Novel Coronavirus

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Updated 2/14/2020

Designated “2019 novel coronavirus,” aka COVID-19


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Outbreak Information


COVID-19 : Disease Information


Travel Guidance


Persons Under Monitoring (PUM), Persons Under Investigation (PUI), Isolation, and Quarantine


Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of individuals or groups who may have been exposed to a disease but not know it, or who may be infected but not show symptoms. Quarantines are sometimes used when it is not known whether a disease can be spread before a person has signs of illness.


Persons under investigation (PUIs) are individuals who have been exposed to a disease and then developed signs of illness. Public health officials worry that PUIs, too, might have the disease and could spread it to others. Health officials often want to learn more about these individuals and their illness to better understand how to prevent further spread of the illness.

Isolation is used to separate people who have an illness from people who are healthy. Isolation restricts the movement of people who have an illness to prevent the spread of the disease.


CDC guidance for health care providers


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