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About First

FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is a non-profit organization  dedicated to inspiring young people. Through programs such as the FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Lego League, students are emboldened to excel in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway and the insulin pump) and has since become a large international organization reaching thousands of students from elementary school through high school. For more information, visit

The FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC, is a program for students in grades 9-12 worldwide. Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, teams of students are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. It is as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. Each season ends with an exciting FIRST Championship, where teams from all FIRST programs compete together (some excerpts from FIRST’s website).

About The Team


Team 2714 strives to empower students to gain self-confidence and become leaders, collaborators, and critical thinkers while fostering a culture of STEM celebration in our community.

Team 2714 pursues our vision by building a student-led, mentor-based environment that fosters innovation and teaches interpersonal and technical skills. We also develop local partnerships and community outreach while striving to compete at the highest level possible.


The team is broken into subteams to more efficiently achieve team goals. There are several main subteams within our team. Exact distribution of students and mentors to specific subteams can vary from year to year, depending on the game. General subteams consist of:

Student Leadership

Team 2714 consists of high school aged students from the Dallas surrounding area who are interested in participating in a competitive robotics program.  Students from all public, private, charter, and home schools are allowed to be part of team 2714. Students are expected to be self motivated to be a part of the team as this is not a mandatory extracurricular program.

These are students who are taking an active role in deciding the strategic direction of the team. Student Leadership generally consists of students who have been on the team for several years, or who have outside experience that can be used to the benefit of the team.

The student leadership roles are selected for one season. While it is possible for a student to be in the same student leadership role from year to year, it is not a guarantee. It is the goal of the student leadership team to be as inclusive as possible to represent the views of various students on the team.

Selection Process

The selection process for Student Leaders is as follows:

Descriptions of Primary Leadership Positions

President and Vice President

The elected people will oversee all the activities of the following board members and work with mentors to ensure that the correct measures are taken to achieve the most efficient and commendable outcome. The elected people facilitate communication between subteams and the mentors/students. They will also take notes at every meeting and are responsible for team communication and organization. They will keep track of what happens at each meeting, and these records will be available to anyone on the team.

Subteam Leads

The subteam leads for the following year are appointed by student leadership. Subteam leads are expected to have experience with their subteams and ensure that new members of the team are exposed to their subteams’ purpose. Subteam leads are also responsible for ensuring that students on their subteams are trained accordingly. Subteam leads coordinate with team leadership and other subteam leads to plan their subteams’ schedule and tasks.

The elected team member will oversee their subteam and delegate work evenly between members. They will also represent their subteam in board meetings. Before meetings begin, they will provide a general overview of what their team will go over after any updates from the president and/or vice president. They will establish feasible goals at the start of each meeting and make sure that each member of their team is on task. At the end of the meeting, they will provide a brief summary of the day’s work to the team. Additionally, they will post an update of their team’s progress on Slack or Discord for those absent to see.

Manufacturing Lead

Oversees safe construction of parts and keeps track of all assemblies worked on, using Trello or other similar software. The manufacturing lead should also communicate closely with the design lead to ensure a clear understanding of any new additions or changes to the design of the robot.

Programming Lead

They will manage the GitHub such as confirming that the proper version of the code has been pushed to GitHub. They will also manage the driver station equipment and schedule time on the practice field to test code. The Programming lead will also communicate with the Design Lead to understand any changes or additions to the overall design, especially anything that might require edits to the code.

CAD Lead

This person will manage the master CAD file to ensure that there is one (unbroken) file with all parts necessary, as well as preside over the design of parts and assemblies to go on the robot. They will enforce a strict naming system to prevent any confusion over which part belongs in which subsystem. They will also write a brief description of each part to accompany the drawing so it will inform the manufacturing team of the part’s importance and function in reference to the robot overall. This person should also be an expert on the year’s rules.


This person will supervise the construction of a scouting app. They must be an expert on the gameplay rules, as they will oversee the process of determining what the team will scout for. This person will lead data analysis at competitions. They will supervise the creation of data spreadsheets before competition, and will lead scouting at competitions. They will ensure that all scouts are equipped with the necessary tools and will answer any questions they may have while scouting.

Outreach Lead

They will direct the community service programs our team participates in and create/maintain relationships with surrounding schools.They will ensure that the entire team participates in our community service endeavors. Furthermore, they will create or provide materials for members to use when they are reaching out to companies for support. Finally, they will lead a group of students to create a business plan as well as prepare the Chairman’s Award submission.

Student Leadership Committee

This group steers the overall organization and priorities of Team 2714 in conjunction with the Mentor leadership of the team. This committee will have one representative from each subteam to provide insight for ways to organize the team in a manner that can make an impact in their community.

Adult Positions

Adult Mentors

Adult mentors are full team members who attend most team meetings and have leadership roles on the team. The mentors are dedicated professionals working hard to make the season a success.  

Their work includes team organization, technical guidance, financial planning, overall team management, and much more.  They are always expected to act as examples for the students on the team. Parents can be considered mentors, but are not automatically in this role.

Adult supporters

Adult supporters assist with various tasks when needed, but do not have leadership roles on the team. They are “honorary” team members, but are not considered to be full team members. Tasks for adult supporters are generally asked for on an as-needed basis by the team, but can include things such as team transportation, helping with shop maintenance, coordinating travel, food, etc. Generally adult supporters consist of parents, family members, and sponsors. Please see adult supporter opportunities below in this document for additional information.

Student Expectations and Conduct


Students are expected to respect others at all times. They should follow the Golden Rule (treat others how you want to be treated) to help sustain our professional and respectful working environment. At all team events, students should be actively engaged in moving our team forward.

Students are expected to take initiative during team meetings. If they have nothing to do they should be seeking out tasks from their peers and leaders or mentors on the team.

When representing the team online, students are expected to remember Gracious Professionalism. When in doubt about if their conduct online would be considered acceptable, students should review with a mentor before posting or otherwise engaging online.

To create a professional working environment conducive to new ideas and change, our team has a strict no bullying or harassment policy. This includes physical, online, or verbal bullying.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines regarding attendance.

Personal Priorities Policy

Students and parents need to agree upon and understand their own personal priorities before participating on the team. 2714 strongly believes that school work and family take precedence over the robotics team. While the team will not be enforcing strict grade requirements in order to participate, both the parents and student should periodically evaluate school performance.

It is understood that our students are very busy with many other school activities outside of robotics. These activities are encouraged and supported by our team. It is the responsibility of the student to manage and balance all their activities, including informing the mentors of their commitments and how those commitments will impact the team.

There are some instances however, where the timing cannot be resolved. In this case you will have to choose which activity you will be putting your time and effort into. Please discuss these issues with the leadership team before you make a final decision.


Students, parents, and mentors are expected to act in a safe manner and must follow all safety protocols during any team meeting or event, regardless of location. Basic work space safety will be presented to the entire team and must be followed at all times. Certain tools and equipment may require additional training, and usage will be restricted to those who have been trained and approved to use such equipment by a trained mentor.

PDA Policy        

It is expected that all relationships on the team remain professional, especially regarding public displays of affection (PDA). Robotics meetings and events are places for students to work and be focused on team goals, as are the events that the team may attend.

We expect mentors to apply those guidelines with the maturity of an adult. Additionally, student and mentor relationships must always remain strictly platonic and professional. See FIRST’s Youth Protection Policy for more details.

Rules of Conduct

Team members are expected to adhere to the following rules of conduct:

Dress Code

The dress code must be maintained at competition, at off-season events, and at all outreach events. At these events, team members must be dressed in the team uniform with long pants and closed toed shoes as well as a team shirt that has been previously approved by the team. If free dress is permitted for at events, team members must be in school free dress appropriate attire. Short shorts and other revealing attire are not acceptable.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Pit master


Crown $9,999-$5,000

Gold $4,999-$1,000

Silver $999-$50

Letter & Photo of appreciation

Logo or name on website *

Logo or name on competition shirt *

Logo or name on competition banner *

Logo or name on robot*

Logo and name on select print materials *

Robot presentation

Distribution of sponsor-provided materials at events

Ability to brand Team apparel of their choice **

Awards presentation

Name announced at each competition

* Please note that the size and location of each sponsor's logo or name will be based off of their donation amount. Team 2714 accounts for in-kind contributions of items to the team as well as funding and mentors to determine sponsorship levels. ** Paid for by the sponsor