Weekly Maintenance Residential Service Agreement

This Maintenance Service Agreement is between Pool City and the Customer in accordance with the terms in this agreement. A qualified Pool City Technician will perform the following services:

Pool City and Customer agree as follows:

Terms of Agreement

Prepaid month to month.  Your account balance will be paid via card on file without recourse, your total charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement. Returns on chemicals are not permitted per Florida EPA, and products & labor are not refundable. Approved returns are given as store credit. Pool City or the Customer may terminate the monthly swimming pool maintenance agreement in writing or by telephone. Pool City is under no obligation to continue monthly swimming pool maintenance on accounts which are more than 15-days past due and chooses to do so only at Pool City's discretion.

Dogs and Other Pets

We know your pets are a part of the family and treat them accordingly. It is the customer’s responsibility to allow Pool City access to the pool area. If you do not have a separate fenced off area of the yard for your pets, please see that they are either inside or in their kennel/crate on your service days. Pool City is not responsible for lost or escaped pets.

Denied Access counts as a visit and will be charged per Agreement.

The customer is responsible for arranging and allowing Pool City access to the pool area and equipment. If you pay for one weekly visit and we are unable to access your pool (ie. denied gate access, lock on gate won’t open, dog in backyard, etc) then we have fulfilled our agreement and will count as your regular weekly visit. You may order additional visits at $55.00 prior to the next scheduled visit.

Day Pool is Serviced

The pool address will determine which weekday your pool is serviced. Our techs work is considered fast-paced and our route must be arranged in the most productive manner. If you need a specific day/time please let us know.


There is a 30-day cancellation notice. You will need to request and fill out our cancellation form. After form is received, Pool City will continue for up to 30-days until the last paid visit is complete. Pool City will finish any work already paid. No refunds on service and/or labor work. Your last payment will be prorated to the 30-day cancelation period.


Your Pool City account is approved for jobs up to $250. Sometimes when we arrive at a job site, things may be wrong that need to be fixed. We will help prevent down time and keep your pool operating as needed for your enjoyment by fixing this while on site. As an effort to keep our rates low and avoid charging $125-195 trip/service charges, we will perform jobs on site that are needed up to $250 to avoid multiple service call charges. Other amounts will need approval and a card-on-file prior to work being performed. This will help the pool to stay maintained without interruption. Common jobs include: pool chemicals used in addition to your selected maintenance package, algae treatments, repairs, etc. Please sign below pre-authorizing these charges. To avoid separate service call charges, Techs will perform necessary maintenance related jobs for additional charges. I understand the Preauthorization approval includes items/parts/services needed to properly maintain my pool and will be an additional charge to my card on file (examples include but not limited to: annual filter cartridge replacement, o-rings, pressure gauges, skimmer and pump baskets, skimmer weirs, water timers, skimmer socks, algae and phosphate treatments, etc).