TO-DOs:  Managing the tasks of life to get the outcome you really want

T: Tasks: List the basic tasks you'd like to get done?

O: Outcome: What would you like most to feel at the end of the day?

D: Design: List your top 3 and when you'll do them - plan your day. 

O: Obstacles: Notice what might get in the way, including addictions.

S: Strategy: Consider and write how you can overcome obstacles.

Tasks for today/this week:

It’s the start of the productive day and you have a mind full of tasks. Get them out on paper, in any order, right now. If you have some left over from other days add them in.

Outcome desired (best possible sense):

Take a moment, a breath, close  your eyes and Imagine you’ve just achieved your objective for the day.

Describe, in 2-4 words, how it feels to have done - the feeling of the OUTCOME:


Eg. proud | satisfied | energized | relieved | confident | rejuvenated | balanced | etc.

Design the day: for optimisation:

Obstacles: List potential problems or patterns of behaviour that may block progress:

Eg: Fatigue / Apathy / Overwhelm | Specific fearful thought | Other Desire or Priority  | Specific Distraction of…

Strategy: Consider and commit to a strategy to do if you notice the obstacle.

“IF I notice myself procrastinating (as above) then I will implement the following STRATEGY:


Possible strategies:

The Daily TO-DOs Worksheet

Created by Neil Morbey, 2018

Inspired by Nathan Lozeron’s WOOP ( & ‘Rethinking Positive Thinking’ by Gabriele Oettingen