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Musical Chairs Studio Covid-19 Studio Protocol
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COVID-19 Protocol for In-Studio / In-Person Programming

Updated August, 2021

Dear Parents, Musical Chairs is now offering in-person programming to all students based on both instructor and student readiness, the following protocol has been established from industry best practices, research, and state guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. The following procedures must be adhered to by all parties.

  1. Musical Chairs Studio is making every attempt to create a safe and healthy environment and is strictly adhering to city, state and national guidelines. Anyone participating in in-person lessons has chosen to do so of their own volition knowing the risks, agrees to comply with the studio protocol and will not hold Musical Chairs Studio responsible for costs or other related consequences of becoming infected with Covid19.

  1. All  individuals regardless of vaccination status are required by the City of Chicago to wear a mask while indoors in public places. This includes Musical Chairs private and group lessons.  Lessons that are occasionally held outside do not require masking, but are strongly recommended.

  1. Teachers and students must only be in the studio during scheduled and reported times. Ad hoc make-up and unscheduled lessons should not occur.  Any changes to schedules should be reported to to ensure we maintain a staff capacity in our space at all times.

  1. Should anyone who visits the studio become infected with Covid19, we ask that you notify your instructor or Musical Chairs directly at (Lisa Borelli) and quarantine per state and CDC guidelines. According to state guidelines, your identity will be kept confidential, but we will notify others who were at the studio and may also be exposed.  

  1. For in-person lessons, no teacher, student or family member should be exhibiting flu-like symptoms. If anyone has flu-like symptoms, lessons can be held via zoom until the individual is feeling better.  Any student who comes to lessons with symptoms of Covid19 will be sent home immediately. The lesson will be considered absent and not eligible for credit or make up.

  1. We ask that parents observe our 24 hour cancelation policy whenever possible. In the case of last minute illness, our 24 hour cancelation policy does not apply. Any last minute cancelations due to illness will be eligible for a virtual make up lesson. In person make-up lessons may not be possible due to studio space limitations. The 24 hour cancellation policy will remain in effect for all other non illness related reasons.

  1. If you develop symptoms of Covid19 following a recent visit to the studio, please let your teacher know as soon as possible as there is a possibility you may have been contagious during the in-person lesson. Additionally, if you believe you have been exposed to anyone with confirmed COVID-19, please notify your teacher immediately and we will continue online lessons for at least two weeks from that exposure.

  1. Students will be assigned to enter either through the front door on Lawrence or the side door on Hamilton. Students should be dropped off at their assigned entry door.

  1. To avoid congested areas for best health practices, we request parents, caregivers and siblings to wait in their cars or at the socially distanced sidewalk tables along Hamilton or on our outside rooftop (enter through the side door and go immediately up the stairs.)   If this is not possible, a small number of caregivers will be allowed to wait inside for students, but they must remain fully masked.

  1. For younger children who are not comfortable entering the building on their own, vaccinated parents can bring their children inside for lessons or please coordinate with your individual instructor to meet you at the entrance.

  1. Musical Chairs will continue to practice healthy procedures including temperature checks and hand washing. Restrooms are located on both the ground and 2nd floor levels. There will be hand sanitizer in multiple locations and easily accessible for students, but this should not replace thorough hand washing.

  1. All Musical Chairs instructors have been fully vaccinated. Based upon mutual agreement between parents, students and teachers, instructors can remove their masks during lessons.

  1. It is recommended that students attend lessons with their own pencil.  

  1. The lessons will be finished on time to avoid congestion and provide time to sanitize for the next student. Please be on time for pick up and drop off.

  1. At this time, in-person voice and wind instrument lessons can only be held between fully vaccinated individuals because infectious droplets spread farther and more effectively through singing. Every attempt will be made to hold these lessons outdoors or in larger spaces.