Bike Racks/Palm Entrance near Gym (the stairs at the end of basketball courts) - Position yourself so you can monitor both areas.  Students must walk their bikes on 14th St. and Palm Ave. and when they are on campus. If a student does not have a bicycle helmet, remind him/her that it is a California law.


Bike Racks - Supervise students as they leave/enter the bike racks.  Students must walk their bikes on 14th St. and Palm Ave. and while they are on campus.  They must be wearing their helmets when they exit the bike racks.  They must exit to the right of the bike racks and down the stairs near the Gym to Palm Avenue.  If students are not wearing a bicycle helmet, remind them it is a California law.  If a student refuses to wear a bicycle helmet, report the student to an administrator.  Exit to Palm Ave.


Bus and Double Gates (on sidewalk) - Stay on the sidewalk between the opening to the double gates and near the bus red zone.  Supervise students as they exit/enter the buses/cars.  In the morning, direct them to enter the campus through the double gates immediately and not congregate on the sidewalk or by the main water pipes..


Palm Avenue (sidewalk) - Stay on the sidewalk and supervise the flow of traffic as students leave the area and enter the sidewalks.  Keep students on the sidewalk away from the curbside.  Students are NOT allowed to “jaywalk” at any time!


Basketball Courts - Position yourself so you can monitor the basketball courts and grass area.  Be sure bike riders DO NOT enter or exit through the basketball courts – they must enter or exit at Palm Avenue near the Gym.


Courtyard outside Locker Room - Watch the students as they exit the locker room.  Watch for aggressive behavior.  Keep students from exiting the campus through the parking lot.


Amphitheater/Railed Ramp - Position yourself so you can overlook the amphitheater and courtyard areas.  Move out as necessary.


14th Street Near Exit to Amphitheater - Students must use the crosswalks on 14th Street and are NOT allowed to “jaywalk” at any time.


Courtyard outside Case Bldg - Keep students out of the hallway and in the courtyard.  Occasionally, monitor the girls’ restroom near the library.  Position yourself near the Library windows.  Ensure that students do not pass to the parking lot.  Student’s should not be on upper level or sitting on rails.


14th Street Stairs - Stay on the sidewalk in front of the 14th Street entrance to the Case building.  Remind them to obey the crossing guard.  In the morning, supervise students as they enter the building.  In the afternoon, supervise students as they leave the building.  Smith School siblings must wait at the brick wall on the Smith site until their brother/sister crosses to get them.


Front Steps/Main Building - KEEP STUDENTS FROM CONGREGATING ON ALL LEVELS OF THE FRONT STEPS.  If they want to socialize, tell them to go to the bottom of the stairs on the grass area.


Lower Field near 17th Street Exit  - Supervise students as they exit the field.  Monitor the 17th Street exit near the sidewalk.


Back parking lot behind auditorium - Stand in parking lot to direct students out the front of the building.  There is no pick-up/drop-off in the back parking lot other than medical need.  Only let parents with a pass through (handicap or office issued)


Driveway between Smith and Dwyer Schools - Position yourself in a strategic area.  Watch for students who exit Dwyer and cut across Smith campus.  Tell them to return to Dwyer and exit appropriately.  They must wait for/pick up a sibling on Palm, 14th, or 17th Street – not on the Smith campus.


Corner of Palm and 14th  - Make sure the students are still walking their bikes and wearing helmets.  Moveable spot between Palm and 14th streets.  Be near crosswalks.


Cafeteria - morning duty to help with breakfast and monitor the students inside cafeteria and in amphitheater.