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HVS Coach Code of Conduct
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Coach Code of Conduct

MISSION: To increase the level of play, improve the quality of coaching, and allow for faster development of our players.

The coach’s role is one of teaching soccer skills and sportsmanship to players. The coach is responsible for communicating practice and game times to the players and parents. The Coach will make a reasonably diligent effort to minimize texting or messaging with individual players directly whenever practicable.  To the extent that the Coach must text or message a player directly, he or she will undertake all reasonable steps to confine the communication to subjects concerning soccer related activity in an effort to avoid the appearance of inappropriate behavior with any player.  Whenever practicable, the Coach will share information about team activities and HVS events (including games and practices) via text or direct message to all players and parents as a group.  In the event that the Coach needs to discuss an issue related to a specific player, the Coach will attempt to include the player’s parent or appropriate HVS personnel in the communication, unless doing so would endanger the player’s physical or emotional safety or well-being.

The coach is also responsible for monitoring the behavior of the players and parents during practice and games. All coaches within the soccer program will promote good sportsmanship among players, foster team camaraderie, and help participants have fun while teaching players the technical skills of soccer. Unsportsmanlike conduct of coaches will not be tolerated by the program. Each coach agrees to this Code of Conduct, certifies that he/she is familiar with US Club Rules and will abide by them and acknowledges that coaching in the soccer program is a privilege and not a right.  Each Coach will ensure that his/her conduct sets a good example for team members and spectators. To meet these responsibilities, the Coach will: