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Message from Mr. Ellis

 It is my honor to welcome you to Woodstation Elementary School and let you know that you are always welcome. The teachers and staff here at WES have created a very supportive learning opportunity that provides students with a safe and nurturing environment.  

The purpose of this student handbook is to provide you with useful information that can be used to answer questions that you may have.  Please take the time to read the policies and procedures of Woodstation Elementary; it will help everyone, to communicate effectively about expectations concerning school matters.  The agenda is designed to be used by your child to help learn organization and responsibilities for effectively communicating between school and home.  Your child’s teacher will help your child learn how to effectively use this agenda, please support the request for your child to bring the agenda home daily, share with you, and return it the next day.  For additional information concerning Catoosa County Schools student expectations please refer to the Catoosa County Student and Parent Handbook.

Your support and participation of our school is vital to our success, we invite you to please join our PTO and participate in our school wide fundraisers that have been organized to provide needed support to all programs and students. You are welcome to have lunch with your child at every opportunity available.

Keeping your child safe is a priority at Woodstation Elementary.  All exterior doors at Woodstation Elementary are locked when students are in attendance. For any visitor to gain access to the building, the buzzer system located at the front door of the school must be used.

We will continue to make education a priority at Woodstation Elementary School. Please support that effort at home and provide support with homework assignments sent by your child’s teacher.  The homework assignments are an important drill and practice of the skills that have been taught at school.

We are excited about the 2017-2018 school year at Woodstation Elementary and hope that you and your child have a great year and reach all of the goals that are set as student/ parent/ and teachers collaboratively work together.

Go Woodstation Generals!

Ernie Ellis – Principal

PTO Calendar 2017-2018


8/3         Welcome back teacher breakfast

8/8         Volunteer work day

8/8         4:00-6:00-Open House, PTO table taking volunteer forms

8/10         First Day of School

8/17         Title I Annual Meeting (5:30 -6 pm)

8/17         Back to School Bash (6-7:30pm)

8/25         Lifetouch Picture Day


9/4         Labor Day Holiday

9/14 to 9/20         Book Fair

9/15         Grandparents Day (12:30 to 2pm)

9/18 to 9/29         Apex Run Fundraiser


10/9-10  Columbus Day Holiday

10/27         Fall Carnival

10/31         Harvest Celebration Snack


11/1         Lifetouch-Fall Retake Day and Groups

11/10         Veteran’s Day Assembly (9am)

11/17         Pre-K, K, 4th Grade Parent Lunch

11/20 to 24         Thanksgiving Break


12/1         Santa Shop Preview Day

12/4 to 12/8         Santa Shop

12/12         Dr. Lane Christmas Dessert Theater

12/15         1st, 2nd , and 3rd Grade Parent Lunch

12/19         Classroom Christmas parties

12/20 to 1/5         Christmas break


1/8         Back to school

1/15         No School (MLK Day)

1/19         Family Lip Sync and Karaoke Night (6-7:30pm)


2/14         Class Valentines Snack (1pm)

2/15         Teacher and Staff Love Lunch

2/26 to 3/2         Book Fair and Dr. Seuss Week


3/1        Spring Lifetouch Picture Day

3/2         Dr. Seuss Birthday would be 113 years old

3/2 to 3/16         Spring School Fundraiser

3/16 5th         Grade Parent Breakfast (7:00-8:00am)

3/29         Woodstation Homecoming (8:45-10:00am)

3/30         Good Friday- No School

3/30 to 4/6         Spring Break


4/9 to 9/13         BOGO Book Fair

4/1         Easter

GMS (Georgia Milestone) Testing Week

4/23(Writing), 4/24(ELA), 4/25(Math)

5th Grade only   4/26(Science), 4/27(SS)

Make up days (4/24, 25) (5/2)


5/7 to 5/11         Teacher Appreciation Week

5/8         Welcome to Woodstation Night (5:00 to 7:00 pm)

5/10         Talent Show

5/11         Student Talent Show at school

5/14 to 5/18         5th Grade Week

5/18         Field Day

5/21 and 22         GMS Make-up test

5/24 5th         Grade Memory Walk and Cookout (11:00 am)

5/24         Kindergarten Promotion (5:30 to 6:15 pm)

5th Grade Promotion/Awards (7:00 to 8:30 pm)

Peavine Baptist Church

5/25         Last Day Family Ice Cream Social Schoolwide @ 10:00 to 11:00 am

Woodstation Elementary Faculty and Staff 2017-2018

Principal                         Ernie Ellis

Assistant Principal                 Amy Still

Academic Coach                 Kandi Carter

Administrative Secretary         Susan Edgeman

Administrative Bookkeeper         Julie Dietz

Receptionist                         Becky Ryzyk

Media Specialist                 Donna Knight

Gifted Teacher                 Larry Hullander

School Counselor                 Melody Pennington

School Nurse                         Terri Huskey

Pre-K                                 Colbie Wilson

Jessica Hackett

Kindergarten                         Alesia Pappas

Lynn Jones

Stephanie Daniel

Candi Gracy

First Grade                         Jennifer Loyd

Leigh Watson

Donna Troupe

Second Grade                 Susan Bussey

Leslie Peterson

Rachel Rodgers

Kristy McDaniel

Third Grade                         Nancy Riddell

Julie Johnson

Rebecca Barrett

Amanda Raines

Fourth Grade                         Justin Crosby

Jenna Vaughn

Laura Dawson

Fifth Grade                         Ellen Girod

                                Bailey Teem

Shanna Raburn

Special Education Teachers         Jennifer Simpson

Afton Babb

Beth Elleman

Brittany Hewitt

Emily Hawkins

Deanna Gibson

Paraprofessional Staff        Judy Sikes

Melinda McNish

Liz Bradford

Kim Ryan

Lauren Vick

Stephanie Holloway

Jenny Babb

Susanna Yawn

Andrea Brown

Physical Education                  Stacy Pickens

Music                                 Kevin Lane

Interventionist                         Amanda Floyd

EIP                                 Becky Thompson

Carrie Yates

Custodians (Head)                 Dylan Walker

Cole Hodge

Kenneth Wyrick (Mailman)

Cafeteria Manager                Jana Adams

Cafeteria Bookkeeper         Denise Kinsey

Catoosa County Public Schools

Central Office

207 N. Cleveland Street, P.O. Box 130

Ringgold, Georgia  30736


Denia Reese, School Superintendent

Board of Education

Don Dycus, Chairman

David Moeller

Jack Sims

Gloria Hunt

Suzan Gibson

Mission and PBIS Statement: 

Woodstation Elementary develops lifelong leaders who are Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful, Motivated, and Prepared.

Vision Statement:

Woodstation Elementary will prepare every child to reach their full potential, so they graduate prepared to be good citizens and leaders of the future.

Our Beliefs

Student Code of Conduct

Woodstation 5 Star Generals are:








        Students with a non-resident status must maintain satisfactory attendance, grades and behavior.  Parental support and cooperation play a very important role also.  Those unable to meet school expectations will be withdrawn and referred to their proper school district.


        The state allows excused absences for the following reasons only.  Any other circumstances will have to be reviewed and acted on individually by the principal.

1.  Illness of the student

2.  Serious illness or death in the immediate family (mother, father, siblings or Grandparents)

3.  Religious holidays

4.  Conditions that make school attendance impossible or hazardous to the health and safety of students and school personnel, which will be announced on our local news media.

        Any other circumstances will have to be reviewed and acted on individually by the principal.  If your child is under a doctor’s care or becomes seriously ill during the school year and must be out of school, please call to speak with an administrator.  Please bring a note (within 3 days) from the attending physician as soon as possible. This notice will be shared with the student’s teacher(s), and a copy will be placed in their file. WES has always had good attendance and it is a reflection of the priority that parents place on a good education for their child. We appreciate your support and emphasis on this key factor for a good education.


        If a child is absent, parents must send a note to the teacher within 3 days of the last date of the absence.  The teacher will forward the note to the office to be filed.  All notes must include the full name of the student, his/her grade, teacher, date(s) of absence(s), reason for absence, signature of parent or guardian and home/work phone numbers of the parent or guardian.

Woodstation is committed to student achievement therefore good attendance is top priority; therefore we will have the following procedure in place to assist with our goal:

Make up work for students who are absence:


School officially begins at 8:00 AM each day. As the beginning of the day is prime learning time, we ask that parents have their children to school on time. Please remember that being tardy disrupts learning for everyone and stops learning for all students in the room, being on time is very important. Students are dismissed from the gym to the classroom at 7:40 AM to start their day.

Students may not arrive before 7:00 AM and must be picked up in car riders no later than 2:55 PM (will be sent to Star Care)

Car riders who want to eat breakfast must be at school no later than 7:55 AM in order to be served a full breakfast.



It is very important that all students know how they are to get home each and every day.  Transportation should be arranged before a child arrives at school.  If a child should go to the After School Program, they should know in the morning where they are to go in the afternoon.  There should be no change in transportation during the school day as this confuses the child, and also other people who may be involved in transporting the child.  

Any change in the “normal” transportation home requires a written note from parent with a contact phone number. No phone calls will be accepted for a change in transportation, we do accept faxed information with a signature in case of emergencies, and this should be limited and will not be an acceptable means to determine transportation on a regular basis.

After School Care (called Star Care) is available at school, please call the school for more information if needed. If your child is not picked up by 2:55 PM they will be sent to Star Care and the parent will be charged the normal rate.


Riding the bus is a privilege.  Students who abuse the privilege of riding the bus may have this privilege taken from them.  Students must board the bus in an orderly manner, talk quietly, and stay in their seats and follow all bus rules.  Above all, students are expected to obey the bus driver at all times.

Upon the recommendation of the bus driver, the principal, after following due process as defined in File JDD and JDD-R of County Board Policy, shall suspend for a period of 5 to 10 days the bus riding privileges of any student found guilty of:

  1. The use of tobacco on the bus.
  2. The use of profanity, vulgar language, or cursing on the bus.
  3. Fighting on the bus.
  4. Throwing of any object, which might constitute a danger to others on or away from the bus.
  5. Refusing to obey any order by the bus driver that is in accordance with Board Policy.

When students are guilty of offenses not listed above, the following procedures shall be taken:

  1. First Offense – Principal’s discretion
  2. Second Offense – Parents will be contacted and the principal may take other actions.
  3. Third Offense – The student will be suspended from the bus for a period of three to five days.
  4. After the third offense, a conference may be held with the parents, driver, and the Director of Transportation to determine the length of suspension from the bus.

Please be aware that bus routes and schedules may be adjusted during the school year.  

Students who live outside of the Woodstation school zone may not ride the school buses.  Parents are required to provide transportation to and from school.  Students who live within the Woodstation school zone may only be transported to their own homes.  When a child is going home with another child and will be riding a bus, the parent of the visiting child must send a note telling which bus the child will be riding, which will be approved in the office and then given to the bus driver by the child.  Please list a phone number where you can be reached as the office may call you to confirm the note.


In the event of an Emergency, students will be allowed to place calls from the office phone. Please understand forgetting homework or field trip permission notes are not considered an emergency.  Calls will not be allowed for these types of reasons.

 Students will not be allowed to accept phone calls at school. In the event of an emergency the office personnel will deliver a message to the student.

Students may not have cell phones out during school hours at school, cell phones will be collected from students if seen out during the school day by the teacher and turned in to the office for parents to come and pick up.


It is important for us to maintain an up to date address and telephone record in our school office for every student. Please notify the school in writing immediately of changes of address or phone numbers.

Please send in writing any changes in persons who may pick up your child from school.


We currently have a full time nurse in our front office. Minor injuries will be treated at school, and the student returned to class. In case of serious accident or illness, we will try to contact parents/guardians immediately (good accurate numbers are very important). Please keep the “emergency contact” list up to date.


        All medications must be turned in to the clinic at the beginning of the day, and should be picked up daily when the student leaves school. An exception would be if the medication is prescribed by a doctor to be taken on a regular daily basis during the school year.

        Medication will be dispensed at prescribed times in the prescribed method by school nurse or office personnel.  No medication of any kind can be dispensed without a note from the parent. This includes non-prescription medications such as Tylenol.



A nutritious breakfast is available every morning from 7:05 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.  Students have a choice of lunch entrees and are encouraged to eat a hot, nutritious school lunch and to try new foods.  Menus will be sent home once a month and posted on the school website.  Students who bring a lunch from home may purchase milk from the cafeteria.  Carbonated drinks should not be sent in a child’s lunch.

We encourage parents to visit school and eat in the cafeteria with their children.  Parents eating in the cafeteria should plan to purchase a school lunch or bring a sack lunch.  We ask that parents not bring or send fast food items into the cafeteria either at breakfast or lunch.  No Soda Drinks in Lunchroom.  Parents may eat with their child in our Parent Involvement Room across from the cafeteria.  

Lunch and breakfast money should be given to the cafeteria cashier.  You may pay in advance by the week, month, or longer.  If your child is absent one or more days, that money is carried over.  Please put money in an envelope and write on the outside of the envelope, the child’s name and the amount enclosed for breakfast and for lunch.  Please do not put snack money on the check with lunch and breakfast money.  You may also set-up and pay on-line for your child’s meals.

Breakfast and lunch money can be combined in one check.  If you have more than one child, you may combine their breakfast and lunch money in one check.  Please list both children’s names on the check if it is for more than one child.  Please do not combine payment for food services with other school payments.

The cafeteria bookkeeper will charge breakfast and lunch.  Parents will be notified of the loaned amount and are expected to repay the office the next school day. If a substantial amount of money is owed then a formal letter will be sent home.  Free and reduced lunch applications will be mailed in summer or given to students the first day of school.  Contact Mrs. Denise Kinsey, the cafeteria bookkeeper at any other time for the forms.


Any payment by check (other than those for the cafeteria or for Star Care) should be made payable to “Woodstation Elementary School.”  Please include your child’s name on the check.  If the payment is for multiple items, please note what the payment is for (i.e. supply donation, t-shirts, field trip. etc.)  If it is necessary to send cash, please make sure the money is sealed in an envelope and marked clearly with your child’s name, classroom teacher, and the school event for which the money will be used. Please do not combine payment for food services with other school payments.

Payments for breakfast and lunch should be made payable to “Woodstation Elementary School Cafeteria.”    If you combine payments for more than one child, please put the check in an envelope and write both names and amounts on the envelope.  The cafeteria account is separate from the school account.

Payments for After School should be made payable to “Woodstation Elementary Star Care or After School Program.”  All ASP charges must be paid weekly. (Star Care Handbook)

Please note that all parents are expected to pay breakfast and lunch at the time of the meal (or before).  Star Care fees must be paid at the end of each week.  Other payments, such as fundraiser monies, must be paid according to announced due dates.  Any delinquent accounts will result in your child’s report card being held.   A collection fee will be added to any check written to Woodstation Elementary School that is returned for insufficient Funds.   All bad checks and debt amounts  are processed through the legal system and are collected plus court costs.

The school bookkeeper will issue any necessary refunds (i.e. unused cafeteria account balances) at the end of the school year.  


We will send home information about a student insurance policy available for you to purchase from a local insurance company. Purchasing this policy is optional. In order to participate in any school sponsored athletic groups, each student will be required to show proof of insurance and a recent physical exam. Please be aware that the school does not carry insurance on any children.


If a child has lice, that child’s parents will be contacted.  If you have any questions about the control of lice, please contact the school nurse.


Unlabeled articles that are found will be taken to the lost and found.  Labeled articles that are found will be returned to the student.  Students who have lost an article should promptly check the lost and found as unclaimed articles are donated to charity at Christmas and Summer Break.  Please put your child’s name in all articles that might be lost so that we will be able to return found items promptly.


Physical education is an important part of your child’s education and is required for all students.  If your child is sick and cannot participate please send a note to the teacher.  If your child must miss PE frequently, a doctor’s excuse must be obtained.  Students should wear tennis shoes on days that they have PE.


It is the parent’s responsibility to give an accurate address, phone number and custody information to the school and to promptly report any change in any of those.  A child’s legal address is that of his/her legal guardian.  Students who reside outside of the Battlefield school district must maintain the following to remain in an out-of-district school:

Out of district students will be routinely monitored to ensure that they are following the above guidelines.  Those who are not will be withdrawn from school.

Students who reside outside Catoosa County must pay the $400 tuition before entering school.  Families moving out of the Woodstation school zone are expected to notify the school as soon as residency status changes.  Students living out of the Woodstation district may not ride a school bus to or from school even to a babysitter’s or grandparent’s home.   According to Catoosa County School Board Policy, school buses deliver students to the primary residence of the student.


Our priority in establishing all rules and regulations is to provide a safe environment for children.  

With the exception of the front door, all exterior doors remain locked during the school day and all visitors are required to sign in at the office.  The school is equipped with a digital security camera system 24 hours a day.  Our school safety plan is reviewed annually and we practice evacuations with monthly fire drills.  Specific school arrival and dismissal plans ensure that children arrive and leave school safely.  Our school nurse monitors specific medical needs of students.   We are very aware that, as important as planning for safety is, the most important thing is that every adult in the building be diligent in watching out for the children.  We stress the importance of appropriate supervision at all times.  If you have any specific needs (custody concerns, etc.) about your child, please contact an administrator immediately.


In case of snow or bad weather, all radio and television stations are called regarding information about Catoosa County Schools.  You may also sign up for our text program which will alert you to school closings as well.  Please do not call the superintendent, principal, or other school personnel at home about school closings.  

In the event of a school closing during the school day, the radio and television stations are notified as well as a mass text sent out.   When there is a possibility of bad weather, please stay tuned to the radio or television.  Please keep the school and your child informed of your family’s plans for how the child will get home from school in the event of the school closing during the day.  Before winter weather occurs, the school will send home a form requesting this information.

There will be no After School Program on days school is either cancelled or dismissed early due to inclement weather.


A dress code for students has been established by the Catoosa County Board of Education. We do prohibit any vulgar pictures and writing on clothing or any reference to violence (including wrestling, tobacco or alcohol).  Hats and bandanas are prohibited.  Pants and shorts must be worn at the waistline.  We ask that shorts be fingertip length or longer and shirts should not show any exposed midriff.  Tank tops are not permitted.  If your child wears sandals or dress shoes to school, please send appropriate shoes for physical education or recess.  Occasionally, on special dress days, some variance from these guidelines is permitted (example “Hat Day”).  Refer to the calendar in this handbook and monthly newsletters for specific dates and guidelines.





Renaissance Program – strives to recognize students in grade 2nd through 5th for academic achievement, good citizenship/behavior, and good attendance.

Renaissance Nine Weeks Celebration -Is designed for students in Grades 2-5 who make “gains” in grades from grading period to grading period. Students will be recognized and rewarded. This will be lots of fun for the students and should build excitement which will hopefully improve grades for every grading period. This will take the place of our renaissance assemblies.

Perfect Attendance Reward – Students with perfect attendance and no unexcused tardies will be recognized by Administration.

**Kindergarten and First grades efforts are recognized within the classroom. Administration will recognize students with good attendance.

Woodstation Singers – Made up of our third, fourth, and fifth grade students will be performing throughout the school year under the direction of Dr. Lane and Mrs. Vaughn.

Woodstation School Council  –One Kindergarten to Fifth grade students in each classroom are eligible for this organization lead by Bailey Teem, Mrs Still and Mr. Ellis  the Student Council students create and carry out service projects for our school each year.

Star Squad – Fifth grade students are eligible. Duties include providing support in our building during morning hours such as front door greeters, morning announcements,  lunchroom assistance, and spirit store support. Other duties will be assigned during the school year; this is a very important job and students should always represent WES in an honorable way.  The star squad is also sponsored by Mrs. Girod, and  Mrs. Raburn.

Dance Team– Students in fourth and fifth grade will be performing throughout the school year under the direction of Mrs. Hewitt.  Tryouts will be held in the fall of the year where students will be selected as Dance Team FY18-19.


The media center under the supervision of Mrs. Donna Knight is open for student use during the regular school hours Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm.  Student’s 2nd – 5th grades may go to the Media Center mornings from 7:20 to 7:50 a.m. for additional reading time.   Kindergarten and first grade students are allowed to check out one book for a period of one week. All other grades may check out a maximum of two books for a period of two weeks. Books may be returned or renewed at posted times during the day. Students are responsible for replacing lost or damaged books. Parents are welcome to check out books.  The Media Center offers access to fiction and nonfiction books, reference material and supervised computer time.


Melody Pennington are our school guidance counselors. They meet with classes to teach lessons. They also meet with parents and students individually and in small groups. The Georgia Quality Core Curriculum for guidance can be viewed online at http.//www.glc.k12.us/qcc/homepg.as


Please do not allow your child to bring items to school that could be hazardous to the safety of others or that could interfere with learning. Items such as toys, pocket knives, hard balls, radios, wallet chains, footballs, or electronic games (Bus only) are not allowed at school. Cell phones before arriving at school must be turned off before entering building and put away and not turned on again till after leaving school building.  If brought these items will be confiscated and a parent/guardian will be notified to pick up in Mr. Ellis’ office at the end of the school day.


Field trips are encouraged as an extension of the classroom lessons. The State Board of Education considers payment for field trips a voluntary contribution. No student will be penalized for nonpayment. If sufficient contributions are not received, field trips may be cancelled. Student conduct will be considered before each trip, students who do not have good conduct at school, will not be allowed to go on field trips. Learning experiences will be provided for them at school during field trip events.


Students should come to school wearing clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions and conducive to maintaining the learning environment. If you have a question about the appropriateness of an article of clothing, please do not allow your child to wear it to school. Please refer to the Catoosa County Student and Parent Handbook for current dress code regulations.  If inappropriate items are worn and a parent can’t come or be reached during the school day to bring more clothes WES has scrubs that a student can wear for the day.


Sometimes students need additional academic support in core subjects, this team of teachers have been organized to offer that support as needed. This team will target specific skills needed to be successful with language arts and math work in the classroom. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have question concerning this process and service for your child.


Report cards will be sent home per 9 weeks/grading period.

Progress reports will be sent home per 41/2 week/mid-term period.

The Catoosa County School System Grading Scale is as follows:

A parent/guardian or teacher may request a conference at any time. Please schedule conferences by sending a note or email to your child’s homeroom teacher.  All scheduled conferences are before 7:40 a.m. or after school.  

First Grade students will bring home a “standard based” report card and progress report. More information will be presented to you in a grade level meeting that will be held within the first few weeks of school. Please do not hesitate to contact the school for additional information if needed.


If a check is returned to the office for insufficient funds, parents will be contacted to pick up the check and pay with cash.  Also, a $30.00 fee (per returned check) will be due upon picking up the check.



Woodstation Elementary After School Program is a voluntary, self-sustaining program that provides care for students during after school hours.  The safe and caring environment is intended to meet the needs of students who would otherwise be home alone after school.  Our Star Care program is also intended to be a safe and convenient, place for students to do homework, study and interact with other students until their parents’ work day is complete.


To enroll in the Star Care Program, you must complete a registration form and return it to the school with a $5.00 non-refundable registration fee.  Each child must be enrolled before attending the Star Care Program.  Please keep in mind that Woodstation Elementary School asks that you register your child for Star Care if he/she is participating in any after school clubs or activities OR if your child is a car rider.  Please remember that NO transportation changes may be made over the phone.  Each change MUST be in writing.

Please include all requested information in the enrollment form.  Periodically it is necessary to change information on your student’s information sheet.  It is possible to do this by sending in a signed note to your child’s teacher with the applicable changes.  Once the enrollment procedure is complete, a child may attend Star Care as follows:

FULL TIME: Child attends Monday through Friday of each week.  Send a one-time note to your child’s teacher instructing him/her to send the child to Star Care every day.

PART TIME: Child attends Star Care on designated days.  Send a one-time note to your child’s teacher instructing him/her which days your child will be in after school and how he/she will be going home on the other days.  Each child’s safety is our top priority!

DROP-IN:  Child attends on an irregular basis as needed by parents.  Send a note to your child’s teacher on days you wish him/her to go to Star Care.  ALL DROP-IN’S MUST BE PAID AT PICK UP.


YEARLY ENROLLMENT FEE - $5 per child (non-refundable)

The cost of the program is $3.50 per hour.  The second child and each child thereafter, in the family will be $1.75 per hour.  There will be a minimum 1 hour charge per day per child.  After the first hour the charges will accrue per half hour.  Snack is provided daily to students at no extra charge.

                         FULL PRICE                                                 ADDITIONAL SIBLING(S)

2:45 – 4:00         1 hour         $3.50        $1.75

4:01 – 4:30         1.5 hours         $5.25        $2.63

4:31 – 5:00        2 hours         $7.00        $3.51

5:01 – 5:30        2.5 hours         $8.75        $4.39

5:31 – 6:00        3 hours         $10.50        $5.27

6:01 - ??? $2.00 PER MINUTE for EACH child

There is a late charge of $2.00 per MINUTE per CHILD after 6:00PM.  PAYMENT FOR A LATE PICK UP IS DUE WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR CHILD.

Parents should note that fees may increase after December of the school year, if and only if actual program expenses increase.  For any questions concerning billing, please contact Trish Grant at the school at (706)-935-6700.


During 2010, Catoosa County Board of Education began using an automated check recovery system, ChecXchange, to manage the receipt of non-sufficient fund checks.  Using ChecXchange is an effort by the school District to be fiscally accountable in a more efficient and cost effective manner.  ChecXchange utilizes the federal and state laws allowing the electronic recovery process of NSF checks which results in a high rate of recovery at no cost to the school district. The cost becomes the responsibility of those who wrote the non-sufficient fund checks with the electronic recovery of the state fee from the bad check writer’s bank account.

Catoosa County Board of Education will gladly accept checks.  We ask that you include your full name, street address and phone number on each check.  When a check is used as payment, the check writer authorizes us either to use the information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from the check writer’s account or to process the payment as a check transaction.  The check writer authorizes us to collect a fee through an electronic fund transfer from the check writer’s account if the payment is returned unpaid.  The current fee rate is $30 per returned item.


Woodstation’s STAR CARE After-School Program is designed for the purpose of providing educational opportunities for students as an extension of the regular school day.  This program is open to all school- aged students enrolled in Woodstation Elementary.  Children will be involved in activities such as homework time, organized playtime, art instruction, computer time, reading time and an opportunity to play physical and/or quiet games.  Students will be under the supervision of Woodstation Elementary teachers and paraprofessionals / staff.  A snack will be provided for the students each day.  


Star Care operates from 2:45 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. each day that school is in session.  Students attending the program will go directly to the designated Star Care Room.  Students will be “checked in” on the roster as soon as they arrive.  Once students have checked in to the Star Care Program, they are under the supervision of the Star Care Staff.  Once a child has been checked in to the program and had snack, they are counted present and will be charged the 1 hour minimum stay for that day.          ***The Star Care After-School Program will NOT be available during holidays; including in-service days or days that school will be closed due to inclement weather.




For the safety of all students and property, students are expected to comply with all school rules while participating in the Star Care After-School Program.  Inappropriate behavior or failure to obey the teacher or staff member on duty will result in suspension from the program.  Our discipline procedure will be in the following format:

  1. Warning: A student will receive a warning for their first action contrary to school rules.
  2. Discipline Referral: A second offense will result in a discipline referral, which will be sent home and signed by the parent.
  3. Five-Day Suspension: A third offense will result in another discipline referral being sent home and the child will be suspended from the Star Care Program for a five-day period.
  4. Ten-Day Suspension: A fourth offense will result in another discipline referral being sent home and the child will be suspended from the Star Care Program for a 10 day period.
  5. One – Year Suspension: A fifth offense will result in a one-year suspension from the Star Care Program from the point of the offense.

***Repeated inappropriate behavior or failure to obey the teachers on duty can result in suspension from the program at the discretion of the administrators of the program / school.  

Any questions about the program should be directed to Mrs. Black or Mr. Crosby at 706-935-6700.

Our school administrators are Mr. Ernie Ellis and Mrs. Amy W. Still.  Please be assured that each child attending this program will be engaging in activities that encourage creativity in a safe and caring environment.  We look forward to providing opportunities for your child to grow and learn.