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Strategy Three: Use the Best Tools & Resources to Advance Learning

Objective  3.4:        Facilities That Optimize Learning        

Executive Sponsor:        Brian Flones, Superintendent

Three-Year Benchmark Objectives, Actions, Barriers and Outcomes


  1. Continue to monitor progress on construction and project budget for Pioneer Gym, Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Early Learning Center.
  1. Complete Phase 2 Bond Planning with Architect team and Hill International, Prepare study plan for board approval and constitute a Citizens Facilities Committee to study options and make recommendations to the school board.
  1. Increased the capacity of our current network to handle significant increases in internet traffic due to more instructional use.
  1. Increased capacity of our current WiFi network to handle more devices.
  1. Review Wide Area Network accessibility between buildings and analyze traffic and cost to ensure proper construction to support a technology levy passage.


  1. Completion of Phase 1 bond projects: Pioneer, Lincoln, Washington, and Early Learning Center.
  2. Completion of Phase 2 bond recommendations by the facilities committee and planning for future bond in 2017.
  3. Determine next steps based on Technology Committee recommendations and passage of a technology capital levy to upgrade classrooms


  1. Determine next steps based on Facilities Committee recommendations and passage of a capital facilities bond.
  2. Review internet access usage and prepare to expand our connection from 1 gigabit to 10 gigabytes to handle more devices and traffic in the future when required.
  3. Install additional/upgraded short throw projectors
  4. Add additional classrooms with full control systems
  5. Improve board room connection and control systems


  1. Implement dark fiber project to improve access and control
  2. Add additional access points and network hardware to increase our classroom access
  3. Install additional/upgraded short throw projectors
  4. Add additional classrooms with full control systems



Who needs to be involved in the planning discussion and action steps for this objective?

What measures need to be developed to monitor the outcomes of the objective benchmarks?

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