Multimedia Music Production & Recording
Course Standards

USA’s National Goal of Music Literacy Education : Creating, Performing, and Responding.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) Supported by PHS Staff

Upon graduation from Pittsburg High School, students are expected to be competent in the following areas and skills areas that students will be effective:

  1. Problem Solvers
  1. Use all resources available as a self-directed learner
  2. Calculate risks and follow through on commitments
  3. Perseverance through problem solving
  1. Innovators
  1. Create new ideas for evaluation and testing
  2. Have the courage to create solutions to social problems
  3. Challenge the paradigm
  1. Responsible Citizens
  1. Accept and respect other people
  2. Feel connected to global and local issues
  3. Accountability—understanding their role in society
  1. Analytical Thinkers
  1. Analyze, synthesize and solve problems creatively
  2. Evaluate the quality of information
  3. Think critically
  1. Tech Savvy Media Users
  1. Use technology as a purposeful tool for education
  2. Create a desired product or solve a problem using innovation
  3. Awareness of digital, privacy, and security issues
  1. Effective Communicators
  1. Express confidently in reading and writing
  2. Speak and listen with insight and understanding
  3. Articulate knowledge and ideas 
  1. Synthesizers
  1. Recognize inter relation of all subjects
  2. Connect ideas across curriculum
  3. Incorporate and evaluate new ideas