Tairangi School Procedure Statement


        NAG 3 Personnel

        NAG 5 Health & Safety

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Tairangi School promotes safety and expects all personnel to follow safety precautions when using machinery.
  2. Safety gear will be provided for all power equipment and all staff using this equipment must use it.  This includes employees of other firms working on the school site.  People will be informed of this as soon as they arrive on site.
  3. Builders and carpenters working at the school will set up a “no go” area around where they are working which students cannot breach.
  4. School plant hazards will be eliminated or minimized as soon as they are noticed or reported.  The Board of Trustees maintain regular inspections of school property and plant and the Property sub-committee discuss hazards and potential areas of danger each month.
  5. Staff, visitors, students and parents/caregivers are encouraged to report any hazards or potential hazards they identify.  These are also to be discussed by the Property sub-committee and either eliminated or minimized.

File:machinesafe35.doc        Procedure Statement – Plant & Machinery Safety/Hazards