The Surfer And The Seal

by Duncan Jones

The surfer sailed across the waves

The seal watched from below

Then said the seal when face to face

“A fine impressive show!

I challenge you, a dare, a test

Your great skills versus mine

Though when you lose do promise me

That you won’t sulk and whine!”

“I have tricks and stunts a-plenty!”

Said the surfer with a grin

“And I’m bored of all your talking …

Say the word and let’s begin!”

And like that their duel began

Oh what a show indeed!

Both sailed and dove and splashed and rode

So many came to see …

They made the dolphins jealous

Fish stared and seagulls squawked

From all around they came to watch

As all the ocean talked …

Then when finally fading, tired

(For the waves were rather strong)

Face to face they met again

But they did not get along …

Surfer said, “Well clear it is

That you’re talented, oh yes!

But what’s also just as clear my friend …

Today I was the best!”

“Ridiculous!” exclaimed the seal

As he ducked below a wave

“You didn’t stand a chance at all

Although your show was brave!”

Their fussing carried on like this

Yelling, thrashing in the water

And as the blue sky said goodbye

Their argument grew hotter …

Until a final round of splashing

Colored by the setting sun

And with that the winner chosen!

For there now remained just one