6th Grade Newsletter (February 2018)

Dear 6th Grade Families,

Below you will get information about what your scholars are doing in each class and what events the whole grade can look forward to. Please enjoy!

Class to Class - What’s Being Learned in the 6th Grade Hallway

ELA - Mr. Pearsall - jpearsall@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - kkim@motthall2.org

We have started our non-fiction unit. We just completed a bootcamp to practice identifying and responding to non-fiction signposts. We will be launching into our unit on food and nutrition by looking at texts from “Chew on This”, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, and articles from Newsela and the New York Times.

Math - Ms. Tapada - etapada@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Mr. Kahan - jkahan@motthall2.org

We are going to finish our equations and inequalities unit, and then we will begin learning about ratios and proportions. We will be examining the role ratios and proportions play in everyday life.

Science - Ms. Acevedo - yacevedo@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - kkim@motthall2.org

We are continuing our unit on simple machines. We began learning about the branches of engineering. This will lead us into researching about engineering and bridges as we prepare for the Science Fair. For the Science Fair, students will be asked to design an experiment to test different bridge structures. Students will be building bridges in class using K’NEX pieces. Science Fair deadlines have been shared with all students and has been emailed to all parents. These are hard deadlines and credit will not be given for late work.  The grade wide science fair will take place on March 6.

Social Studies - Ms. Breach - lbreach@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Mr. Kahan - jkahan@motthall2.org

We have started our unit on Greece and will be studying the differences between Athens and Sparta as well as the contributions of this civilization.  We will explore the foundations of democracy and compare direct and representative democracy.  Students will learn some of the common Greek and Latin roots of English as well as some of the contributions to our art and architecture. Our end of unit test will be Thursday, February 8th.

Message from Ms.Robbins (School Counselor)


Friday, February 9th,kicks off respect for all week (RFA)​ for 2018​. Respect For All Week is a city wide initiative which maintains that ALL students are free from bullying, cyber bullying, harassment, discrimination and intimidation, not only this week, but throughout the year​. We need to stress to our scholars that despite whatever occurs, we should treat all people, no matter where they are from, with respect and kindness​.

We are very proud that Mott Hall II fosters a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all of our scholars, not only during Respect For All Week, but throughout the entire​ school year.  Please encourage your scholar to participate in this week’s activities.  We will be having themed dress down days.  Additionally, scholars can write acts of kindness on the bulletin board in the 8th grade hallway. Below are the themed dress down days:

Friday, February 9th- We will kick off RFA by encouraging scholars to wear their Mott Hall II gear demonstrating solidarity!

Monday, February 12th - "Match it up Monday!" Each scholar will wear a certain color representing their grade: 6th grade - PURPLE; 7th grade - GREEN; and 8th Grade - ORANGE, to "team up" against bullying.

Tuesday, February 13th - "Wacky Tacky Tuesday!" Scholars should ​"dare" to dress different​ly​ and mix it up!


Wednesday, February 14th - "Kindness Day!" Scholars should wear pink or red to promote love and kindness.

Thursday, February 15th - "Culture Day!" Scholars should wear something representing their culture, showing diversity!.

Mott Hall II is proud of its diversity! Each morning a scholar will read an inspirational quote during our announcements.  This year, selected scholars will be reading a quote in their native language.

Thank you!  Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at jrobbins@motthall2.org.  


On the Calendar - Upcoming Events

Feb. 1  - Report Cards Distributed

Feb. 14 - Parent Teacher Conferences (Afternoon)

Feb. 9 - Winter Fest

Feb. 16-23 - Mid-Winter Break (No School)

Feb. 13 - Parent Teacher Conferences (Evening)

 Reminders & Suggestions

  • Check your scholar’s Engrade account for missing assignments and remind them to check regularly on their own. Missing assignments will be accepted up to ten (10) school days after they are due for partial credit. Math assignments will only be accepted the following day. Turning in missing work is much better than receiving a 0. If your scholar loses their password they can get it from Ms. Robbins.
  • The 3rd Marking period has begun on January 29. Report Cards for the 2nd Marking Period will be distributed on Thursday, Feb.1. Please check Engrade to check your child’s grade.
  • The best way to reach 6th grade teachers is through email (listed in Class to Class section). If you have questions about information  on the newsletter or your scholar’s progress please reach out to us. Engrade is not an efficient way to contact teachers.


6th Grade Team (Acevedo, Breach, Kahan, Nam, Pearsall, Tapada)