Creative writing for ‘FUN’

Teacher Neil Ruckman

Age 10 to 16

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Course Description

The creative writing sessions will act as a writing laboratory. In these sessions we will be sharing, experimenting and commenting on our writing in a workshop format. We will be developing our writing of narrative fiction and finding our own voices as writers. These sessions will help learners to discover their own strategies to craft their talents as a writer of fiction. I will be responding as a facilitator to the unique needs of the group. Learners should expect to be writing and gathering ideas in between the sessions in order to get the most from them. Please note that these sessions will not focus on the technical skills of English such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, learners will understand how to structure writing with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Alternate Wednesdays 1pm to 2pm

This course is not an exam course. Also available online during Coronavirus lockdown only. When we resume lessons at AWE Club in Waltham Abbey students are welcome to attend there to continue these lessons.