Goto URL →

In the REGISTRATIONS select your registration. For Ex: For “ Student Registrations” click on Student Registration.

Click “Job Seekers SAP- ERP Training”

In the New tab you will see the below

Click on “Registration Button” if you are “New Student” or “Job Seeker”

Click on “Login”if you are already registered with APSSDC.

After Clicking Registration please go through the Information and Click →“Start Registration”

OPT Generation → Give the mobile number in the specific format shown below.

Generate OTP → By clicking Generate OTP button →You will see the screen below

Verify OTP →Enter OTP number and Click Verify OTP Button

Fill the Personal Information, Contact Details and Location Details with valid ADHAR CARD Number

Enter Information and Click “SAVE & Proceed”

Enter the Education Information

Click “ADD”if you want to enter “UG”/”Inter”/”10th “

Click “Proceed to Next Page”

Click “Proceed to Next Page”

Congratulations!!! You have Successfully Registered.

Press “CLICK”and Login with your ADHAR and Password

Press “Login” with your information

Click on “Nominate for Program/Course” or “Apply for Latest Job Fairs”

Click on “Apply” if you would like to attend Course/Training.