Education, Recreation & Community Development

Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke is focused on our public schools. She’s made that clear in her first term in office and Medford needs that type of commitment to make sure the Medford Public School system continues to best serve our kids. Stephanie’s first round of improvements included adding classes and staff members to Medford High School. Under her leadership, Medford now offers nine new Chapter 74 technical programs and 16 advanced placement courses. She’s also added counseling and behavioral support staff, an incredibly important step that helps kids reach their full potential and advance in social and emotional learning. In addition, for kids at at every grade level, Stephanie has enhanced learning through increasing art and recreation opportunities.


Mayor Burke also cares deeply about the safety of our kids and community. Through the Complete Streets project, she’s helping to reduce traffic near our schools, encouraging families to walk or bike to school and increasing public awareness of school zones. The construction we see now across the City, especially at historically dangerous intersections, is because of Stephanie’s commitment to Complete Streets and public safety. Many parts of the city have seen important improvements including reduced speed limits, flashing lights at crosswalks, and more clearly marked crosswalks and curb extensions near schools.


In addition, Stephanie truly recognizes that the arts are an integral part of a thriving community which is why she negotiated and facilitated a new professional management company for the Chevalier Theatre, a move that will allow children, families and people of all ages to experience high quality music, dance, drama and theater. Furthermore, by budgeting for a year-round Recreation Department, implementing projects like the Riverside Plaza improvements, and supporting the completion of the bike path along Rt. 16 between Winthrop St. and Whole Foods, Stephanie has demonstrated through direct action that she wants to support recreation as an essential part of a healthy city.


Since taking office in 2016, Mayor Burke has already made significant progress in our schools, public safety and recreation, and she continues to demonstrate her commitment to moving Medford in the right direction every day. We need to re-elect Stephanie so that our kids, families and community can live in a place that they are truly proud of.


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