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Musical Chairs Studio Covid-19 Studio Protocol
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COVID-19 Protocol for In-Studio / In-Person Programming

Updated February 28, 2022

Musical Chairs is offering both in-person and virtual programming to all students based on both instructor and student preferences. The following protocol has been established from industry best practices, research, CDC and state guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. For the most current CDC guidelines regarding exposure, quarantine, and isolation, click here. The following is Musical Chairs studio protocol. Procedures and policies must be adhered to by all parties.

  1. Musical Chairs Studio is making every attempt to create a safe and healthy environment and is strictly adhering to city, state and national guidelines. Anyone participating in in-person lessons has chosen to do so of their own volition knowing the risks, agrees to comply with the studio protocol and will not hold Musical Chairs Studio responsible for costs or other related consequences of becoming infected with Covid19.

  1. Masking for fully vaccinated individuals will be at the discretion and mutual agreement of faculty and parents beginning February 28th, 2022. Fully vaccinated individuals are defined as having received vaccination and booster doses according to the recommendations / timelines of each specific vaccine.

  1. We ask that each teacher / parent / student discuss this individually and agree upon masking / no masking. We recognize that every person has a unique set of circumstances that should be considered. Agreement should be established prior to removing masks.


  1. All Musical Chairs instructors have been fully vaccinated and will be boosted based on timing of initial vaccination and eligibility. We recommend vaccinations for all student families per CDC guidelines.

  1. Non vaccinated individuals should continue to mask during lessons and while in waiting areas. For the safety of our invaluable teaching staff, we ask that families be on the honor system regarding vaccination status.

  1. Masking is expected for family members and caregivers who wish to wait in our waiting areas to respect the preferences of different faculty who may be interacting with individuals in the waiting areas. Additional waiting area is available  in the restaurant space where it is easier to spread out or outside.

  1. Should anyone who visits the studio become infected with or exposed to Covid19, we ask that you notify your instructor or Musical Chairs directly at (Lisa Borelli) and quarantine per state and CDC guidelines. Your identity will be kept confidential, but we will notify others who were at the studio and may also be exposed.  

  1. Students and faculty who have symptoms of any illness are requested to mask (sniffles, slight cough) or stay at home (fever, covid, strep). Virtual lessons are always an option if appropriate. Common sense and respect for others regarding the spread of germs is our guiding principle.

  1. We ask that parents observe our 24 hour cancellation policy whenever possible. In the case of last minute illness, our 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply and a makeup lesson will be offered at a future date. Any last minute cancellations due to illness will be eligible for a virtual make up lesson. In person make-up lessons may not be possible due to studio space limitations. The 24-hour cancellation policy will remain in effect for all other non illness related reasons.

  1. Teachers and students must only be in the studio during scheduled and reported times. Ad hoc make-up and unscheduled lessons should not occur.  Any changes to schedules should be reported to to ensure we maintain a socially distanced capacity in our space at all times.

  1. The lessons will be finished on time to avoid congestion and provide time to sanitize for the next student. Please be on time for pick up and drop off.

  1. Musical Chairs will continue to practice healthy procedures including temperature checks and hand washing. Restrooms are located on both the ground and 2nd floor levels. There will be hand sanitizer in multiple locations and easily accessible for students, but this should not replace thorough hand washing.