January 14, 2019

Dear Dancers and Parents,

Happy New Year!  At the end of January, we will begin the second half of our dance year at SCD.  After a successful “Nutcracker”, we now focus on our two springtime performance events-- “Dance Northeast”, “Cinderella” and our annual all-student concert, “Soul to Sole”.  This information sheet is regarding the all-student concert, “Soul to Sole”, a.k.a. “recital”. You are receiving this information because either you or your child are enrolled in one or more classes which will perform in the concert(s).  

Participation in the concert is optional, but we hope you’ll join us for this exciting experience! Because the vast majority of students participate in the concert, we assume you will participate unless you notify us by returning the Concert Non-Participation Form located on the back of this sheet by February 1.  Please feel free to speak with the front desk, your instructor or the concert coordinator, Moriah Bureau, if you have any questions not answered below.


Performing is an important part of the dance experience and most students find it exciting to share this aspect of the art form with friends and family.  Being on stage with costumes, lights and a live audience magnifies the emotions and message we are expressing in our movement. The concert gives students the opportunity to share with pride all they have learned throughout the year.  Additionally, participating in

this all-student concert gives young students the opportunity to observe advanced dancers performing other dance styles and come to understand more about what dance can be and can express.  


This year’s concerts will be held on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 at Noble High School.  Each class dances once in one of the shows.  We make every effort to put young dancers and their siblings in the same show, but it is sometimes impossible. (Think of it as if your children are in two different activities and you may need to attend two culminating events.)  Specific cast lists for each show will be announced by May 1.  If you have a major family conflict (such as a wedding or graduation) with one of the show dates, please notify us in writing and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Dress rehearsals for the shows will be held on Friday afternoon/evening, June 21 and Saturday morning/afternoon, June 23, exact times for each class will be announced by May 1. Please mark your calendar now to reserve these dates as dress rehearsals may not be missed!


There is a $15 concert participation fee for each student which is due Feb 1.  This fee will be automatically added to your account unless you turn in a Non-Participation Form by that date. This fee covers the cost of studio & theater time and the faculty who supervise & rehearse with the students the week prior to the shows.


At SCD, we keep our costumes simple, sophisticated, and age appropriate.  Our faculty creates each dance with care and artistry, choosing costumes that keep the focus on the dancers, technique, and choreography.


In order to receive costumes in time for fittings and exchanges, we must order them in February.  Students will be billed the same amount as SCD pays for the costume plus a handling fee to cover the costs we incur in ordering and handling the costume.  Partial costumes will be charged a partial handling fee. SCD does not strive to make a profit on concert costumes but we must cover our costs. Please consider that the costume ordering process includes: choosing costumes, measuring students, sizing, filling out order forms, placing and tracking orders, receiving and sorting orders, fitting, making exchanges, packing and delivering to students--rather like having a personal shopper!

SCD faculty makes every effort to choose attractive costumes in the lower price range that will still feel special for the dancer. In order to break up the costume fee into financially manageable parts, we have divided the total into two parts--a $35 deposit due February 1 and a balance due April 1. Balances for costumes will be calculated and sent to you as soon as they are known. You can expect the balance to be $25 to $35.

Please note: we cannot order costumes for those who have not made their deposits or who have outstanding tuition on their account. Costumes are generally handed out the week prior to the performance. Students who have not paid their costume balance(s) or tuition to date will not be allowed to take their costumes home.

Costume deposits are not refundable after orders have been placed due to administrative costs and costume company cancellation fees. The date by which a costume can be canceled is different for each company. They are generally not able to be canceled after mid-February, in which case you must pay the balance and the costume will be delivered to you. Please contact us immediately if you find you must cancel your participation.


Tickets are sold to all who wish to enjoy the performance as audience members. This year’s ticket price will be $18.00 (including all fees) when purchased online or $20 at the door. Young Children and Youth Levels 1/2  are given a free ticket to watch the half of the show in which they do not dance. Tickets will go on sale on or around May 1. Tickets are required for anyone over age 2.

Volunteer opportunities will be available for those who would like to help out backstage and see the show at no charge from the wings.  Many people prefer to have that special behind the scenes point of view!  Look for sign up sheets to be posted on the studio bulletin board in the coming weeks.

If you have any further questions about the concert, please feel free to speak to your instructor, the concert coordinator- Moriah Bureau (moriah@solecitydance.org), or call the studio at 603-750-7777.


Moriah Bureau, Concert Coordinator 2019

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concert Non-Participation Form

To decline participation in the annual student dance concert, fill out & return this sheet to the front desk by February 1.

I/my child, ____________________________, will not be performing in this year’s dance concert.

(Parent signature) _______________________________________   (Date)_______________

Please note:  Dancers may choose not to participate and still attend their classes throughout the year. They will learn the choreography, standing in for absent dancers, and receive the same great dance education as the rest of the class!

I/my child, ______________________________ , will not be participating in this year’s student dance concert for the following classes, but will be performing in all others for which I am or he/she is enrolled: