2018-19 Middle School X-Bin courses

Airborne Drone Engineering

Learn about coding, engineering, design, and aerodynamics using the modular Airblock Drone platform.


Learn the fundamental skills of archery in this fun, safe course. There is a small charge for this course to cover the cost of arm guards and finger tabs. All other equipment is provided.

Athletic Performance

Learn about the relationship between the psychological, chemical, and biomechanical aspects of the human body and developing peak performance in athletics.

Badminton for Beginners

Learn to play one of the most exciting games around! You will learn some of the basic but vital techniques to develop a good foundation for the game.

Basketball Player Development

This is a focused and intense skill development clinic for basketball players.

Crafting for the Season

Learn and create new and different handcrafts for the seasons.

Creative Careers

Have you ever wondered how to use your creativity in conjunction with a career pathway?  In this course, students will create functional drafts and maquettes that demonstrate design proposals in the fields of architecture, landscape, fashion, furniture, and interiors. A multitude of materials will be provided in order for students to create their proposals. Students can expect to draw, paint, and sculpt in this class.

Creative Computing 2

This course is a continuation of the computational thinking and problem-solving skills introduced in Creative Computing. We use the Pencil Code online programming environment, learning CoffeeScript, HTML, and CSS. Projects include coding a chatbot, creating games, and integrating computational thinking and coding into other classes. This class is open to 7th and 8th graders who have taken Creative Computing or have other experience with Scratch.

Creative Hand Lettering

Learn the art of modern hand lettering! This class will focus on lettering basics, proportions, different fonts, poster lettering, modern calligraphy, how to mix styles, and ways to add embellishments. You will spend time practicing in many ways and produce unique cards and pieces of art with your new lettering skills.

Creative Writing Workshop

Writers of all levels will hone their creative writing!  Explore different genres and produce a short story.

Crochet for a Cause

Learn a craft and give back to the community! We’ll be making hats, blankets, and scarves for local organizations and people in need.

Drawing Studio

This course is for students who need time and space to explore artistic expression through drawing.

Electronic Music Workshop

Explore the structure and creation of electronic music by using digital audio studios to create and manipulate new sounds, loops, and samples.

Exploring Engineering with Raspberry Pi

In this course, you’ll use Raspberry Pi computers and GrovePi sensors, along with Scratch coding, to learn about engineering and design. You’ll be able to experiment with different inputs and build your own Raspberry Pi invention.

Festival of Trees

Are you a creative and hands-on person who likes to give back to your community? This community event generates financial support for the arts and the medical field.  In this class, students will design and create an entry.

First Aid and CPR

Middle School students are required to take this course at some point during 7th or 8th grade. This course uses the American Red Cross classroom-based certification program for adult and pediatric first aid, CPR, and AED use.

French Art and Culture

During this course students will gain appreciation for French art and French destinations through art-making. Students will also be introduced to common French phrases and practice conversational French. On a weekly basis, students will test a baked good or treat that originated or was popularized in France.

Game Design

Learn the ins-and-outs of designing a fun and engaging board game.

Glass Fusion and Mosaic

Explore two widely-used glass art techniques: glass fusion and mosaic. Create your own glass jewelry, magnets, coasters, and picture frames!

Guitar/Bass Studio

This is an introduction to the basic techniques and playing style of the guitar and bass. Learn how to properly hold and play the instrument, reading both music notation and tablature, strum chords and rhythmic patterns, read and perform melodies, scale patterns, songs and music terminology.

History’s Mysteries

Explore the stories, events, legends, and myths that have aroused curiosity, inspired wonder, and incited debate throughout the ages. From ancient history to modern subjects, this class will investigate everything from conspiracy theories to unexplained incidents and folk legends to infamous police cases.

Innovation and Invention

Students identify a need (practical/household/sports etc.), design a solution, build a prototype, determine cost, and present it to a panel.


Experience “the fastest game on two feet” in this introductory course. You’ll learn the basic skills of lacrosse, including cradling, scooping, passing, catching, and shooting in a non-contact setting.

Leadership Development

Welcome, leaders! In each session students will learn about what characteristics and skills make good leaders and how to capitalize on their strengths.

Literature Seminar

Do you love reading and talking with others about books? This is the class for you! No papers or essays, just fun and interesting conversations on a book we're reading together.

Mock Trial

Assume the roles of lawyers and witnesses in the preparation of a real court case. Through this highly interactive process, you will not only learn about the workings of the American legal system and trial process, but will also develop skills in critical thinking, argumentation, public speaking, quick-wittedness, collaboration, and group work.

Modern Band

Modern Band is a class for keyboards, winds, brass, percussion, and plucked strings such as guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and mandolin. Musicians should have some prior experience with their instrument. Along with traditional band repertoire, this group will explore rock, jazz, and world music.


Orchestra is a class for violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Musicians should have some prior experience with their instrument.

Painting Studio

A class designed for students to grow in their knowledge of foundational painting techniques and concepts. Students will participate in project and assessment design. This class is perfect for the student who desires more time to paint!

Plastics in the Ocean Environment

Learn about ocean currents, plastics, and the impact of trash and plastics on the ocean ecosystem. As part of this course, you will create art with plastics pollution collected from the Oregon coast.

School Success Skills

Improve your time management and organization skills and gain some in-school time for homework.

Small Ensemble Choir

Learn how to sing and perform with a small group!

Small Group Theater

Learn acting techniques and produce a one-act play!

Soccer Skills

This is a skill development clinic for soccer players focusing on footwork and agility with the ball.

Speech and Debate

Improve your public-speaking skills and learn the basics of debate in this fun and engaging class.

Strength and Agility

This course focuses on helping students to improve their strength, agility, mobility, and quickness. Components include proper weightlifting technique, form running, agility drills, and stretching.

Ukulele Studio

This is an introduction to the basic techniques and playing style of the ukulele. Learn how to properly hold and play the instrument, reading both music notation and tablature, strum chords and rhythmic patterns, read and perform melodies, scale patterns, songs and music terminology.

Volleyball Player Development

This is a focused and intense skill development clinic for volleyball players.

Yoga Inside-Out

This is a beginning yoga class that will teach you 15 basic poses for a relaxing workout. These particular poses are known as “two-sided” poses because you pose with one side of your body and then turn to the other side with the same pose. Like Pilates, two-sided yoga will build strength and flexibility.

Note: all course offerings are subject to instructor availability and minimum enrollment.