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Real-estate agents keeping it real
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Real-estate agents keeping it real

As Sonomans we are indeed lucky to be part of a small and picturesque community. Preserving that which we cherish about Sonoma means managing its growth and expansion with deep consideration and care. Everyone who lives in this town has a part to play - including real-estate agents.

The appearance of yet another “disruptive technology” solution to housing has appeared in our town – Pacaso – a startup designed to bring timeshare second homes to the masses. Those houses are located right smack in the middle of family neighborhoods.

We have heard that Sotheby’s Real Estate group has sent letters out to their agents to refrain from being involved in Pacaso timeshares until the Sonoma City Council and county Board of Supervisors have given clear direction as to whether this will be allowed. We applaud Sotheby’s clear-sighted decision and wish to encourage other real-estate agencies to follow suit. Eschewing short-term gain for longer-term reputation within the community is worth much more in terms of income and peace-of-mind than anything Pacaso offers.

I applaud the local real estate agents who see through Pacaso's scheme and refuse to participate in its predatory business model. I ask other agents to consider the repercussions of working with Pacaso at the expense of family and neighbors.

David Appelbaum