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Call for 12 Romanian participants

[RO-707] SustainableNGOs Bootcamp, 25.09.2023-29.09.2023,

Bran, Romania


Key info

Arrival day:

25th of September 2023

Departure day:

29th of September 2023

Project type:

Erasmus+, Training Course


Bran, Romania


Youthpass, recognized at European level

Application deadline:

Relevant applications are confirmed on a rolling basis


About the project:

The Sustainable NGOs project aims to raise awareness of climate change and environmental challenges in line with European and global strategic documents in the youth sector, empower the youth sector for the green transition and to start working in a more sustainable way, improve the green competences of young people, youth workers and leaders and help them change their habits and behaviors, so that they will become actors of change both inside and outside the youth organization.

There will be participants from Slovenia and Spain.

GEYC’s background:

Sustainability is one of GEYC’s main objectives. We promote projects in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as our commitment is directed towards raising awareness, promoting and working on: Climate justice; Solidarity with a focus on social inclusion, minorities, migrants and refugees; Gender equality; Health and wellbeing; Partnerships for sustainability. Find out more...


The sessions will therefore first elaborate on what sustainability is, why changes in the way we address and dispel myths about climate change, and then turn to the principles of sustainability and how to make the most of them in one’s work as an NGO.

The training components (online modules and bootcamp) will thus be complementary to guidelines for sustainable organizational action, and youth workers and young people will be able to participate in the planning process and implementation better. The innovation of our project lies in the holistic approach to sustainability in youth NGOs and the development of tools for acquiring green competences and achieving sustainability in the functioning of organisations.


Target group:



Selection criteria:

About the location and accommodation: 

The participants will stay at La Valtoare in the village of Bran, Brasov (on a walking distance from the Dracula residence), a family owned guesthouse.

The participants will be accommodated into rooms of 2 or 3. The divisions will be made by the organizers randomly in same gender rooms.

In this week of living together and activities, we will taste locally produced, and vegetarian and/or vegan options. Three meals a day and snack breaks will be offered.


Project timeline:


Financial details:

The project is funded by Erasmus+, allowing us to reimburse the transportation and to directly cover the accommodation, and meals for the selected participants. Flights, private transportation services (taxis, private transfers, etc..) and 1st class tickets are NOT reimbursed.

It is possible to arrive and stay a maximum of 2 days before and/or after the activity at the participants’ own expense and responsibility given that the travel prices are not higher to those of the set dates.

Please note that GEYC is not charging a participation fee for this project.

Participants will be required to transfer a participation deposit of 200 RON to guarantee their participation. The deposit will be refunded 100% upon completing their participation together with the travel reimbursement, estimated in November 2023 upon completing the online modules. Please don't transfer any amount before you receive the confirmation e-mail.


Sustainability policy:

In line with the green policies of the European Union and of the European youth programmes, we adopted a sustainability policy that proposes the following measures:

🌳 Luggage allowed:

- when travelling by train, try to opt for a small luggage. Minimize the number of clothing items and accessories you bring with you.

🌳 Choosing the itinerary: For this project the preference will be given to travelling as green as possible, thus no flights can be booked. When choosing the train, complement it by ground public connections (buses, ferries, etc.). Plan your itinerary to include ground public transportation connections, such as buses, trams, or ferries, to reduce the reliance on private cars or taxis.

Green travel is defined as the travel that uses low-emissions means of transport for the main part of the travel, such as bus, train or car-pooling. In order for an itinerary to be considered as being done on a green travel policy, at least 50% of the itinerary length has to be done with low-emissions means of transport (train, bus, ferry, rideshare, bike etc.).

Rambursarea costurilor de transport


What to bring, what to prepare:

Other important information:

For more information, contact us at, subject: “[ES-703] - Questions” or with a private message on social media. 

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