Parent Survival Guide for Community Project      

What is Community Project?

Community Project is an important part of the Year 3 IB Middle Years Programme.  As an IB school, we have requirements to meet for service learning as well as curriculum standards. Community Project is a 15 hour, 10 week project in which students showcase their academic skills and positive attributes that have led to great inquiry skills and high-level learning.  The hours are calculated by all time spent working on the project, including meetings with mentors, journals, and actual service.  The project presentation is due January 11th and presentations will be on January 17th and 18th.  

Does my child have to go and serve somewhere?

Students are not required to go anywhere for service hours.  Students were given the opportunity to choose their service interest.  

How many hours does my child serve out of the 15 hours?  Can I take them out of school?

We do not allow students to miss school for Community Project.  This is why we have placed this project during two major holidays that allow for many service opportunities. Typically students spend 3-4 hours in direct, indirect or advocacy service; the other time is preparation, reflection, journaling, mentor meeting and presentation.  

Does my child have a mentor? 

All students have a teacher mentor with whom they will meet during school (usually during Spanish Class) 4 or 5 times throughout the 10 week period.  Your child is also encouraged by the mentor to ask questions or seek help before or after school if needed.

Can parents monitor progress?

Parents may have access to ManageBac as well; please contact Mrs. Klameth at to find out how to sign up!

What do parents have to do?

We always encourage parental involvement, but it is an important learning opportunity for your child to complete most of this on their own.  We understand that some of the places they serve require transportation and an adult. We love it when families serve together.  However, remember that Direct Service is only one option; and, if that does not work with your family, please communicate that with your child so they will choose Indirect Service or Advocacy.  Some of the important skills they learn from this project may not just be service but also how to speak professionally to adults in the workplace and interact with other volunteers.  

Does this count as a grade?

Students will be assessed using the 0-8 IB grading scale.  The grade will be factored into our Renaissance program.  If students receive a 7-8, they will be eligible for Level 1; 5-6 will be eligible for Level 2; and, 3-4 will be eligible for Level 3.  0-2 will not be eligible for Renaissance.  This will affect their 4th six weeks Renaissance.  All students scoring a 6 or above will be eligible for a reward that will be determined by the Spanish teachers (those not in spanish will be eligible for the reward as well).  

Where can I find more information?

International Baccalaureate Hutch Page

Community Project Handbook