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Fiberoptic cart preparation for difficult intubation
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Bring the flexible intubation system into the room (Left side of patient is preferable if there is space).

Plug the light source in an electric outlet.

Place bottle with hot water / saline on surface

Place adult scope on towel, plug into light source / monitor

Make sure O2 / Suction valve is on scope

Place defogging solution and KY lubricant on work surface

Place 4X4 gauzes on work surface (To lubricate scope and to pull tongue out)

Spray some lubricant spray on 4X4’s,  and wipe scope shaft

Slide the endotracheal tube up the full length of the shaft and gently secure it to the beveled end of the bronchoscope handle. Smear a little lubricant on the cuff and distal end of the ETT.

Prepare suction, with flexible tip catheter (and Yankauer available)

Attach O2 tubing to O2 flow meter on the anesthesia machine (Not nasal cannula!)

Optional: Attach O2 tubing or suction to the scope.

Be prepared to pull tongue out with 4X4’s