The First Tee of Fort Worth

Lesson Plan

Class/Week:   Player  Week 7        Coach:

Grid Locations: Putt/Range/Chip  Core Lesson:  #8, Playing with Perseverance  

Core Values:  Perseverance-  Never give up!  Keep trying even when you want to quit.  


Healthy Habit(s): Safety – Physical SAFETY includes playing in a safe environment and by the rules, protecting the body with proper equipment, warm-up and cool-down and wearing sun protection.

Warm Up Activities:  Balance & Strength- balance on one leg, hold a club or several clubs in each hand at side.  Lean over back flat hands to the ground other leg goes back and in air.  Bring clubs up elbows close to side (10 on each leg), and  Flexibility & Mobility-Golf Warmups (arm circles, trunk rotations) Agility & Coordination- See object control. Object Control-  Plan for the future race, like a snag golf race except a Player must get the ball to stop in several hula hoops and go under gates along the way.  It is up to the player to decide the best plan for the course.

Life Skill Objectives: As a result of this class, PLAYers will appreciate the value in not giving up on what are trying to accomplish on the golf course, at home, and in school.  

Golf Skill Objectives and Factors of Influence:  As a result of this class, PLAYers will be able to better understand how to deal with hitting the ball different distances and what the factors of influence they have control over while trying to get the ball to go the distance they desire.  Focus on Small, Medium and longer swings with all clubs.  

Golf Skill Activities: Putt - Perseverance putting is a 2 partner game where one player is putting and the other is caddying, players attempt to putt from a starting location into a flat moveable hoop that is moved further each time they get the ball in the hoop.  Chip - Leap frog chipping is where the participants are in teams and they have to try to chip into the different zones of the green closest to furthest in order and then back to the closest to win.  Range - Full swings for distance.  Noodles down the middle of the range every 25 yards.  Hitting different club each turn they should tell their partners how far each shot goes after hitting it.  

Etiquette, Definitions, Rules: Pace of Play/Be Ready to Play/ Relief situations.  Rule 20-2: how to drop and re-drop Rule 26-1a.b.- Dropping from hazards Rule 27 1,2-Out of bounds and Provisional ball  

Wrap Up and Bridge to Life: In what ways do you show perseverance while doing something challenging?  What are the ways we can control distance while putting and hitting?  Why is it important to persevere?  Show you quit if something is hard?  How will you show perseverance at school or home?

Prepare to test:  What core value are you using if you keep trying in school or golf even if it is hard?  Does warming up before activities help keep your body safe from injuries?  What should you yell if your ball is going towards someone else?  What core value would be if you try your best no matter what score you are making on a hole?  What kinds of healthy snacks should you have in your bag while playing golf?