Bylaw I.                Membership:

Section 1.        There shall be two types of membership in the organization:  regular and honorary.

Section 2.        A regular registered member is one that submits a membership form to the secretary and pays his or her dues to the treasurer per respective semester deadline established by the Executive Board.  Honorary member are those who do not pay their dues but are still active within the organization.

Section 3.        Any member of the CSULB faculty and staff who has rendered outstanding service to the organization may be conferred with honorary membership by receiving a majority vote of the organization.  Honorary members are ex-officio, non-voting members.

Bylaw II.                Executive Board Responsibilities:

Section 1.        All Executive Board Members Shall:

1. Attend regularly scheduled executive board, leadership team meetings, and general meetings unless he/she presents the Executive Board with an appropriate explanation within 24 hours.

2. Provide the directors with set goals and expectations of their positions at the beginning of each new semester

3. Supply guidance and direction to directors to utilize in the planning of events

4. Complete any and all applicable University certification trainings for student organization officers

5. In case of inability to perform executive board member duties, a letter of resignation must be submitted to the Executive Board.

Section 2.        The President shall:

        1. Preside over all meetings of the general membership and those of the Executive Board and Directors

        2. Be responsible for the effective functioning of the organization as a whole

        3. Begin the planning and coordination of those HSBA events needing attention before the start of the year

        4. At times, receive specific assignments from the Executive Board 5. Upon the delegation of the Executive Board, fill any director vacancy that may occur until a new director is appointed

Section 3.        The Vice President shall:

        1. In the event of the inability of the President to perform his/her duties, assume all presidential authority and responsibility

        2. Take the responsibility of being the national representative for the Hispanic Students Business Association (HSBA) at California State University, Long Beach

        3. Represent the organization in all national conferences

        4. It is recommended that the VP attend United Latino Students (ULS), Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC), and Latino Student Union (LSU) weekly meetings

        5. Prepare a monthly newsletter containing HSBA events and activities

        6. At times, receive specific assignments from the Executive Board

        7. Upon the delegation of the Executive Board, fill any director vacancy that may occur until a new director is appointed

Section 4.        The Treasurer shall:

        1. In the event of the inability of the Vice President to perform their duties, assume all authority and responsibility

        2. Care for the financial concerns of the organization

        3. Complete the University Fiscal Certification requirements

        4. Keep records of all revenues and expenses of the organization

        5. Supply financial budget reports to each committee at the beginning of each new semester

        6. Provide a monthly financial report of the organization’s standing

        7. Perform the recording duties in the absence of the Secretary

        8. At times, receive specific assignments from the Executive Board

        9. Upon the delegation of the Executive Board, fill any director vacancy that may occur until a new director is appointed

Section 5.        The Secretary shall:

        1. In the event of the inability of the Treasurer to perform his/her duties, assume all authority and responsibility

        2. Keep records of all membership and director information

        3. Shall record the minutes of all business-related meetings (i.e. executive board, leadership, and general body meetings).

        4. Distribute a summary of all past director and general meetings as subsequent meetings are held

        5. Supply to the membership a weekly review of past events and details of upcoming events.

        6. At times, receive specific assignments from the Executive Board

        7. Upon the delegation of the Executive Board, fill any director vacancy that may occur until a new director is appointed

Section 6.        Public Relations shall:

        1. In the event of the inability of the Secretary to perform his/her duties, assume all authority and responsibility

        2. Supply speakers or guests for the general meetings and notify them of any information needed

        3. Schedule meeting rooms

        4. Seek new corporate relations and contributions

        5. Maintain open communications with members, students, alumni, faculty, and employers

        6. Responsible for publicizing upcoming events through appropriate media outlets

        7. At times, receive specific assignments from the Executive Board

        8. Upon the delegation of the Executive Board, fill any director vacancy that may occur until a new director is appointed.

Section 7.        In the event that an elected executive board member is unable to fulfill his/her term of office, there shall be an election to fill the vacancy at the next regular meeting or at a special meeting. Any eligible member, including those already holding office, may be nominated for a vacant office.  However, an executive board member may hold only one position at a time.

Section 8.        Executive board members may be recalled from office for cause.  To initiate a recall election, a petition signed by 3/5 majority vote must be submitted at a regular meeting and a recall vote shall be taken at the next regular meeting.  The officer subject to recall shall be given written notice of the recall at least 72 hours prior to the meeting at which the recall vote will be held and shall be given an opportunity to provide a defense.  A two-thirds vote is required to remove an officer.

Section 9.        Executive Board members shall assume office immediately after voting has been verified. The term of office for the executive board members of the organization shall be for one academic year.  No executive board member is allowed to hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

Bylaw III.                Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:

Section 1.        Standing Committees: The following committees will be maintained on an as needed basis. The amount of Directors per committee will be determined by the executive board on an as needed basis. The Executive Board shall appoint Director(s) for the following committees on a as needed basis:

  1. Alumni Relations Committee
  2. Banquet Committee
  3. Community Committee
  4. Corporate Relations Committee
  5. Fundraising Committee
  6. Historian(s)
  7. HSBA Representatives
  8. Marketing Committee
  9. Public Relations Assistant
  10. Social Committee
  11. Membership Committee

Section 2.        The Alumni Relations Director(s) shall:

        1. Establish and maintain a relationship with Alumni

        2. Coordinate events to maintain Alumni unity and interest

        3. Establish and maintain an Alumni Advisory Panel

        4. Inform Alumni of scheduled upcoming HSBA events

        5. Seek Alumni support and sponsorship

Section 3.        The Banquet Director(s) shall:

        1. Organize the planning process for the banquet.

        2. Identify theme and keynote speaker

        3. Schedule entertainment and facilities

        4. Publicize event on and off campus

        5. Seek corporate support and sponsorship

Section 4.        The Community Director(s) shall:

        1. Develop year-round community projects

        2. Seek donations for community events

        3. Publicize community events

        4. Seek on-campus organizational support

Section 5.        The Corporate Relations Director(s) shall:

        1. Establish and maintain good relations with corporate sponsors and business owners

        2. Organize and promote for corporate events

        3. Strive to obtain corporate funding for HSBA

        4. Seek corporate funding for scholarships

        5. Search for new contacts for HSBA


Section 6.        The Fundraising Director(s) shall:

        1. Coordinate semester fundraising events

        2. Create HSBA attire and merchandise

        3. Organize yearly Spring Break events

        4. Request donations for HSBA events

Section 7.        The Historian Director(s) shall:

        1. Maintain and update bi-weekly collages and video

        2. Create the HSBA Yearbook

        3. Create the HSBA video yearbook

        4. Take diversified photographs and video of all HSBA activities

        5. Create submissions for ABSOC “Organization of the Year Award” contest and any other applicable award opportunities.

Section 8.        The HSBA Representative(s) Director(s) shall:

        1. Attend United Latino Students Association (ULSA), Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC), and Latino Student Union (LSU) weekly meetings

        2. Network with on and off campus organizations

        3. Relay information at officer and general meetings and via e-mail

        4. Inform other organizations of scheduled HSBA events

        5. Coordinate social events and mixers with other organizations

Section 9.        The Marketing Director(s) shall:

        1. Publicize all sponsored events and activities

        2. Produce and post up all publicity materials around campus

        3. Create posters promoting HSBA activities and general meetings

        4. Find creative ways to recruit and retain members

Section 10.        The Public Relations Assistant(s) shall:

        1. Assist in the weekly workshop preparations

        2. Follow up events with thank-you letters for the facilitator/s of the general meetings

        3. Seek corporate relations and contributions


Section 11.        The Social Director(s) shall:

        1. Coordinate all HSBA social events to maintain member unity and interest

        2. Seek facilities and entertainment

        3. Assist in generating funds for scholarship opportunities

        4. Publicize social events on and off campus

Section 12.        The Membership Director(s) shall:

        1. Maintain the "Amigo" mentoring program among members, directors, and executive board members.

        2. Find creative ways to recruit and retain members

        3. Create activities and events for membership retention

Section 13.        Directors are appointed by the Executive Board through an application and interview process. Interviews shall be conducted by the Executive Board and two current members. Upon submission of application, an interview will be conducted by all the executive board members and after review, a director will be appointed by a simple majority vote.  Director(s) shall directly report to an assigned Executive Board member.

Section 14.        All appointed directors shall serve a term of one year, extending from the time of election to the subsequent election, one year hence.

Section 15.        The repeated failure of a director to carry out these duties without appropriate justifications will necessitate a review of the case by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will perform the following with respect to the director in question:

        1. A given verbal encouragement and/or warning

        2. Recommended removal from their Director position by simple majority vote of the Executive Board

Section 16.        Special Committees: The Executive Board may establish special committees on an ad hoc basis to handle responsibilities not readily assumed by a standing committee.

Bylaw IV.                Advisors: 

Section 1.        There shall be at least one advisor from the faculty or professional staff appointed by the organization.

Section 2.        The organization shall appoint an individual employed as a faculty or staff member at CSULB to serve as the university advisor to this organization.  Auxiliary staff and student assistants are not eligible to serve as advisors.  The advisor shall fulfill the responsibilities specified in the Faculty/Staff Advisor Acceptance of Responsibility Form. Advisors shall serve on an academic year basis or until their successor has been selected.

Section 3.        The advisors shall serve a term of one year and will be appointed at the same time as the officers of the organization.

Section 4.        The advisor(s) shall be ex-officio, non-voting member(s).

Bylaw V.                Quorum:

Section 1.        The percentage of members that constitutes a quorum shall be fifty percent plus one.

Section 2.        In voting, a majority shall consist of more than fifty percent of those voting.

Section 3.        There must be a quorum in order for any official vote or election to occur.

Bylaw VI.                Elections:

Section 1.        To be eligible to run for executive board positions, it is recommended that candidates have served as an HSBA Committee Director for at least one academic year. The candidate must have served as a Director or Executive Board Member during the semester of the elections.

Section 2.        Executive Board will be elected by a simple majority (50% + 1) vote of registered members. In case of a tie, there will be a runoff between the two candidates receiving the highest votes.  The winner of the run-off election will be determined by plurality of votes.

Section 3.        Deadline for Executive Board nominations shall be made at the regular meeting immediately preceding the election. An announcement about nominations shall be made to the membership at least 1 week prior to nomination deadline. A nominee must be nominated by at least 2 members. Nominees must accept their nominations by a deadline announced during nominations. 

Section 4.        Elections will be held prior to the HSBA Awards Banquet on a date selected by the standing executive board. Voting will be done with secret ballots. Ballots shall be handled and counted by at least three members who are not running for an elected position.

Section 5.        Only the registered membership present during the elections will be allowed to vote. Candidates will also be given the right to vote.

Bylaw VII.                Method to Amend and Renew the Bylaws:

Section 1.        Proposed bylaw amendments made by a member shall be presented to the organization, in writing, one meeting before it may be voted upon.

Section 2.        Approval by two-thirds of the voting members present at a regular meeting shall pass a proposed amendment.


Section 3.        Approval by the University is needed to change the bylaws.

Section 4.        Bylaws must be renewed with the University every 5 years.