Where I Am From

by  Student 26510

Inspired by ”Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from the big, loud T.V.

From a caseless ipod and the white double pawed cat.

I am from  the brown two floor house

that has lots of animals.

I am from the woods in the back of my house.

The Maple trees in our backyard.

I’m from celebrations, birthdays, and being short.

From Caleb and Jessica.

I’m from playing golf and cooking all the time.

I’m from “Mind your own business” and “never wake up dad”!

And the Rolex song.

I’m from gathering together for Christmas.

I’m from Lebanon, New Hampshire, America and Ireland.

Spaghetti and steak.

From my sister who is always annoying,

she talks way too much!

The baseball bat from my friend Sam.