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Date:  31 August 2018

Mr. S. Black,

Director of Development and Infrastructure,

Highland Council,

Glenurquhart Road,


Dear Mr Black


I refer to the above guidance which was approved by the EDI Committee on 16 August 2018 and in particular para 4.3.2 of the covering paper which advises that Landowners will be responsible for such contributions recoverable via land uplift values to reflect planning consent.

In the light of the foregoing, can you please provide me with the following information –

  1. To which planning applications will this DCSG be applied, i.e. will or can it be retrospectively applied.?  Does DCSG apply to all planning consents in varying degrees dependent on the size/type of the development?

  1. In particular will HC apply this rule to the land at Kingsteps, Nairn for 115 houses only consented on 8 August 2018, the week before approval of DCSG?

  1. Using your Appendix 4 as a guide where it states that £8130 per house in DCs would be required for 80 houses (large scale development), can you indicate the amount of developer contributions which you would expect for the Kingsteps development of 115 houses in Nairn?  Contributions will be required towards primary and secondary education (Nairn Academy is basically falling down), infrastructure, access, transport and community facilities etc.  

  1. Additionally, will a contribution be required towards restoring the value of the 3 Acres of land relinquished back to the developer, Springfield Properties, in order to comply with the IMFLDP NA5 Lochloy .... “primary school land safeguarded”. – particularly since the purpose of this school land being set aside was to enable a primary school on the east side of Nairn to accommodate the Balmakeith/Riverside/Lochloy developments where at least one quarter of Nairn's population reside and to reflect that new builds attract more families with children?

Please note no public consultation was undertaken by Highland Council to make this change to the IMFLDP, particularly on an issue of such importance as school provision in the area.

  1. What amount of adjustment has been made to the developer contributions to be paid by Springfield Properties (Appn No.  PLS/035/14) to take account of the fact that the school land was relinquished back to them?  This land had a value of £1.03m in 2008 and therefore there should be recognition of the uplift in land value when consent was given for housing in 2014. The community would expect to see some benefit via developer contributions particularly as another 20-22 houses have been built on the school land.

I look forward to receiving your response in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Loreine Thomson

For and on behalf of NRCG