Fall 2019 Team Registration Calendar

April 8

Fall 2019 Intent to Play form opens for SFYS Recreational, SF Competitive Upper House and CCSL Travel Teams.

April 15

Recreational Team Registration Begins (for players and teams who will not be moving to competitive play)

May 1

Upper House Team Registration Begins

May 7

Manual Registration Due. Teams who will collect paperwork + digital pictures and require SFYS to do all the data entry must turn in at least the minimum roster of complete paperwork and payment for each player by this date.

May 13

Fall 2019 Intent to Play Form closes. 

No new teams will be   set up for registration after this date

May 15

All Levels : Team Registration Due

$300 Team Fee waived for fully registered SFYS Recreational  & SF Competitive Upper House and CalNorth CCSL Travel Teams. That means minimum roster of players with no outstanding deliverables.

June 1 - 30

Temporary Roster Freeze (Review Period)

SFYS Office closed to the public for the month.

Pay attention to emails re: replacement photos, etc. while we finalize rosters.

June 3

Placeholder deadline for SFRPD Practice Field Draft 

(will update when actual date is determined)

June 12

Rec & Upper House Team Strength Census Due

Teams that do not submit a census will not have recourse if they don’t like their flight placement.  

June 12

Rec & Upper House Team Voting Rep Declaration and signed Electronic Communications form due.

Teams without a unique voting representative by this date will not be scheduled.

July 10 - 14

DRAFT Fall Flights Posted.

Review Required. No changes after review date closes.

July 15

SFYS Fall Flights Finalized.

SFYS Fall Schedule Requests Due.

Head Coach must be declared.

Coaches may only be Head Coach on 2 Teams.

Team STAR must be signed up for field training.

August 1 - 7

SFYS DRAFT Schedules Posted.
Review Required.  No changes after review date closes.

August 8

SFYS Fall Schedule Finalized.

September 4

Mandatory Coach Meeting : Recreational Teams

(Time & Location TBD, likely 7pm)

September 5

Mandatory Coach Meeting : Upper House Teams

(Time & Location TBD, likely 7pm)

September 7

SFYS Fall Season Opening Day

October 5 - 6

Silent Saturday & Sunday

October 26 -27

Hallowe’en Games