2018 6th-8th grade Science Teacher of the Year

Jose Manuel Escobero

6th Grade- Layton, UT

“Beautiful!” is a phrase Mr. Jose Manuel Escobero repeats and repeats.  His students do beautiful work—academically challenging-- and that is, to Jose Manuel, beautiful. He describes his wife of 26 years as beautiful and his current Spain home, Granada, as beautiful.  And we, at North Davis Preparatory Academy, his American home see his teaching as beautiful. And he has been doing this beautiful teaching work for 33 years in Spain and now, with and for us.

Having received many accolades, Mr. Escobero is most proud of taking a group of 6th grade scientists to compete, and win, the International Science in Action competition in Ermua, Spain.  Seven (7) of the 10 groups who submitted research projects were finalists and 3 of the 7 finalist groups placed First in an international competition of 400 competitors. Beautiful.

Michael Olsen

7th Grade- Eden, UT

Michael has been teaching in the public school setting for the past 19 years. His first 9 years were with the Ogden School District. Michael is currently teaching with the Weber School District. He loves the challenge and excitement of coming up with science activities and investigations to help foster the natural excitement and passion that students have for science.

Michael loves traveling through Utah to search for and witness the distinct scientific marvels that this state has to offer. Michael is also an avid outdoorsman. In his spare time, Michael enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. When Michael is not in the outdoors, he can be found after hours at the school working with those involved in extracurricular activities. Michael coaches the boys and girls basketball teams as well as track and field. He also loves music and transforms into DJ at the school stomps and dances.

Michael enjoys teaching science and is grateful for this award.

Lisa Covert

8th Grade- Eagle Mountain, UT

Lisa Covert has been an educator at heart her whole life.  She has been teaching science and math at Alpine School District for 14 years.  Currently she teaches 8th grade science at Frontier Middle School and coaches other science teachers in the district.  She started teaching 8th grade science four years ago when Frontier Middle School opened.  She enjoys teaching 8th grade science because it provides students an opportunity to explore more in-depth and abstract concepts for the first time.  Other subjects Lisa has taught include various levels of physics and math.