HCM Excel-to-CIs

Session C | Notes taken by Jason Cohee & Jim Collis


  1. Can all of the fields on Position Data can be added via the Excel-to-CI? Can a position be inactivated (Change in status) or changed to another position number?
  1. Contact the CRC and utilize a workflow for this, but we need to verify.
  1. What is the timeline for submitting payline adjustment Excel-to-CI to be submitted?
  1. 5 business Days
  1. Would you be able to terminate time reporters with the time reporter data Excel-to-CI
  1. Yes, that can be done.
  1. What if you have a entries with different account strings in the Rapid Time Excel-to-CI?
  1. That can be done.
  2. You enter it with the combo-code not the account string.
  1. Do changes in the absence balance adjustment get captured in history?
  1. Yes.
  1. DBT updates with Excel-to-CI by position?
  1. One does not exist, unsure if possible. Added as action item.
  1. Why is the retro split amongst many paylines?
  1. For retirement purposes/reporting.


  1. Time Reporter Data query to view Workgroup, task group, status etc.
  2. There is an assign work schedule query to verify the results of the m_tl_sched_assign.
  3. Do we have a CI form the DBT to add combo codes? Check into this.