Problematic Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a major problem! It is a major threat to New Zealand and it is also a major threat to the world. In fact, people are calling it a environmental nightmare! Plastic is everywhere. You find it in household items, clothes, shoes, electronics and in all the food packaging we see on the shelves.  Unfortunately when plastic isn’t disposed properly it ends up in our rivers, oceans and landfills.  Scientists estimate that 8 million tons of plastic trash end up in our oceans every year. That is equivalent to a full garbage truck being dumped every minute! Did you know plastic takes 300 to 500 years to break down? So, how can we make changes to reduce the impact plastic is having on our planet?

Firstly we can stop  using single-use plastics such as plastic bags, straws, bottles and foam cups.  We can reduce our use of plastic packaging in supermarkets too! Our prime minister Jacinda Ardern and our government have made changes by banning plastics in our supermarkets. That is why we need to make biodegradable products and biodegradable bags  so we would not have any sort of major problem with plastic.

Another solution recycle and reuse plastic material.  When you recycle your plastics they go to recycling centres that have machinery to sort, wash, shred, melt and remould the plastic into new products.  Many people are also creating and inventing new items from their plastics for their gardens.  The best solution would be to use alternatives to plastic such as beeswax wraps and items with natural fibres.  If we move away from our ‘throwaway’ culture and eliminate single use plastics our oceans will slowly go back to how they were - nice clean and clear.

Additionally plastic harms wildlife and introduces dangerous chemicals to the marine life.Discarded cups,straws and bottles make their way into the sea.It seems that no part of the ocean is safe. Scientist have found plastic everywhere in the ocean. It is a global problem they can’t point to are single habitat or location with no plastic that’s why marine life are dying so we need to rise above keep our rivers clean and our beaches healthy.

In conclusion We can move away from ’throwaway’ culture, reuse our everyday products like straws,mugs bottles and plastic bags. And we should reuse,reduce and recycle and we should make biodegradable products and plastic we can stop this plastic problem and stop being lazy and make changes to reduce the impact plastic having on our planet.