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Sunday, September 16th 2018
16:00 - 17:30 CET

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Mobbing: is bullying
a trivial offence?

Language: German, Russian

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About the Topic

We will explore the difference between an angry outburst, actions aiming to hurt another person and mobbing. We will place a special focus on cyber-mobbing of schoolchildren, which in extreme cases may lead to suicide. We will also discuss how the behavior affects hard-of-hearing children with hearing aids or cochlear implants. This topic has hardly been touched upon until now.

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September 30th 2018 / 16:00 CET

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Learning results for parents

Parents will receive guidelines on the effective response to first attempts at mobbing in order to de-escalate the situation from the very beginning. Of critical importance here is a trusting relationship between parents and children, as well as an ongoing open dialog about problems that arise.

Learning results for experts

For teachers and other pedagogical staff, a trusting mutual relationship with students is very important. This lecture will provide some recommendations concerning how teachers may handle the problem of mobbing in their own classroom and introduce effective countermeasures.

As concerns hearing-impaired children, including those wearing a CI, the lecturer will be interested in real-life experiences of the audience.

About the presenter

Dr. rer.biol.hum. Bodo Bertram is a certified pedagogue for hearing-impaired children and an SLP with more than 50 years of experience in teaching children with hearing loss.

Of these, 30 years have been connected to the CI technology, the creation of the first post-operative CI (re)habilitation program for children in Germany.

Dr. Bertram directed the world’s first CI center from June 1989 to December 2008 (founded by Dr. Prof. Ernst Lehnhardt, at that time Director of the ENT Clinic of the Medical College of Hannover; first CI surgery performed 1984; first early pediatric implantation in Europe 1987).

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