Tairangi School Procedure Statement


        NAG 5 Health & Safety

        NAG 6 Legislation & Regulation

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. A student is entitled to enroll at Tairangi School on or after their 5th birthday.  Earlier enrolments will not be accepted.  Children may be enrolled for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  2. Where Tairangi School is a child’s first school enrolment, we require evidence of their date of birth (e.g. Plunket Book, birth certificate, passport) and also evidence of immunisation.
  3. Five year olds enrolling after 1 July each year are classified as Year 0
  4. On enrolment the following forms will be filled in:

Parents will be given a copy of the school information booklet and stationery lists.  Parents will be offered the opportunity to sponsor the school through the Telecom and/or Clear schemes.

  1. The Board of Trustees recognises that placement of students is the professional task of the Principal and teaching staff and are bound by their decision.
  2. The Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal and Senior Teachers will prepare preliminary class lists in November for the following year after consultation with team teachers.  The Principal may make changes to these lists and has the final say on placement.
  3. Parents may be consulted regarding promotion or placement, particularly for junior students with mid-year birthdays.
  4. Students may be moved in groups, part way through the year to allow for roll growth.  Parents will be consulted over this.
  5. Permission from the Ministry of Education will be sought over exceptional student placements if a student is to be accelerated or held back.

File:enrolmentplace56.doc        Procedure Statement – Enrolment & Placement