Hamilton MS & MMSD Databases 2018-19: what they are & how to login from home

HUGE collection of databases free to all WI residents.  Unbelievable resource!  Watch this short video

Login: use this link

Info in all academic areas & arts, health, engineering, etc. Videos & games. Includes Junior & ELL.

Login: via G Suite for Education

Online encyclopedia from BadgerLink - can read info at different reading levels, listen to it, change to Spanish.

Login: use this link

World, U.S. states, and Canadian Provinces info.

Login from home:

username & PW: madisonsd

Click on Library Portal to access the treasure trove of web sites/tools/databases. Under BOOKS tab, find eBooks, audiobooks, and Battle of the Books info.


Free bibliography maker with a mini-search engine.

See my directions for adding and using this extension.

General research database from BadgerLink.

Login: use this link


Easier-to-read general research database from BadgerLink.

Login: use this link

Education Videos, songs, lessons in all academic areas, including The Week In Rap, and Current Events.

Loginfrom home: via G Suite for Education

General research database.

Login: use this link


US and World history from BadgerLink.

Login: use this link

Magazines from BadgerLink -type in your magazine title, and on next screen, in left column, choose “FULL TEXT.”

Login: use this link

Free bibliography maker w/o all the ads.

Get great book recommendations and see topic lists from BadgerLink. Three age ranges to choose from: 1-8, 9-12, teen

Login: use this link, and then click on the NoveList icon for all the great info!

Now called “Sora” in schools. Look for & check out eBooks & audiobooks.

Login: school log ins

Pros & Cons of controversial topics.

General science research database from BadgerLink.

Login: use this link

Great database for different sides of controversial topics. Can be sorted by type of resource, lexile, date.

Login from home: madmetro (UN & PW)

Info about health, wellness, body image, and gender ID. Includes videos, & polls, and In the News.

Login from home:

UN: madmetro  PW: qwerty

General science news written for students.

Login from home:

UN: hamilton234

PW: qwerty

Stories, videos, info about First Nations tribes around Wisconsin.

Login: via G Suite for Education