6th Grade Newsletter (June 2018)

Dear 6th Grade Families,

As the school year comes to an end, we wanted to keep you updated on all the activities we have scheduled for this month! We also wanted to remind all parents to continue checking Engrade to make sure students are submitting all their work and getting good grades on their tests/quizzes in order to have a strong end to the year! It is important for scholars to remain focused on the growth they should still be making each day. Please continue to stress the importance of staying focused, completing and staying on top of classwork and homework, and finishing strong.

End-of-the-Year Tips for Success

  • Students AND parents should check Engrade regularly to make sure all assignments are submitted
  • Start looking for textbooks that students brought home in the beginning of the year, as well as any books they may have checked out from the school or class  library
  • Continue to monitor student work by checking planners, notebooks, and folders
  • A lot of forms will be going out this month. Please make sure to turn in forms on time.

Class to Class - What’s Being Learned in the 6th Grade Hallway

ELA - Mr. Pearsall - jpearsall@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - kkim@motthall2.org

We are continuing to read The Giver by Lois Lowry. Students will continue practicing their notice and note reading strategies to make inferences as they read.

Math - Ms. Tapada - etapada@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Mr. Kahan - jkahan@motthall2.org

Students are finishing up their Statistics project. For the remainder of the year, students will be reviewing all the material they learned throughout the year.

Science - Ms. Acevedo - yacevedo@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - kkim@motthall2.org

We have started our unit on biology and cells. We are currently doing a unit in conjunction with Social Studies on the Black Death. Students will be researching preventative measures and treatments for the plague during the 14th Century.

Social Studies - Ms. Breach - lbreach@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Mr. Kahan - jkahan@motthall2.org

We are currently in our Middle Ages unit. Students are working on the MIddle Ages museum project.

Message from Ms.Robbins (School Counselor)


Thank you!  Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at jrobbins@motthall2.org.  


On the Calendar - Upcoming Events

June 1 -  Last Day of Mott Hall 2 After School


June 12 - 6th Grade Trip to Columbia University

June 1  - College and Career Fair

June 15 - Eid al-Fitr - School Closed

June 2 - SummerFest

June 18 - 6th Grade Trip to High Exposure

June 7 - Chancellor’s Conference Day

              School Closed

June 19 - 8th Grade Graduation

June 8 - Smile New York Dental coming to Mott

              Hall 2

June 21 - Ace Day

June 8 - Hangout Night

June 22 - Scholars and Leaders Night (5:30)

June 11 - Clerical Day - School Closed

June 26 - Last Day of School

                Half Day - Report Cards Distributed

 Reminders & Suggestions

  • Permission slips and payments for the 6th grade trip to High Exposure are due June 1. Please turn these in as soon as possible.
  • The best way to reach 6th grade teachers is through email (listed in Class to Class section). If you have questions about information  on the newsletter or your scholar’s progress please reach out to us. Engrade is not an efficient way to contact teachers.
  • Please make sure students turn in all textbooks and books borrowed from the library prior to the last week of school. Students that do not turn in books will be placed on a HOLD and will not receive their report cards on the last day of school. Please reach out to the teachers via email if you have any questions or concerns about this.


6th Grade Team (Acevedo, Breach, Kahan, Nam, Pearsall, Tapada)