Total Credit Hours Required: 15

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Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership

CHLP 2311

This course is a study of the biblical and theological foundations of leadership from the Old and New Testaments. Students will learn to think theologically about issues and concepts drawn from the discipline of leadership. The student will learn to synthesize biblical leadership principles that are foundational to current ministry.


Leadership Theory

CHLP 3312

This course provides a critical exploration of historic and contemporary leadership theories, principles and practices. Strengths and weaknesses of leadership theories will be examined and compared to scriptural foundations of leadership. Further, the student will learn to distinguish the difference between a theological and theoretical approach to leadership.


Transformational-Servant Leadership

CHLP 3313

This course explores leadership from being created in the image of God and the two primary premises of leadership from creation. The student will examine the theological mandate of servant leadership which grows out of spiritual transformation. Finally, the student will integrate the head, the heart, and the hands of servant leadership.


Emotionally Healthy Leadership

CHLP 4311

This course explores the Bowen Family Systems Theory and how it relates to leadership. An examination of what a healthy leader looks like and how to develop biblically healthy leadership will be the concentration of this course. The student will take an emotional intelligence assessment and create a biblical strategy to lead with spiritual and emotional maturity.


Team Dynamics: Concepts and Strategies

CHLP 4312

This course is a study of group theory and team processes and their application to biblical leadership. Team concepts and strategies for church ministry and leadership are examined.