Full Program

Day -1 Wednesday October 24, 2018:

Day 0 Thursday October 25, 2018:

Day 1: Friday October 26, 2018:



Breakfast & Registration


Opening Remarks by David Sun Kong


Joichi Ito, “The Practice of Change”


Co-evolutions (Pat, Ananda, Carolyn)

Session I: Hello World (9:30-12pm)

9:40-10:10 am

Hello World Part 1


Coffee Break


10:30 - 10:40am

LaDonna BraveBull (Standing Rock) “Standing for the Future”

10:40 -11:10am

Marshall Ganz and Abel Cano, “Organizing: People, Power, & Change”


Global Perspectives - (Chair: David Kong):

  • Jorge Appiah (Kumasi Hive, Ghana), “Biotechnology as a Sustainable Socio-economic Development Tool in Africa”
  • Sonali Kadam (Mumbai, India), “Slum & Science”
  • Pierre Padilla and Andriana Mejia “Do-It-Yourself Biology (DIYBIO): The bridge between Peruvian society and academia”


Starting & Sustaining a Community Lab (Chair: Maria Chavez) Thomas Mboa (MboaLab, Cameroon),  Bhavna Pandya (BioRiDL, India), Sarah Ware (BioBlaze Community Lab, US)


Enabling Technologies (Chairs: Pat & Kristin)

  • Mirza Cifric (Veritas) “Open Source Genomic Data”
  • Sebastian Cociob (Binomica Labs) “The Infinite Discovery Machine”
  • Kristin Ellis (Opentrons)
  • Ally Huang (MIT) “Low-Cost Technologies to Teach Molecular Biology”
  • Orkan (Biorealize), “Networked Culturing Platform for Design Biology”

LUNCH (12:30-1:30pm)

1:15-1:30pm General Bio Safety (MANDATORY for those participating in Hands-on Workshops in Building E68)

Session III: BREAKOUTS  (1:30-3:00pm) & WORKSHOPS


Room E14-493  - SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi (145 - 6th floor lecture hall)

Starting & Sustaining a Community Lab (Maria Chavez & Patrik D'haeseleer)

Room Lysosome 1  (15)

Transnational Science and the importance of science exchange for emerging economies: the case of Synbio in Mexico (Alejandro Guzmán Vendrell)

Room Lysosome 2  (15)

Open Lab (Open Hardware for Lab Equipment) (Minerva Castellanos)

Room Mitochondria 1  (20)

Nascent bio-communities in emerging cities (Faisal Khan)

Room Mitochondria 2  (20)


Hacking your way to affordable healthcare technology that reaches the last mile (Ayush Yadav)

Room E15-466  (25)

Molecular Robotics (Chaired by Hugo. Invited speakers)

Potentials of Combining Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology (Darlington Ahiale Akogo)

Room E14-393  (18) Moved to Mitochondria 2

Sequencing Genomes of the entire planet and open-sourcing them, not if but when (Mirza Cifric, Rodrigo Martinez)

Room E15-359  (30)

“Values@Work” (Gunther M Weil)

Room E14-244  (30)

Abel Cano - Storytelling for Change: An Introduction to Public Narrative

Note this session is 1:30-3:30pm

Room Nucleus 6th Floor Media Lab - Workshop

Paper based drug detectors, Madeline Smith (1:30-3pm)

Room E15-341 - Workshop

How to do sprint to evaluate your ideas, Bhavna Pandya (1:30-3:30pm)


Report Backs


Drew Endy (Stanford, BioBricks Foundation), “On Citizenship”

Session IV: 3:15-4:45: (suggestion SHARING SCIENCE)


Open Source Bio (Chair: Linda Kahl, BioBricks Foundation), John Wilbanks (Sage Bionetworks), Andrew Torrance (University of Kansas School of Law), Rinat Sergeev (Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard)


Global Collaborations & Infrastructure

  • Dan Kagan (Scientist.com) “Democratizing Everything from Beer to Biotech” (10 min)
  • Ramy Kim (Counter Culture Labs) “Open Insulin” (5 min)
  • Patrik D’haeseleer (Counter Culture Labs) “Building a Kombucha Multi-Lab Collaboration” (5 min)
  • Melissa Wu (Seeding Labs), "Collaborations that empower every scientist to transform the world" (5 min)
  • Andrew Hessel (GP-Write, Humane Genomics) “Why GP-Write Matters” (5 min)


Guardianship of Ecosystems, Climate & Biodiversity (Chair: Adeline Seah) LaDonna Bravebull (Standing Rock), Andrew Quitmeyer (Digital Naturalist), Alison Stringer (FabLab Wellington Biolab, Greenspark), Devora Najjar (MIT Media Lab Sculpting Evolution)

4:45-5:00pm Coffee Break

Breakouts & Workshop Information (Slideshow)

Session V:  (5:00-6:15pm) BREAKOUTS & WORKSHOPS

Room E14-493  -  SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi  (145)\

Bioart and biodesign (Alejandra Diaz de Leon Lastras and Minerva Castellanos)

Room Lysosome 1  (15) Design for Rebirth (Paige Whitehead)

Room Lysosome 2  (15) Polymer Airbrushing, talk and discussion  (Xavier-Lewis Palmer)

Room Mitochondria 1  (20) Metabolic Research on a budget (Lucas Potter)

Room Mitochondria 2  (20) What can DIY bio do for agriculture? What can farmers do for DIY bio? (Ananda Gabo)

Room E15-466  (25)

Open Insulin (Ramy Kim and Anthony Di Franco)

Room E14-393  (18)

Open access in a world of conflicting interests (Viirj Kan & Noa Machover)

Room E15-359  (30)

Room E14-244  (30)

Deep Dive into Practicing Open-Source Bio (Linda Kahl, John Wilbanks, Andrew Torrance, Rinat Sergeev)

Outdoor Wearable, Mobile Studios / Fab Labs in the Wild (or semi wilds of cambridge) (Andrew Quitmeyer)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Ecovative Mycelium grow it yourself kit, Eric Harness (5:00-6:00pm)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

GMO Detective, Guy Aidelberg (4:00-6:00pm)

Room E15-341 - Workshop

'Fairness in Machine Learning: Biology, Society and Beyond', Monolos Flores, Arunav Konwar (3:30-5:30pm)

Room Nexus 6th Floor Media Lab - Workshop

Exploring middle school science, Sangden Ghising (4:30-6:00pm)


Report Backs

6:15-8:30pm DINNER

Day 2: Saturday October 27, 2018


Breakfast (8:00-9:00am)


Opening remarks and logistics for Day 2 by David Kong


Hello World Part 2

10:00am-11:00am: Session V: George Church Fireside Chat with Maria Chavez and David Kong


Family Photo & Coffee Break



Bio Ethics and Responsible Stewardship (Chair & Moderator: Alex Pearlman) Michael Flanagan (Genspace), Ramy Kim (Counter Culture Lab), Isis Eich (Biotech Community Lab at Universidade Federal de Alfenas), Mixael Laufer (Four Thieves Vinegar Collective), Heather Flannery (Consensys Health)

Room E14-244 - Workshop

Reproducibility for everyone, Angela Kaczmarczyk (11:30-12:30pm)


Bio Safety & Security (Chair: Eric Harness), Gigi Gronvall (Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security), Sam Lipson (Cambridge Health Dept), Brigitte Cadieux (Public Health Agency of Canada), Jaco Wesstra (RIVM), Patrik D’haeseleer (Counter Culture Labs)

12:30-1:30 Lunch



Disrupting Publishing (Chair: Kathleen Kennedy), Jane Metcalfe (Neo.Life, co-founder of Wired), Amy Brand (MIT Press), Jessica Polka (ASAPBio), Travis Rich (PubPub)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Microbial Dyeing, Textile and Apparel Design with Biorealize, Orkan Tehlan (1:30-2:30pm)


Circular Economy and Biotech Communities | Soil, water, energy, transportation, food, waste, information (Chair: Channel Thomas, Biologigaragen), Jean-Luc Pierite (The Fab Foundation), Pashon Murray (Detroit Dirt), Elliot Roth (Indie Lab), Isis Eich (Biotech Community Lab at Universidade Federal de Alfenas), Tessa Callaghan (Algiknit)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

DIY Bioplant propagation, Sofi Arreola (2:00-4:00pm)


Education and Learning | Learning in the Biotech Era: Diversity, Engagement and Participation Priorities (Chairs: Justice Walker and Connie Chow )

  • Imane Baïz (DITOs)
  • Ryan Hoover (MICA, BUGGS)
  • Yanick Kemayou (Kabakoo House)
  • Tamara Milosevic (Rhizome Academy)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Microworld designs + build your own microscope, Joan Campaña & Adriana Mejía (2:30-4:30pm)

Room Nexus 6th Floor Media Lab - Workshop

Opentrons, Will Canine (2:30-4:40pm)


Beyond the Western Lens - Redefining Bio-Ethics for the Age of Participation (Chair: Jean-Luc Pierite). LaDonna Bravebull (Standing Rock), Andre Uhl (Council on Extended Intelligence)

3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break

Session VII: BREAKOUTS  (4:00pm-5:30pm) & WORKSHOPS


Room 493 -  SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi  (145)

Bio Communities and Education (Ally Huang, Guy Aidelberg, Rolando Cruz Perez, Niek D’Hondt, Brindha Muniappan, Sarah Khan, Tim Robertson, Carolyn Angleton, Michael Flanagan, Justice Walker, Connie Chow)

Room Lysosome 1  (15)

Security and Safety are from Venus, Innovation is from Mars (Yong-Bee Lim)

Room Lysosome 2  (15)

How to use Social Media to make science more accessible (Isabel Pochet)

Room Mitochondria 1  (20)

Development of a University Biohacking Course (Sarah Ware & Christiana Gardikioti)

Room Mitochondria 2  (20)

Scientists Should Speak Up for Science - Ali Nouri (Federation of American Scientists)

Room E15-466  (25)

Building ‘community.bio’ - A Movement Resource (David Kong, Kathleen Kennedy, Sabrina Mohr, Hugo Caicedo)

Room E15-359  (30)

Hackers Go to the Moon… then to Mars (or the Outback and Antarctica if you wish to remain Terrestrial) (JJ Hastings)

Room E14-244  (30) NOTE: 4:00-6:00PM

Abel Cano - Team Building: Crafting Shared Purpose

Room E14-240  (30)

Women in Biotech (Sofía Arreola)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Making a magnetic bead stand, Eric Harness (4:30-5:30pm)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Biobits Part I, Ally Huang (4:30-5:30mpm)

Room E14-244 - Workshop

Valorizing project-based learning - Roadbook, an online tool to track skills development, Tamara Milosevic (4-6pm)

Room Nexus 6th Floor Media Lab - Workshop

Foldscope, Sonali Kadam (4:30-5:30pm)


Breakout Session Recap


Creativity & Critique Take the Lead (Chair: JJ Hastings) Georg Tremmel (Artist; BioClub), Xin Liu (Artist; MIT Media Lab), Julian Standon (Artist; U Hertfordshire), Orkan Telhan (Designer; UPenn), Ani Liu MIT (Artist; Media Lab), Tiare Ribeaux (Artist; B4bel4b Gallery), Dan Grushkin (BioHacker; BioDesign Challenge), and Joe Davis (Artist; MIT)

DINNER 6:00-8:00pm

99 BioSummit PARTAY 8:00pm-1am


  • RaLow
  • Hollowz
  • DJ Kongo
  • DJ Leah V

Day 3: Sunday October 28, 2018


BREAKFAST 9:00-10:00am


Bio Summit Giveaways!

Must be present to win!

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Booting up genetic programs, Noah Jakimo (10:10-12:00pm)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Hands on CRISPR, Avery Normandin & Devora Najjar (10:10-12:00pm)

Room E15-341  - Workshop

How to create a memorable learning experience- a workshop on workshops, Tamara Milosevic (10:10-12:00pm)


Hello World Part 3


Scifi, Storytelling, & Biotech (Moderator: David Kong), Noreen O’Toole (Westworld), Leonard Nam (Westworld), Cosima Herter (Snowpiercer, Orphan Black), Ben Mezrich (Woolly), Hannu Rajaniemi (Quantum Thief, Summerland)

Room Nexus 6th Floor Media Lab

Let’s swab, Tom Peeters (11:00-12:00pm)

LUNCH 12:00-1:00pm



Room E14-493  -  SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi  (145g)

Room Lysosome 1  (15)

Room Lysosome 2  (15)

Room Mitochondria 1  (20)

Room Mitochondria 2  (20)
Hacking your way to affordable healthcare technology that reaches the last mile (Ayush Yadav & Shahreena Rahman)

Room E15-466  (25)

Room E14-393  (18)

Room E15-359  (30)

Room E14-244  (30)

Room E14-240  (30)

Room Nexus 6th floor Media Lab - Workshop

Bioprintable, Edible Plant-Derived Hydrogels, J.J. Hastings (1:00-2:00pm)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

DNA Barcoding 1o1, Elizabeth Baranes (1:00-4:30pm)


Room E68-074 - Workshop

Intro to yeast husbandry, Ananda Gabo (1:30-2:30pm)

Room E15-341 Workshop

BCI for interactive media art, Brendan Lehman (1:00-2:00pm)


Room E14-493 -  SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi  

 guarding science in community biolabs, by Steve Lewis

Room Lysosome 1
Asia-Pacific Regional meeting

Room Lysosome 2

Biohacking & Biomaking in African contexts (Yanick Kemayou)

Room Mitochondria 1

Fostering regional ties - North America/ Europe (Scott Pownall)

Room Mitochondria 2  -
Citizen Biotech @ Latin America Regional (Daniel Dominguez)

Room E15-466  (25)

Room E14-393  (18)

Room E14-244  (30)

Designing our Sci-Fi Space Future with Biotech (Ariel Ekblaw)

Room E14-240  (30)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Microbial Dyeing, Textile and Apparel Design with Biorealize, Orkan Tehlan (2:30-3:30pm)


Room Nexus 6th floor Media Lab - Workshop

Blue Light Transilluminator, Eric Harness (2:00-3:30pm)

Room E15-341 Workshop

Co-opting the Aquarium Lab operating system for use in DIYbio, Orlando de Lange (2:00-3:00pm)


Room E14-493  - SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi  - Calling all Kombucha lovers! Developing a Kombucha multi-lab collaboration (Patrik D’haeseleer)

Room Lysosome 1    Epidemic Forecasting with Artificial neural networks and vaccine distribution early deployment for containing diseases in remote areas (Gautham Pasupuleti)

Room Lysosome 2   - Harry Akigloh (Kumasi Hive Bio Lab) “Open Enzyme”

Room Mitochondria 1 -

Room Mitochondria 2 -

Room E14-514B  (16)

(Kristin Ho) “Suggested Title: Bio-hacking for non bio-hackers

Room E15-466  (25)

Wearable fashion-tech and the industry (Kitty Yeung)

Room E15-359  (30)

Room E14-393  (18)

Room E14-244  (30)

Room E14-240  (30)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

GMO detective, Guy Aidelberg (3:00-5:00pm)

Room Nexus 6th floor Media Lab - Workshop

3D print microscopes, Valerian Linus Sanga (3:30-4:30pm)

Room E15-341 Workshop

Indigenous Community Based Research through participatory DIY bio, Jean-Luc Pierite (3:00-4:30pm)


Room 493  -  SILENT SPACE

Room Golgi  -

Room Lysosome 1   -
Share your favourite Biosummit Moments! (Kevin Chen)

Room Lysosome 2  -

Room Mitochondria 1  -

Room Mitochondria 2  -

Room E14-514B  (16)

Room E15-466  (25)

Room E14-393  (18)

Room E15-359  (30)

Room E14-244  (30)

Room E14-240  (30)

Developing a Community Bio Lab Network (Steve Lewis)

Room E68-074 - Workshop

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Papaya leaves, Armelle Michelle (4:30-5:30pm)

Room E15-341 - Workshop

Biomuse, Abhay Koushik (4:30-5:00pm)

Room Nexus 6th floor Media Lab - Workshop

Low cost respiratory support, Gautham Pasupuleti (4:30-5:30pm)


Closing Session led by David Kong (An important closing session to bring our community together, synthesize, plan, and build for the future!)