Doug Ingalls Scholarship Auditions


Students must be Seniors at the time of application and their sponsoring schools must be members of the METG.

Application Process and Fee: 

Students must complete and submit an METG HS Contest Application Form. There is a $15.00 non-refundable fee per application for member schools. $20 for nonmember schools

Application Deadlines:

The “Scholarship Application Form,” signed by both the applicant and the sponsoring teacher, must be submitted online by the November 1 deadline. Once the online application is filled out, the check should be mailed to the address below.


P.O. Box 2538

Mashpee, MA 02649

(774) 521-3022

Scholarship Competition Dates and Locations:

The Doug Ingalls Acting Scholarship competition will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA. In the event of a snow emergency, the competition will be held on Sunday, December 2.

Scholarship Audition Specifications

Two contrasting solo pieces of two minutes each should be prepared. There should be maximum contrast between the pieces selected. Such contrast might be achieved by selecting one piece that is a comedy and one that is serious; or one piece that is classical (i.e. published before 1910) and one piece that is contemporary (i.e. published after 1910); or one piece that is in verse and one that is in prose; or any other contrast that demonstrates the actor's versatility.

The audition should be introduced in the following manner:

"My identification number is (give number); my first piece is from (title of play) by (author); I play the part of (character) my second piece is from (title of play) by (author); I play the part of (character).

Identification numbers will be assigned at the site. No other comment or commentary is necessary.

Your total allowed time is four minutes. If you exceed the two-minute limit on the first piece, time will NOT be called. However, the watch will be stopped if you take a brief pause between pieces and restart when you begin the second piece. When the four-minute limit is reached, time will be called. You must leave the stage and return to your seat. Please time yourself when you rehearse so that you don't spend too long on your first piece and cut your second selection short.

No live or recorded accompaniment or sound effects are allowed.

Before each audition, the applicant will be allowed to set the stage; one straight-backed chair and one small table will be provided. No additional set pieces will be permitted. Costumes and props are NOT permitted.

Applicants should wear simple clothing that allows for ease of movement. No special lighting will be available.

Judging criteria - (rubric linked on website)

Auditions will be judged on the basis of the actor's ability to demonstrate concentration, control of material, flexibility and versatility of voice, movement and expression. Vocal and physical phrasing, as well as vocal and physical articulation, must also be demonstrated.

Actors should give evidence of knowing the meaning and place of their audition pieces in the context of the plays from which they were taken. Actors should demonstrate that they grasp the importance of the event being dramatized and that they can deliver it to their audience. The performance should be believable and make the audience care about what is taking place.

Actors should be prepared to answer any questions about their pieces should the judges request any information.

If you have any questions about the auditions, contact the METG Administrative Assistant by email