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337.  VACATION - Pg.


1.        Purpose

Administrative personnel employed to work twelve (12) months or other schedules considered full time shall be provided paid vacation.

2.        Authority

The Board shall provide vacation days for administrative employees consistent with the employee's request and convenience while considering the District's operating and management needs.

3.        Guidelines

Vacation time shall be granted in accordance with provisions of an applicable compensation plan or individual contract.

Eligible employees must request scheduled vacation to the immediate supervisor in advance of the requested date.

All vacation schedules are subject to final approval by the Superintendent.

Time Of Vacation

Forty (40) days of earned vacation may be carried over to the next year.

Vacations normally will be scheduled at times when they will not interfere with the normal operation of the school.

Termination Of Employment

Payment for accrued vacation may be made to the estate of a deceased employee or to a retiring employee.

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