm

at the ES Hall, Nagoya University.

Attendance: 86 WALS members.

  1. Welcome Address by WALS President
  1. WALS President Pete Dudley welcomed everyone to the AGM.
  2. He noted that this was his first year as WALS President and that he had enjoyed his time tremendously. It had been a very busy year, but much had been achieved including the introduction of webinars.
  3. Pete thanked the organising committee for their excellent work in arranging such a successful conference and in particular Hiroyuki Kuno, the Chair, for all he had done to make the conference so very successful and an excellent experience for participants and contributors alike.

  1. Annual Report for 2017 (Hon Gen Sec, Ms Jean Lang)
  1. The Hon Gen Sec introduced her annual report and highlighted some important sections that were coming up later in the agenda. These included the successes of the 2016 and the current conference. She noted the exciting plans and proposals for the 2018 and 2019 conferences and the continued success, growth and influence of the Journal. She announced the growth of global interest in WALS through social media; @WALessonStudy now had nearly 1500 followers mainly in the US, Europe and Australia and the WALS Facebook page had a growing amount of interest, particularly from colleagues in East Asia. She encouraged members to take an active part in the WALS Communications portfolio group to promote membership of WALS and share news and learning about lesson and learning studies across the coming year.  
  2. Jean Lang shared information about the development of a revised and renewed WALS website which would be launched in the new year and encouraged members to send in news items, pictures, links to interesting blogs etc. to bring more traffic to the site and encourage membership. She also shared the success of the 2 webinars that had been held in the past year and thanked the presenters who had worked so hard to make them successful. She informed attendees that a webinar programme for 2018 was being developed and any ideas for topics or volunteers to present would be very welcome.
  3. She also noted that the numbers of members joining online for a period of 10 years had grown significantly and raised questions about how WALS membership numbers could be increased in the future. She noted Council members were exploring a number of suggestions including the idea of ‘Institutional Membership’. This idea would be discussed further during the coming year.
  4. She thanked the WALS administrators, Swee Kim and Renzhan for all their work in their new roles since February.

  1. Annual Financial Statement for 2017 (Dr. Christina Lim-Ratnam, Hon Treasurer,)

  1. Treasurer Christina Ratnam presented her financial report to the AGM and informed the meeting that at the end of the year there was a healthy surplus of 22,784 Singapore Dollars. This was in contrast to a deficit in 2016. The finances has benefited significantly from the success of the Exeter conference which had provided a profit of 26,019 Singapore Dollars.
  2. Christina explained the projected budget for 2018 which showed a small surplus of 2,454 Dollars, she noted however that this could increase due to the success of the Nagoya conference.
  3. Pete Dudley thanked Christina for all her work during the year.

  1. Election of Council Members for new Term (2017-2019): new nominations
  1. Pete Dudley announced that the Council had elected one new member at its meeting on 23rd November; Professor Aki Murata of the University of Florida was nominated by Christine Lee and seconded by Elaine Munthe.
  2. He informed the meeting that Gill Jordan of the UK who had been a Council member since 2012 had resigned but would continue to be an active member of WALS and hoped to attend the conference in Beijing.

  1. Report on WALS 2016 Conference
  1. Pete Dudley thanked Brahm Norwich (Chair of the the organizing committee of WALS 2016 for the detailed report he had provided to the Council. Brahm (present) was congratulated on an excellent conference in Exeter which had also resulted in a significant income for the association.

  1. Report on the WALS 2017 Conferences
  1. A/P Kuno thanked everyone for attending the conference and gave an update on numbers. He hoped that there would have been more than 900 attendees from 35 countries enjoying nearly 400 presentations.
  2. Pete Dudley thanked the Nagoya and Fukui prefecture team for the their excellent work which had led to one of the strongest conferences on record.

  1. Update on WALS 2018 and 2019 conferences

7.1 Prof. Sang gave a detailed presentation on preparations for the 2018           conference in Beijing. He introduced Prof. Qiong Li as his co Vice-Chair of the organizing committee.  

7.2  He announced that the theme of the conference would be ‘ Lesson Study and Teacher Education: International Dialogues’ and it would be held from 23rd to 26th of November in Beijing.

7.3        Pete Dudley announced that the Council had voted to support the proposal from a consortium of five Universities in the Netherlands to hold WALS 2019 in Amsterdam. He introduced Sui Lin Goei (Chair of the Organizing Committee) who presented slides to share initial plans for the conference to members.  Sui Lin announced that the conference would be held between the 3rd and 5th September 2019 and would take the theme ‘Crafting Sustainable Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning.’

  1. Update on International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies (IJLLS) (Prof. Keith Wood)
  1. Keith introduced his report to the AGM on the progress of IJLLS. He reported the Journal's reputation was growing but there was a need for more high quality submissions, particularly from teachers. He highlighted some of the key developments, publications and download statistics. He urged members to view the articles as a major resource.
  2. He thanked the new editorial team for all their work during the year and pointed to the special Chinese Edition as a particular achievement.
  3. Keith also reminded attendees that all WALS members could access the articles free of charge and if they had joined as part of their conference subscription, access would go live in January 2018.
  4. Keith announced that guidance on writing an article would be available on the WALS website in the coming year to encourage submissions, particularly from teachers.
  5. John Elliott (former Chief Editor) encouraged researchers to include teachers as co-authors as the Journal would benefit from more submissions from classroom practitioners and school leaders.
  6. John reminded attendees that submissions could be made in the first place in an author’s first language and support with translation would then be provided.
  7. Pete thanked the editorial team for all their work and remarked that the Journal was the richest available resource sharing the theory and practice of lesson and learning studies.

  1. AOB
  1. Pete encouraged all members to take an active part in WALS during the coming year, accessing the journal, providing news for the website, Facebook and Twitter and taking part in webinars. He asked members to come forward with any ideas for developing the WALS community in the coming year.
  2. He thanked all for their attendance and hoped they would enjoy the rest of the conference and have safe journeys home.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 14.15 pm.

Recorded by:                 Ms Jean Lang (Hon Gen Secretary)

Approved by:                Dr Pete Dudley (President)

Date:                        9th December 2017

Minutes of WALS AGM 2017