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“I will definitely recommend the CSSD programme to others, because I have learnt a lot while doing the programme. I have met great people, I have also learnt how to better myself as a person.”        IL


“What I really like about the CSSD programme is that they are not pressurising you to go to university. There are options of how to get your dream job, whether it is work experience or getting an internship. So I am actually happy about that because everyone kept saying that if you don’t have a degree, you can’t get anywhere in life, I don’t really like university. I did a year and it wasn’t my thing”         CH


“The thing I love most about the CSSD programme is the fact that the staff are so involved in our futures, and they love trying to make us feel involved in all the activities.”   AM


“Some of the challenges I’ve faced with CVs are having to tailor it for a specific role. Or having to articulate my own set of skills, past experience or education and qualifications in a way that is relevant to the job I‘m applying for”   KI

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Please note that where CSSD sessions will be held has not yet been fixed. They will not be held at the DTT’s registered office.

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