This petition was initially submitted to Princeton University President, VP, Provost and Deans on 03/19/20.

As of 04/09/2020 some of these demands have been met. We have marked these “Addressed.” There are other significant multi-part demands of which the university has only addressed some parts. As the situation continues to unfold and we hear more from the university community, we have also added and adjusted demands

An updated petition was sent to Princeton University President, VP, Provost and Deans on 04/10/20.

Please click on this link and fill out the Google Form to add your signature to this petition. All are welcome to sign -- you do not need to be affiliated with Princeton to show your support. The form also includes an option to share a testimonial about your experiences or thoughts about the crisis.


Dear President Eisgruber and Princeton University Administration:


In the wake of COVID-19 and the rapid transition undergone by people and institutions around the world, we are concerned for all of our community members: undergraduates, graduate student workers, post-doctoral researchers, faculty and staff, and campus workers. As the federal government continues to stumble in their response to this crisis, the university administration must make sure that no one is left behind: that no Princeton community member experiences undue economic strain or faces outside legal repercussion as a result of the transition, and that the transition is negotiated with consideration for accessibility and in a non-discriminatory manner.

To adequately support Princeton community members, the administration must:


1)        Ensure that all campus workers do not face loss of pay because of suspension of university operations. We understand that many campus workers are unionized with the SEIU, and are currently negotiating with the University or have temporary arrangements. Many campus workers, however, are not unionized and/or are working as contractors. All campus workers, regardless of work status and contract status, should be covered by the University for the duration of this economically trying time.

2)        Guarantee an extra year of funding to all graduate students, since all program deadline extensions are meaningless without a funding extension. This has been called for by grads at peer institutions. The ramifications of COVID-19 -- including illness, increased caregiving and childcare responsibilities, loss of family income, and the cancellation of in-person activities -- will interfere with research productivity. Program extensions accompanied by an additional year of funding is the only way to ensure graduate students will not be penalized as a result.

3)        Commit to fully covering the costs of coronavirus testing [addressed], treatment, and vaccination. Remote testing kits available for faculty and staff should also be made available to grad students [updated 4/9/20]. All costs associated with COVID-19 care - including but not limited to ambulance costs, emergency room costs, coinsurance, prescription medication costs, costs of ventilation procedures - should be covered at 100% for all staff, undergraduates, and graduate students, regardless of Aetna’s policies and of whether care was provided by an in- or out-of-network provider. The university must also ensure that university health center employees are fully aware of where to refer individuals to seek such care, even if away from campus, and how that care will be fully covered, for those with insurance through the university or elsewhere.


4)        Guarantee that salaried and stipended workers, including graduate student workers and post-doctoral researchers, do not lose pay because of cancelled courses or other extenuating circumstances. This includes undergraduate students who rely on work-study and will, inevitably, be losing hours this semester.

5)        [added 04/09/20] Waive the $3,500 student contribution in 2020-21 undergraduate financial aid packages. As summer opportunities are cancelled and rescinded, and families are hit by the economic crisis, undergraduate students should not be expected to personally contribute to their expenses. Furthermore, expand the VPCL Hardship Fund to assist students with support around summer expenses such as food, housing, and necessary travel.


6)        Ensure that all undergraduates and graduate workers who need housing can remain in their on-campus housing, [updated 04/02/2020] that graduate workers’ housing contracts have the option to be extended for one academic year, [updated 04/09/2020] and that undergraduates’ housing contracts and dining plans are extended through the summer. All graduate students in the Graduate College should be given immediate access to refrigerators and microwaves. The university has not met all requests from international students to stay on campus despite their having met the outlined criteria. To truly commit to the safety and well-being of all members of the community, Princeton must allow all undergraduate students in need to remain in their dorms during this time. Graduate workers with contracts ending in June face the impossible situation of looking for housing in April and May, at the peak of a pandemic, yet graduate housing has not expressed any willingness to extend contracts or offer current residents priority in the next housing cycle. Furthermore, the university must not evict undergrads after May 22, potentially in the middle of a pandemic and federal- and state-level social distancing orders, to find housing elsewhere.


7)        Ensure that all workers on campus have unlimited paid sick and personal leaves. In accordance with policies of safety recommended by the CDC and other organizations and especially as childcare centers start to close, Princeton workers need to be free to take all of the personal time they need. Additionally, the recovery time from coronavirus infection is very much unknown, and Princeton workers must be able to take the necessary time to recover completely.


8)        Ensure that all those continuing to work on campus receive hazard pay [updated 4/9/20] and are provided with the appropriate protective equipment, including but not limited to: gloves, facemasks, hand sanitizer. The list of essential workers should include but is not limited to graduate workers and staff and postdoctoral researchers doing research related to COVID-19.


9)        Guarantee that policies will be nondiscriminatory so that no individuals or groups in our community are unfairly targeted (e.g. racial profiling) and so that any policies do not perpetuate the harmful discrimination that often comes with public health emergencies.


10)        [partially addressed - grants available on a limited basis] Reimburse all costs incurred by students and workers who leave campus due to the coronavirus, whether the departure is mandatory or not, including but not limited to: transportation costs; storage costs; rent for those displaced from university housing; and food and living expenses for students who lose access to meal plans. Additionally, some workers (including international workers) may need to go home to look after their families; this travel must be compensated by the university.


11)        Ensure that any students on F-1 and J-1 visas are able to maintain their visa status even if courses shift online [addressed], and support students who must leave the country if visa statuses change. Lobby the federal government and the DHS if needed. Universities are waiting on DHS guidelines, but the university must also advocate for their students and workers.


12)         Ensure that all I-20s are renewed for another year so that International Students unable to return home are able to stay in the US legally.


13)         Immediately reimburse travel or conference expenses incurred by individuals for trips cancelled due to the university’s travel prohibitions and suggestions. No loss of access to funds for professional development and other university-related travel in the future. As an example, we understand that graduate workers are facing expenses paid for conferences that were then cancelled. These expenses must be reimbursed.


14)         Compensate AIs for extra work needed (including over spring break) to modify precepts for online formats.


15)         [addressed] Ensure that advisors are prohibited from (implicitly or otherwise) putting pressure on RAs or requiring that RAs and other students do any work that exposes them to potential health risks, on or off campus with which they express discomfort, and in the case of a department member exhibiting symptoms allow for the swift shutdown of department lab operations. Many “wet-lab” grads work in conditions that pose a potential health risk even without direct person-to-person contact (with shared instruments, equipment, and surfaces). Especially considering the state of NJ is not satisfactorily testing people, the option must remain to swiftly shutdown department research lab operations without fear of reprisal or implicit pressure from faculty.


16)         [addressed]  Ensure that AIs are adequately trained to use Zoom and Blackboard, and that this training is accessible to disabled workers and students.


17)         Compensate grad students for grant and fellowship funding that may be lost due to restrictions on travel or for any other reason related to COVID-19.


These are common-sense steps taken to both ensure the safety of our community and that community members do not face additional financial and legal pressures that would put them, and by extension the community, at medical risk. We ask Princeton to do its part in assisting those who make up this community and in doing so contribute to the successful management of this public health crisis and help keep our community safe and whole.



Princeton Graduate Students United.

        Submitted to Princeton University Administration on 03/19/20

        Submitted again to Princeton University Administration on 04/10/20

Individually signed by:

  1. Lei Tian, G3, Chemistry
  2. Hrishi Somayaji, G4, Chemistry
  3. Paresh Chandra, G4, Comparative Literature
  4. Marie Sanazaro, G4, Comparative Literature
  5. Felice Physioc, G5, History
  6. Saumyashree Ghosh, G5, History
  7. Sarah Reibstein, G5, Sociology
  8. Tristan Hughes, G1, Politics
  9. Vero Carchedi, G3, Spanish and Portuguese
  10. Mohan Swaminathan, G3, Mathematics
  11. Bianca Centrone, G1, History
  12. Elsa Voytas, G5, Politics
  13. Jordan Klein, G1, Population Studies
  14. William Silversmith, Staff, Neuroscience
  15. Sean Toland, G7, German
  16. Andreas Strasser, G5, German
  17. Linda McNulty Perez, G2, Classics
  18. Eugene Evans, G7, Plasma Physics
  19. Sebastian Klinger, G5, German
  20. Shuk Ying Chan, G5, Politics
  21. Yitz Landes, G4, Religion
  22. Robert Decker, PGRA, French and Italian
  23. Skyler Gordon, G2, History
  24. Katie Donnelly, G3, Sociology
  25. Riley Simmons-Edler, G5, Computer Science
  26. Hochan Kim, G2, Politics
  27. Edna Normand, G1, Molecular Biology
  28. Hannah Waight, G6, Sociology
  29. Elisa Purschke, G1, German
  30. Jiya Pandya, G2, History
  31. Liora O’Donnell Goldensher, G6, Sociology
  32. Brian Wright, G2, History
  33. Jade Ngo, G3, Politics
  34. Hugh Wilson, G5, QCB
  35. Jackson B. Smith, G3, French and Italian
  36. Tommy Benfey, G6, Near Eastern Studies
  37. Mary Grayson Brook, G4, German
  38. Elias Kleinbock, G5, Comparative Literature
  39. Aleksandar Kostić, G4, Anthropology
  40. Paul Eberwine, G1, Classics
  41. Ross Teixeira, G1, Computer Science
  42. Will Mullaney G3, Comparative Literature
  43. Anna Macknick, 2021, Linguistics
  44. KiKi Gilbert, 2021, African-American Studies
  45. Danny Pinto, 2020, German
  46. Sebastián Rojas Cabal, G1, Sociology
  47. Jessica Gaytan, 2021, Anthropology
  48. Kimia Shahi, G6, Art & Archaeology
  49. Alec Israeli, 2021, History
  50. Ilia Curto Pelle, 2022,Classics
  51. Ekaterina Ivshina, 2023
  52. Cecilia Hsu, 2020, Spanish and Portuguese
  53. Rebecca Ngu, 2020, English
  54. Natalie Stein, 2021, Music
  55. David Schroeren, G6, Philosophy
  56. An Lanh Le, 2020, History
  57. Reginald Quartey, 2021, East Asian Studies
  58. Tessa Flanagan, 2021, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  59. Mari Jarris, G4, Comparative Literature
  60. Molly Cutler, 2023, Linguistics
  61. Jaclyn Hovsmith, 2020, German
  62. Mary Alice Jouve, 2023
  63. Heavyn Jennings, 2020, Psychology
  64. Justin Wittekind, 2022
  65. Alexandra Levinger, 2020, Anthropology
  66. Christine Hu, 2022
  67. Linda Song, 2020, Anthropology
  68. Charlotte Root, 2022, Art & Archaeology
  69. Zev Mishell, 2020, History
  70. Tom Davies, G6, Classics
  71. Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar, G6, Sociology
  72. Wamaitha Kiambuthi, G2, Sociology
  73. Johan Andreas Trovik, G5, Politics
  74. Jason Windawi, G7, Sociology
  75. Alejandro Schugurensky, G1, Sociology
  76. Lauren Clingan, G2, Sociology
  77. Ryan Parsons, G5, Sociology
  78. Liv Mann, G2, Sociology
  79. Chris Felton, G4, Sociology
  80. Konstantinos Varvarezos, G3, Mathematics
  81. Lev Nikulin, PGRA, Slavic
  82. Vikram Giri, G2, Mathematics
  83. Sayantan Dutta, G3, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  84. Vikash Sehwag, G3, Electrical Engineering
  85. Linfeng Zhang, G4, Applied Mathematics
  86. Jack Klempay, G1, History of Science
  87. Julia Grummitt, G6, History
  88. Julia Stone, G5, History
  89. Lucas McMahon, G5, History
  90. Chaya Holch, 2022, History
  91. Jan van Doren, G7, History
  92. Mateusz Falkowski, G4, History
  93. Aram Ghoogasian, G1, NES
  94. Halee Robinson, G1, History
  95. Zheng Guan, G3, History
  96. Blake Grindon, G3, History
  97. Neel Thakkar, G2, History
  98. Yaul Perez-Stable Husni, G3, Comparative Literature
  99. William Ballinger, G2, Mathematics
  100. Colleen Campbell, G5, Sociology
  101. Gracie Himmelstein, G4, OPR
  102. Whitney Mueller, G4, French and Italian
  103. Raul Alonso Rodriguez, G2, Mathematics
  104. Gozde Guran, G6, Sociology
  105. Nina Zubrilina, G1, Mathematics
  106. Ismael Medkouri, G2, History
  107. Leah Reisman, G6, Sociology
  108. Stephanie Fan G5 Comparative Literature
  109. Killian Clarke, G6, Politics
  110. Manik Dhar, G2, Computer Science
  111. Janet Xu, G5, Sociology
  112. Dongxian Jiang, G6, Politics
  113. Max Ridge, G1, Politics
  114. Alan Yan, G1, Politics
  115. Utku Cansu, G1, Politics
  116. Théophile Deslauriers, G3, Politics
  117. Anna Bailey, G2, Near Eastern Studies
  118. Pierre Azou, G1, French and Italian
  119. Jing Qian, G3, Politics
  120. Stephanie Chan, G3, Politics
  121. Dan Fess, G4, Mathematics
  122. Jinyuan Qi G3, OPR
  123. Jasmine Pineda, MPA1, WWS
  124. Fumiya Uchikoshi, G1, Sociology
  125. Leander Thiele, G1, Physics
  126. Sonia Sobrino Ralston, G2, Architecture
  127. Juan Pablo Ponce de Leon, G2, Architecture
  128. María Belén Unzueta, G5, Sociology
  129. Zoey Wang, G1, Population Studies
  130. Stephanie Luescher, G1, Near Eastern Studies
  131. Alejandro Martínez, G3, Spanish and Portuguese
  132. Plinio Birskis Barros, G1, French and Italian
  133. Tim Alberdingk Thijm, G2, Computer Science
  134. Pooja Ramamurthi, G2, Woodrow Wilson School
  135. Pinchen Xie, G2, PACM
  136. Isabel Lockhart, G5, English
  137. Mayank Sarika, G5, Public Policy
  138. John M. Chambers, G6, Politics
  139. Larry Liu, G4, Sociology
  140. Rebecca Elyanow, G5, Computer Science
  141. Pranay Manocha, G2, Computer Science
  142. Javed Aman, G2, Computer Science
  143. Carrie Seigler, G1, Sociology
  144. Gyujin Oh, G3, Mathematics
  145. Anunay Kulshrestha, G1, Computer Science
  146. Timothy “Charlie” Murphy, G4, Computer Science
  147. Runzhe Yang, G2, Computer Science
  148. Elie Amkraut, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  149. Katrina McLaughlin, MPA2, Woodrow Wilson School
  150. Maya Hardimon, MPA2, Woodrow Wilson School
  151. Mark Lee, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  152. Olivia Hadley, 2021, History
  153. Sujata Rajpurohit, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  154. James H. Miller, G2, Art & Archaeology
  155. Elise Y. Chagas, G2, Art & Archaeology
  156. Amelia C. Ames, G2, Art & Archaeology
  157. Akash Gaonkar, G1, Computer Science
  158. Maria Alejandra Moscoso, MPA 1, Woodrow Wilson School
  159. Ruairidh Battleday, G2 COS
  160. Satadal Sengupta, G1, Computer Science
  161. Anastasiya Kravchuk-Kirilyuk, G2, Computer Science
  162. Manna Selassie, MPA 2, Woodrow Wilson School
  163. Molly Brune, MPA 1, Woodrow Wilson School
  164. Luciana Debenedetti, MPA2, Woodrow Wilson School
  165. Rebecca Gorin, MPA2, Woodrow Wilson School
  166. Constanza Dalla Porta, G2, History
  167. Emily Cantrell, G1, Sociology
  168. Matt Myers, G3, Computer Science
  169. Geoffrey Roeder, G2, Computer Science
  170. Isabelle Chen, G1, French and Italian
  171. Deniz Oktay, G1, Computer Science
  172. Ryan Bell, G3, Politics
  173. Candela Potente, G5, Comparative Literature
  174. Victor Wang, G3, Mathematics
  175. Benjamin Hofmann, G7, Politics
  176. Kunal Mittal, G1, Computer Science
  177. Marcelo Orenes, G1, Computer Science
  178. Elizaveta Mankovskaia, Slavic
  179. Ze Han, G1, Politics
  180. Yuan Wang, G2, Computer Science
  181. Joe Bucciero, G2, Art & Archaeology
  182. Grace Yan, G1, French and Italian
  183. Nathaniel Tek, MPP, Woodrow Wilson School
  184. Diba Shokri, G5, German Studies
  185. Ulrike Bialas, G5, Sociology
  186. Katharina Isabel Schmidt, G5, History
  187. Duygu Coşkuntuna, G4, Near Eastern Studies
  188. Ben Xinzi Zhang, G3, Chemistry
  189. Richard Calis, G6, History
  190. Andrew Jones, G1, Computer Science
  191. Madeleine Haddon, G6, Art & Archaeology
  192. Austin Hancock, G5, French and Italian
  193. Carmen Rosenberg-Miller, G5, Art & Archaeology
  194. Angela Brown, G1, Art & Archaeology
  195. Sara Green, G3, Art & Archaeology
  196. Caitlin Ryan, G6, Art & Archaeology
  197. Brandon Green, G7, Art & Archaeology
  198. Mareike Peschl, G2, German
  199. Xinyi Wei, G1, Near Eastern Studies
  200. Joshua Bauchner, G7, HOS
  201. Xiao Sun, G1, History
  202. Claire Sabitt, G2, Art & Archaeology
  203. Sadie Henderson, 2020, History
  204. Chloé Vettier, G6, French & Italian
  205. Samuel A. Barnett, G1, Computer Science
  206. Fan Yi, G1, Computer Science
  207. Liane Hewitt, G3, History
  208. Diego Baena, PGRA, Spanish and Portuguese
  209. Margaret Curry Kurkoski, G5, Art & Archaeology
  210. Andy Alfonso, Spanish and Portuguese
  211. Jonathan Andres Romero, G1, Spanish and Portuguese
  212. Emily Smith-Sangster, G2, Art and Archaeology
  213. Ewan Wallace, G1, Art and Archaeology
  214. Austin Hounsel, G3, Computer Science
  215. Ameet Deshpande, G1, Computer Science
  216. Irina Markina, G6, French and Italian
  217. Molly K. Eckel, G2, Art & Archaeology
  218. Elias Pitegoff, G2, German
  219. Julia Kornberg, G1, Spanish and Portuguese
  220. Paul Kleiman, G1, Slavic
  221. Natalie Popescu, G1, Computer Science
  222. Abigail Schoenfeld, G1, Near Eastern Studies
  223. Mauricio Acuna, G7, Spanish and Portuguese
  224. Kathrin Witter, G2, German
  225. Theano Stavrinos, G3, Computer Science
  226. Arjun Nitin Bhagoji, G5, Electrical Engineering
  227. Amna Qayyum, G6, History
  228. Niharika Yadav, G5, History
  229. Nikianna Dinenis, G3, History
  230. Ferdose Idris, G4, Sociology
  231. Ananya Agustin Malhotra, 2020, Woodrow Wilson School
  232. Aditi Dhital, 2020, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  233. Kamya Yadav, 2021, Politics
  234. Mason Cox, 2020, German
  235. Meher Ali, G1, History
  236. Lars Boomsma, G1, Comparative Literature
  237. Caitlin Karyadi, G5, Art & Archaeology
  238. Jessica Sampson, Postdoc, Chemistry
  239. Bryce Nicholls, G2, Chemistry
  240. Jackson Deobald, G2, Chemistry
  241. Peter Viereck, G3, Chemistry
  242. Oriele Benavides, G1, Spanish and Portuguese
  243. Josh Turek-Herman, G2, Chemistry
  244. Reece Edmends, G1, Classics
  245. Kewei Zhao, G2, Chemistry
  246. Yuan Cao, G2, Chemistry
  247. Casey McCreary, G3, German
  248. Shiji Lyu, G2, Math
  249. Disha Karnad Jani, G4, History
  250. Sri Harshita Rallabhandi, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  251. Xiaoyu Song, G3, Chemistry
  252. Andrew Bendelsmith, Postdoc, Chemistry
  253. Alonso Burgos Vázquez Mellado, G1, Comparative Literature
  254. Ashira Shirali’22, English
  255. Adhitya Dhanapal, G2, History
  256. Yuzhou Bai, G5, East Asian Studies
  257. Daniel Alvarez-Gavela, Instructor, Mathematics
  258. Caitlin Tully, G3, History
  259. Manya Kapoor’22, Electrical Engineering
  260. Matthew Weaver, G4, Computer Science
  261. Nomi Schneck, G3, Art & Archaeology
  262. Richard J Spiegel, G6, History of Science
  263. Perrin Lathrop, G7, Art & Archaeology
  264. David Ribar, G4, Politics
  265. Vivek Nemana, G4, Sociology
  266. Philip Provencher, G4, Chemistry
  267. Jannia Gómez-González, G3, Spanish and Portuguese
  268. Francois Laforge, Research Associate, Chemistry
  269. Hannah Stamler, G3, History
  270. Baharak Beizaei, G3, German
  271. Elizabeth Yoo, G2, Operations Research and Financial Engineering
  272. Liya Xie, G1, History
  273. Benjamin Murphy, G6, Art and Archaeology
  274. Hasan Hameed, G1, History
  275. J. Colin Bradley, G4, Philosophy
  276. Shaffin Siddiqui, 2022
  277. Liam Egan, G1, Comparative Literature
  278. Rasheeda Saka, 2020, English
  279. Alexander Riordan, G5, Neuroscience
  280. David Gyllenhaal, G5, History
  281. Lucy Partman, G5, Art & Archeology
  282. Mostafa Heddaya, G4, Art & Archeology
  283. Wenjin Liu, G4, Philosophy
  284. David Walsh, G6, History
  285. Gina Choi, G5, Art and Archaeology
  286. Mai Yamaguchi, G7, Art and Archaeology
  287. Bill Hamlett, G1, French & Italian
  288. Sasha Whittaker, G2, Art & Archaeology
  289. Shivaani Gandhi, G1, Chemistry
  290. Fatima Khan, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  291. Murat Bozluolcay, G4, Near Eastern Studies
  292. Erin Piñon, G3, Art & Archaeology
  293. Jaydeep Singh, G1, Mathematics
  294. Alireza Fatollahi, G6, Philosophy
  295. Megan Eardley, G6, Architecture
  296. Sarah-Jane Koulen, G6, Anthropology
  297. Shivani Shedde, G2, Architecture
  298. Tyler Boyd-Meredith, G5, Neuroscience
  299. Nick Shin, G3, Chemistry
  300. Nicolas Ng, 2020, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  301. Angelina Wang, G1, Computer Science
  302. Brian Choi, G1, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  303. Li Cao, G2, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  304. Peter Deaville, G2, Electrical Engineering
  305. Alina Thokkadam, G1, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  306. Stephanie Kwan, G2, Physics
  307. Andrew Schlager, G1, English
  308. Aaron Su, G1, Anthropology
  309. Beatriz Barros, G3, Politics
  310. Austen Hinkley, G4, Comparative Literature
  311. Katherine Dennis, G4, Classics
  312. Carlos G. Correa, G2, Neuroscience
  313. Prakriti Paul G3 QCB
  314. Keegan J. Valbuena, G5, Classics
  315. Elliot Wilson, G3, Classics
  316. Malina Buturovic, G3, Classics
  317. Frances Bernstein, G4, Classics
  318. Kaiqian Zhang, G1, QCB
  319. Bridget Brasher, G2, Philosophy
  320. Sarah Kislingbury, G4, French & Italian
  321. Judy Du, G4, Quantitative and Computational Biology

-------------submitted to Princeton University administration 03/19/20------------------

  1. Thomas Wilson, G5, Classics
  2. Gregory Cartelli, G3, Architecture
  3. Michael McGovern, G4, History of Science
  4. Tara Suri, G4, History
  5. Sero Toriano Parel, G2, Neuroscience
  6. Kyle Landrum, G5, Philosophy
  7. Lauren Konken, G4, Politics
  8. Vajdon Sohaili, G4, Architecture
  9. Jorge Yanar, G1, Neuroscience
  10. Ingrid Lao, G3, Architecture
  11. Jonah Coe-Scharff, M.Arch. ‘21
  12. Christopher M Myefski, M.Arch. ‘21
  13. Aliya Ram, G1, Comparative Literature
  14. Jane Ilyasova, G1, Architecture
  15. Patrick Signoret, G6, Politics
  16. Mochi Liu, G6, QCB
  17. Sarah Hamerman, Project Cataloger for Rare Books, Library
  18. Austin Madrigale, G1, Architecture
  19. Jakob Schillinger, G6, Art & Archaeology
  20. Víctor Rivas, G2, M.Arch
  21. Nikhil Menezes, G1, Politics
  22. Huixin (Winnie) Xu, G1, Quantitative and Computational Biology
  23. Caitlin Harvey, G5, History
  24. Tyler Archer, G3, Classics
  25. Elena M’Bouroukounda, G2, Architecture
  26. Eleanor Gordon-Smith, G3, Philosophy
  27. Christina Karas, 2019, Molecular Biology
  28. Maeliosa Barstow, G2, Architecture
  29. Helen Fialkowski, G1, Architecture
  30. Alexander Kindel, G4, Sociology
  31. Nardeen Khella, 2021, Molecular Biology
  32. Xuelan Wu, G3, Chemistry
  33. Caresse Jackson, G2, Comparative Literature
  34. Talia Anisfeld, 2020, Anthropology
  35. Larissa Guimaraes, G2, Architecture
  36. Norah Woodcock, G1, Philosophy
  37. Sujata Rajpurohit, MPA 1, Woodrow Wilson School
  38. Sofia Alessandra Ramírez, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  39. Riley Edwards, MPA1, WWS
  40. Jatin Batra, MPA 1, Woodrow Wilson School
  41. Nathan Babb, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  42. Meghana Mungikar, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  43. Talia Gerstle, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  44. Harshita Rallabhandi, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  45. John Anderson, G4, Math
  46. Mark Lee, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  47. Maria Cecilia Romano, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  48. Clarke Wheeler, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  49. Jake Gutman, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  50. Allyson Adrian, 2021, Chemistry
  51. Mayowa Oke, 2022, Neuroscience
  52. Dylan Snyder, 2022, Computer Science
  53. Max Cohen, G3, Anthropology
  54. Jamie Pelling, G4, Near Eastern Studies
  55. Jennifer Soong, G5, English
  56. Wei Gan, Anthropology
  57. Joseph Glynias, G5, History
  58. Kathy Mikos
  59. Ciro Cabal, G4, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  60. Jeremy Schneider, G3, History of Science
  61. Dylan Gottlieb, G7, History
  62. Diksha Gupta, G5, Neuroscience
  63. Jeremy Cohen, G5, Sociology
  64. Daniel Weiner, concerned community member
  65. Gabriella Aurora Ferrari
  66. Pallavi Podapati, G4, History
  67. Cecilia Palombo, Ph.D ‘20, Near Eastern Studies
  68. Micah Fletcher, G4, QCB
  69. Javier Rivero Ramos, G4, Art & Archaeology
  70. Alexandra Middleton, G5, Anthropology
  71. Sirus Han, G3, Geosciences
  72. Thalia Gigerenzer, G4, Anthropology
  73. Anastasia Bizyaeva, G3, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  74. Lauren Konken, G4, Politics
  75. Roohi Dalal, G1, Astrophysics
  76. Hayk Hakobyan, G4, Astrophysics
  77. Shanka Subhra Mondal, G1, Electrical Engineering
  78. Will Sii Hong Lau, G3, Chemistry
  79. Rory Conlin, G2, MAE
  80. Anna Zhukovskaya, G4, Neuroscience
  81. Kira Mitchel, G1, Molecular Biology
  82. Sarah M Norvell, G2, Classics
  83. Lindsay Ofrias, G6, Anthropology
  84. Charles Swank, G5, Slavic
  85. Ariana Natalie Myers, G6, History
  86. Johanna Rozakis-Siu, G2, History
  87. Fin Le Maitre, G2, English
  88. Ian Walling, G6, Politics
  89. Anat Benzvi, G7, German
  90. Peter Kitlas, G6, Near Eastern Studies
  91. Gong Chen, G1, Near Eastern Studies
  92. Nadirah Farah Foley, ‘11
  93. Swagato Chakravorty, PhD History of Art and Film and Media Studies, Yale University
  94. Joel Suarez, 2020, History
  95. Evan Cheng, 2024 Admit
  96. Edith Chen, G6, Near Eastern Studies
  97. Samin Rashidbeigi, G4, Near Eastern Studies
  98. Bilal Khadim, G1, Near Eastern Studies

-------------updated on 04/02/2020------------------

  1. Simon Conrad, G3, Near Eastern Studies
  2. Julian Weideman, G5, History
  3. Kyle Clark, G5, Near Eastern Studies
  4. Ranu Roychoudhuri, Fellow, Institute of Sacred Music & Lecturer, History of Art at Yale  University (2015 Alumnus, SALC, University of Chicago)
  5. Charlie Hankin, G5, Spanish and Portuguese
  6. Samuel Newman-Stonebraker, G3, Chemistry
  7. Maura Matvey, Staff, Chemistry
  8. Navjit Kaur, G2, Anthropology
  9. Rebecca Liu, G2, English
  10. Stephen Ting, G3, Chemistry
  11. Rui Wang, G4, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  12. David Salkowski, G5, Musicology
  13. Malavika Rajeev, G5, EEB
  14. Gillian Kopp, G2, Physics
  15. Hichem Bouchamaoui, G1, Physics
  16. William Stewart, G5, German
  17. Paulina Pineda, G3, Comparative Literature
  18. Erini Lambrides, Ph.D candidate in Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University
  19. Carrie Bly, G1, Architecture
  20. Irina Simova, G7, Comparative Literature
  21. Daniela R. Urbina Julio, G5, Sociology
  22. Daniela Barba Sanchez, G7, Politics
  23. Grega Ulen, G3, Comparative Literature
  24. John Chambers, G3, Politics
  25. Fey Popoola, 2020, Independent-Linguistics
  26. Christopher Lugo, 2022, Woodrow Wilson School
  27. Jana Sebaali, 2021, Electrical Engineering
  28. Jocelyn Galindo, 2021, Undergraduate
  29. Rachel Richman, G2, NES (signed 4/4/20)
  30. Emily Apple, MPA2, Woodrow Wilson School
  31. Anna Toledano, G5, History at Stanford, Princeton ‘11
  32. Gokul G. R. MPA2
  33. Carlton Haelig, G2, Security Studies
  34. Emma Thompson, G3, Religion
  35. Eden Consenstein, G5, Religion
  36. Daniel Pontón, MPA 2021, Woodrow Wilson School
  37. Hassan Sayed, G1, Economics
  38. Edvard Bruun, 2024, CEE
  39. Ashwin Warrior, 2020, Woodrow Wilson School, MPA
  40. Yoel Sanchez Araujo, G1, Neuroscience
  41. Sonya Chen, G2, Politics
  42. Alexander Jin, G1, History
  43. Katy Montoya, G2, Near Eastern Studies
  44. Ashton Fancy, G1, Art & Archaeology
  45. Fangyuan Huang, G1, East Asian Studies
  46. Junnan Chen, G3, East Asian Studies
  47. Elis Mendoza Mejia, G6, Architecture
  48. Tairan An, G2, Architecture
  49. Yang Li, G3, History of Science
  50. Mi Tian, G2, Art & Archaeology
  51. Yutong Li, G3 Art & Archaeology
  52. Jeremy Chang, G2, Neuroscience
  53. Earnestine Qiu, G1, Art & Archaeology
  54. Yixu Chen, G1, Art & Archaeology
  55. Yalin Du, G2, East Asian Studies
  56. Yixin Gu, G5, East Asian Studies
  57. Ruo Jia, G4, Architecture
  58. Zhuming Yao, G4, East Asian Studies
  59. Sinae Kim, G3, Religion
  60. Mengge Cao, G3, Art & Archaeology
  61. Guillermo Sanchez Arsuaga, G1, Architecture
  62. Lili Xia, G4, East Asian Studies
  63. Yunxiao Xiao, G3, East Asian Studies
  64. Wenbin Xu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  65. Ziyao Ma, G6, EAS
  66. Alex Beatson, G5, Computer Science
  67. Michael Zhang, G4, Art & Archaeology
  68. Jonathan Raspe, G3, History
  69. Diana Cristobal, G5, Architecture
  70. Gonzalo Lopez, concerned community member
  71. Maya Aronoff, WWS (SINSI)  
  72. Ajjana Thairungroj, G3, East Asian Studies
  73. Manav Kapur, G4, History
  74. Luuk de Boer, G5, Classics
  75. Song Yeol Han, 2018, History at Dickinson College
  76. Rafael Pastrana, G1, Architecture
  77. Clemens Finkelstein, G3, Architecture
  78. Matt Mleczko, G2, OPR
  79. Ron Sadan, G5, German
  80. Yuchen Li, G2, Chemistry
  81. Selden Koolman, Staff, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
  82. Ryan Hughes, 2020, Architecture
  83. Kyle Willie, Staff, Neuroscience
  84. Anna Renken, 2020, Architecture
  85. Naomi Steinhagen, M.Arch ‘21
  86. Catie Crandell, G6, English
  87. Juan Diego Pérez, G4, Spanish and Portuguese
  88. Angelique Firmalino, 2020, Architecture
  89. Anna Kerr
  90. Ryan Willie, Staff, Neuroscience
  91. Goni Halevi, G3, Astrophysical Sciences
  92. Ryan Warsing, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  93. Victoria Bugge Øye, PhD Candidate, School of Architecture
  94. Fionnuala Seiferth, MPA2, WWS
  95. Emily Tenenbom, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  96. Iona Main, MPA1, Woodrow Wilson School
  97. Ben Zucker; Doctoral Candidate, Northwestern University Bienen School Of Music
  98. Jeffrey Simon (MPA 2022)
  99. Jennifer Johnson, 2020, WWS MPA
  100. Leila Ullmann, 2021, African American Studies
  101. Masha Miura, 2021, African American Studies
  102. Soyeong Park, UG ‘20, East Asian Studies
  103. Somi Jun, 2020, Comparative Literature
  104. Merlin Moore, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
  105. Amy Williams Navarro, MPA ‘20, WWS
  106. Zartosht Ahlers, CO 2019, Politics
  107. Gabbie Johnson, undergrad class of 2018
  108. Lynn Lee, G1, WWS
  109. Rachel Stone, 2017
  110. Elena Watts, G1, Geosciences
  111. Zoya Shoaib, 2020, COS
  112. Gabrielle Sudilovsky, 2022, Chemistry
  113. Bhavani Srinivas, 2021, Art and Archaeology
  114. Nathan Poland, Undergraduate 2020, African-American Studies
  115. Jessica Lambert, 2022, Anthropology
  116. Aisha Tahir, 2021, AAS
  117. Brigitte Lamarche, 2018, Computer Science

-------------updated on 04/09/2020------------------

  1. Luojun Yang, G3, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  2. Ryan Goodman, G5, Spanish and Portuguese
  3. Ryan Zaluzec, G6, English
  4. Zulaikha Ayub, G4, Architecture
  5. Tess Jacobson, UG 2019, Physics
  6. Dr. Geneen Marie Haugen, interested party
  7. Sonali Ravi, G6, French
  8. Camila Reyes Ale, G3, Architecture
  9. Sophie Chopin, G5, French and Italian
  10. Eric Altman, Sociology, OIT Salaried
  11. Gizem Sivri, G2, Architecture
  12. Catherine Song, 2020, Chemistry
  13. Wendy Williams, G1, Chemistry
  14. Jonathan D Scharfman
  15. Johanna Suzanna Herman
  16. Alexander Meehan, G5, Philosophy
  17. Jacob Plagmann, G6, Comparative Literature
  18. Malini Nambiar, G1, Woodrow Wilson School
  19. Peter Schmidt, 2020, Spanish
  20. Hasan Hameed, G1, History
  21. Natalia Plagmann, G7, Slavic
  22. Liam Collins ‘19
  23. Ingrid Brioso Rieumont, G5, Spanish and Portuguese
  24. Jarome Ali, G3, EEB
  25. Cindy Ning-Li, G1, Finance
  26. Shreya Subramani, G7, Anthropology
  27. Alexandra D. Sastrawati, G1, Anthropology
  28. Margaret Wright, 2017, English
  29. Lucas E. Allegreti Prates, G1, Anthropology
  30. Nourhan Ibrahim, 2020, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  31. Isabel Barbera, concerned community member
  32. Elizabeth Durham, G5, Anthropology
  33. Ian Davis, 2020, English
  34. Ruha Benjamin, African American Studies
  35. Matthew Karp, Associated Professor of History
  36. Dannelle Gutarra Cordero, AAS & GSS
  37. Luke Johnson, G2, Anthropology
  38. Tobias Kirchwey, concerned friend of PGSU members
  39. Jay Gager, staff, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
  40. Michelle Lee, 2021 American Studies, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  41. Ben Lovett, 2022, Molecular Biology
  42. Kaitlin Faherty, MArch II/2021, Architecture
  43. Fedor Karmanov, G2, English
  44. Brandy Briones, G6, Psychology and Neuroscience
  45. Benjamin Bernard
  46. Shane Tafares, G3, Architecture
  47. Daniela Gandorfer, Postdoc, Comparative Literature
  48. Kirsten, concerned parent
  49. Sucharita Ray ‘10, G5, History
  50. Megan Donnelly, concerned community member
  51. Silvia Gianolio, G1, Art & Archaeology
  52. Alexandra LeViness, G2, Astrophysics
  53. Chan Yong Bu, G4, East Asian Studies
  54. Kenji Cataldo, 2020, History
  55. Aparna Raghu, 2018, Molecular Biology
  56. Miranda Bolef, ‘19, Politics
  57. Squirrel Walsh, Digital Imaging Technician, Princeton University Library
  58. Luke Naessens, G3, Art & Archaeology
  59. Akhilesh Halageri, concerned community member
  60. Manuel Castro, Princeton Neuroscience Institute staff
  61. Alyssa Wilson, Postdoctoral Fellow, PNI
  62. Maxwell Fritz ‘10
  63. Oluwaseun Ogedengbe, Staff, Neuroscience
  64. Oliver Browne
  65. Justin Willson, G5, Art & Archaeology
  66. Bora Yoon, G6, Music Composition and Interdisciplinary Humanities