Agenda PAC meeting

December 11th, 2018

  1. President”s Report
  2. Principal”s Report
  3. Fun Run Prize update
  4. High School Update
  5. Mascot update

Hawthorne PAC Meetings Minutes,

December 11th, 2018

Attending : Becky DiCola, Val VanAmburg, Casey Bertram, Courtney Dodson, Kim Thorne, Robin Culver

Welcome and approval of November 13th Meeting minutes.  Becky motioned to approve,

  1. President”s Report:  

Hawthorne PAC Meeting Minutes, November 13, 2018

Attending: Val VanAmbug, Courtney Dodson, Casey Bertram, Eliza Eddy (Fork & Spoon), Erin Shanahan, Lauren Dee, Nikki Jacobsen, Mandy Leipheimer (BSF)

Welcome and approval of Oct. 16th meeting minutes. Val motion to approve, Courtney second, approved.

Mandy from BSF presented on the Santa Run. Funds from this run go directly back to Bozeman schools in various formats. The top 3 schools with attendance at the run get $1,000.00 check written to their school.

President’s Report:

  1. Val talked about the Free and Reduced lunch program and how it was presented at the Superintendents PAC meeting. The numbers are showing less people registering for this program although Bozeman is growing. They are trying to get the information out for parents to register even if they don’t qualify. These numbers directly affect our federal funding for lunch programs and after school programs.

  1. Val talked about the after school program, KidsLink. They have lost a large portion of their funding and due to lower numbers of parents registering or qualifying for services, they do not have as much money to cover student scholarships for after school care. Greater Gallatin United Way is asking for all PAC’s to donate $2,000.00 to help cover these scholarships this year. Val motioned for the majority approval, Courtney second. Approved pending board approval.

  1. Lauren Dee gave an update on the High School transition. There will be a public comment meeting on Monday, November 19 at the Bozeman High School. There are currently 5 maps being considered. 2 of which directly impact Hawthorne’s boundaries. The 2 most recent maps split Hawthorne kids between high schools depending on where their home is. All parents are encouraged to attend this meeting for information and to give comments.

  1. Val gave an update on 99 pledges and the BSD’s policies that were an issue at the Fun Run this year.

Principal’s Report:

1. Casey gave a Mascot/School Color update. Staff has approved the process, narrowed it down to an animal that can begin with any letter in the alphabet (the other option was just animals that start with “H”).

2. Farm to school will be giving the PAC some proposals in the near future to keep the program alive at Hawthorne. Erin Shanahan had a few ideas of reaching out to a group of parents to see how much interest there as in the program. Erin Jackson will be sending proposals the Hawthorne for review.

3. PAC needs to pick a Celebration of the Arts date. Casey suggested May, 17, 2019.

4. PAC needs to pick a STEAM night date, Casey suggested, January 24, 2019. This event also needs a new chairperson.

Eliza Eddy from Fork and Spoon presenting information for Hawthorne to host a Family Night at the restaurant in April to tie in with our month of Community Outreach. PAC and Casey need to pick a date.

Val asked for any interest in having Mary Ann Benz come and present to the PAC again about her various areas of expertise. Val will be reaching out to Mary Ann about a PAC date that works for her to come.

Agenda for PAC Meeting

November 13, 2018

1. Approval of PAC minutes from October 18th meeting - Val

2. BSF-Santa Run

3. President’s Report- Val

3. Principals Report - Casey

4. Fun Run Totals and expenses - Courtney

5. Fork & Spoon Presentation - Eliza Eddy


October 16th, 2018


Hawthorne Pac Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October, 16th 2018

Attending :  Becky DiCola  , Val VanAmburg, Courtney Dodson, Kim Thorne, Robin Culver, Mr. Bertram, Nikki Jacobson, Jill Pratt, Lauren Dee, Gina Gentile

Presidents Report: Becky and Val

  1. Welcome and approval of minutes from September 11th PAC meeting.  Becky DiCola motion to approve, Val and Robin second it.  Approved
  2. No school this Thursday and Friday.  PIR for teachers
  3. Tonight is Montana Suicide Prevention in room 122  at Wilson   Very high suicide rate for kids and adults in Montana. We are higher than national average  Warning signs discussed
  4. GVFTS Crunch Time event Oct 24th.  Volunteers needed to separate apples and take to teachers. All students take a bite of apple at same time.  Promoting healthy eating
  5. Oct 22-26 Missoula Theater coming. Every student participates during class time.  60 parts to try out for after school    Two performances on  Friday October 26th. The play this year is  King Arthur’s Quest
  6. Red ribbon week Safe and Drug Free is next week. Kendal Bachman our counselor will have a different dress up day to support it. Look for email with details
  7. 1:30-2:30 Halloween Parade on October 31st.  All welcome to walk with their student’s class come dressed up or not .
  8. Nov 6th women’s basketball game at MSU.  Whole school goes to this event.  6,000 kids go throughout district  and surrounding areas. Chaperones needed- ask your child’s teacher.
  9. Nov 6th Parent University: Technology!  Help my child knows more than me! Noon to 1:00
  10. Assemble with author  Matthew Cordell coming  on Nov 9th, 9:15-10:00.   Robin Culver is contact.  Children Festival of Books Pre order book and it can be signed by author ahead of time. $200- $400 is cost for this.  PAC pays.  Look for sheet coming home.  Deadline is the 22nd
  11. Nov 13th next PAC meeting.  Val in charge
  12. Congrats of getting rid of water bottles in schools.  No more plastic and waste. District wide this is happening.  We have a drinking fountain to refill water bottle inside lunchroom.
  13. Fun Run  we have earned $38,000 so far.  Still accepting money  
  14. Super PAC  Meeting:  Fork and Spoon on 7th street is a pay what you can restaurant,  or pay suggestion, or pay it forward for next customer.  They invited all families to the restaurant to help raise money and get word out.  Possibly a  community outreach- they cater  
  15. Heather Watson at Hylite Elementary has created STEAM Clubs for every grade at that school- Parent volunteers -80 ,some weekly,  some every month.  It is done after school or robotics program  Becky has info on this if thinking of starting at our school Our librarian is a STEAM expert and will start lessons in library and see if their is an interest with the students. 20 volunteers signed up to help with STEAM but need a chair  
  16. District updates: there is a  video of high school  being built. 4 meetings in next month and a half . December might know boundaries ect..  Committee has 40 people on it- parents from schools,  high school parents,  community members , ect.. wide array of people on committee, You can find the minutes for this meeting on district wide website. Hawthorne will add Lauren Dee to agenda in December who is a  member and will report to us on updates.
  17. A Seat at the Table is Thursday Oct 25th . Bozeman Community Foundation is trying a new collaborative initiative.   Neighbors and community members join in small conversations about their community.  Everyone eats together and talk about future of Bozeman. Need people to host the dinner for 8-10  people. There is an app that guides your convo
  18. Mrs Lillarose dad is BHS principal He had cancer and caught a polio type virus while immune system down.  Her mom with him and she is back and forth visiting him  

  1. Becky went to high school PAC meeting. Gallatin County  Health Department came and talked about e cigarettes. 23 percent of teens use some type of vape compared to 11 percent nationally.   Flavored towards children. May have them come talk at PAC meeting or to 5th grade to learn more about prevention.
  1. Jill Pratt  our parent liaison wants to create a lunch group for parents first Tuesday  of month from 12-1. Everyone welcome Bring own lunch, hang out, treats provided and drinks.  Connect parents, create community.  

Principals report

1. Anne Thoreson is new art liaison. She is meeting with every grade level team and is  planning whole year of art residencies and buying art supplies

2. Drills at school lately for safety.  Kinders it was not effective but was for others.  Reteaching it to students in the class. Casey can answer any questions about drills and safety.

no fires in school since 20s- it is  rare.  School violence happens more.  Talk to your kids about it at home if concerned

community outreach

3. Mascot:  Staff will preselect the graphic designer. The guy who did Kalispell mascots when Mr. B taught there is affordable,  then staff will weight in on parameters.  Is it an animal or not? narrow the scope, preselect colors, then put out to kids to design. Graphic  designer comes back with 3 choices and then vote on final

The design will be done at home by students who wish to participate

We will look for common ideas and select three for final vote

Big reveal of mascot at Celebration of Arts We will  get a costume and have him show up and surprise kids

4.Holiday program date December 18th at Wilson  

Shannon Faye is in charge and will need volunteers

Lauren Dee is in charge of Box Tops for education

1. putting Box Tops collection at at Heebs.  Still working out where it will be placed.   November 1st  they need to be sent in  for money.

Fun run

  1. It went great!  Will earn around same amount as last year.  Close to $40,000 dollars.  Top seven kids going to laser tag with Mr B.

PAC Meeting Agenda and Minutes

September 11th, 2018

  1. Approve minutes-Becky
  2. President’s Report-Becky and Val
  3. Principal’s Report-Casey
  4. Volunteer Update-Val
  5. Fun Run update, September 28th-Becky, Val and Courtney
  6. School picture Day, September 13th-Val
  7. Parent Teacher Conferences- breakfast, snacks for teachers-Kim
  8. Open House, September 20th
  9. World Language-Becky
  10. Green Team-Becky
  11. Treasurer’s Report- Robin

Hawthorne PAC Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September, 11th 2018

Attending:    Becky DiCola: President  Val VanAmburg: co President  

                      Courtney Dodson: Vice President   Kim Thorne: Secretary

                      Robin Culver: Treasurer   Mr. B Principal,

                      Gina Gentile,  Carly Olsson, Shannon Fay, Jill Pratt- new Thrive                                                     ,                       Parent Liaison,  Lauren Dee, Carrie Fabris,

  1. Welcome by Becky Dicola (President) and introductions

2. Minutes: Becky moves to approve minutes and Robin seconds to approve minutes from May of last year

3. Presidents Report: Becky and Val

     3 miles away they are required to pick up your child

Safety in our schools: Ideas

3. Principal Report

     staff divided into 9 teams and  each team get 600 dollars


      book fair flows thru PAC fund but just for library

Becky made motion to approve budget val approved

*Becky later ask for all attendees of meeting to vote on budget through an email    All agreed to pass the agenda

4, Guest: Jill Pratt Thrive PL


5. Volunteer Opportunities : Val

6. Fun Run sep 28th: Courtney and Becky

7.School Picture Day we  got a volunteer

8.Teacher Conferences sign up genius  made by Kim Thorne to provide lunch for teachers on both days

9. World Language third year in row

10. Green Team composting again this year

earth day with speaker and an  activity identity crisis right now need ideas to lead charge gardening and recycling

11. Treasurer report

12.  Box tops for education $600 last year