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Scopes of Authority

        This handbook is a guide for the students, parents, faculty, and stakeholders of Hickman County High School. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive fact book for your experience at H.C.H.S. Many programs will have additional requirements. This handbook is based upon the guidance provided by the Policy Manual of the Hickman County Board of Education which is available online at www.hickmank12.org. If this handbook varies from Board Policy in any way, Board Policy takes precedence.

Mission Statement

        The Mission of HCHS is to inspire students to become life-long learners and productive citizens

Class Schedule

        7:30-7:55          Arrival, Breakfast

8:00-9:05          1st Period

9:10-10:15          2nd Period

10:20-11:00          3rd Period

        11:05-12:40          4th Period

       1st lunch   11:05-11:35

               2nd lunch  11:37-12:07

               3rd lunch   12:09-12:40

12:45-1:50          6th Period

1:55-3:00          7th Period



General information




28 credits must be earned.


To meet the requirements for graduation, a student shall have attained an

approved academic, attendance, and conduct record which covers a planned

program of instruction. This record shall be kept on file. Students shall refer to the

HCHS Curriculum Guide for specific course requirements, instructions for

six-year plans, and course descriptions.

All students must also meet the requirements of the Tennessee Diploma Project

to receive a Tennessee high school diploma.

Only those students who have completed all requirements for a diploma may

participate in graduation ceremonies. Students who are up to two credits short

may participate if they pay for summer school before graduation.

Students who choose early graduation are not eligible to participate in graduation


Dual Enrollment Agreements

        Students at HCHS have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high

         school. Students should discuss their options with a guidance counselor for

details about this opportunity.

        Course Credit

                To earn course credit, a student must

                        1. Fulfill the course requirements as established by the teacher. A minimum

grade of 70 is required.

                        2. Excessive absences may affect course credit. If absences are a factor in

determining course credit, the student must appear before the school

attendance committee for review.

        Grading Scale

                A= 93-100, B= 85-92, C= 75-84, D= 70-74, F= Below 70


                At HCHS, we believe that excellence in academic achievement should be recognized. At

each grading period, students who excel in academics will be honored in the following


        Highest Honors                All grades are 93 or above

        Distinctive Honors        All grades are 90 or above

        Honor Roll                All grades are 85 or above

Students must also display good citizenship  and attendance by not earning any

disciplinary action during the grading period to be eligible for academic honors. This

includes Detention, ISS, or Alternative School Placement.

Honors Diploma

        Students who achieve college readiness benchmarks on the ACT in accordance with the

Tennessee Diploma Project will receive an Honors Diploma.

Honor Diplomas are awarded to students achieving the following scores on the ACT:

        English- 18, Math- 22, Reading- 22, and Science- 23

Honor Roll Trips

        To encourage good academic achievement throughout the year, HCHS is committed to

offering reward opportunities to worthy students. At the end of the Q1, Q2, and Q3 grading periods, students listed on the Honor Roll  or a higher academic list will have the opportunity to attend a reward trip or other activity.

Students must demonstrate good citizenship and attendance to be eligible for the rewards.

Students will be ineligible for a reward trip if they have any disciplinary action or

unexcused absences/late arrivals/early dismissals during that grading period.

Weighted Grades

                Students who score 85 or above in the following classes will have three points added to

their final grade for each quarter.

Honors English (Grades 9-12), Honors Biology I, Honors Physical Science,

Honors Chemistry, Chemistry II, Honors Physics, Anatomy, Biology II,

Trigonometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors Geometry, Dual Enrollment College

Courses, Honors American History, Honors Algebra I, Precalculus, Calculus,

Statistics, Scientific Research

Tennessee Diploma Project

                All Tennessee high school students must meet the requirements of the Tennessee

Diploma Project (TDP) to receive a high school diploma.

4        Credits in English

4        Credits in Math

3        Credits in Science

3        Credits in Social Studies

1.5         Credits in P.E. and Wellness

.5        Credit in Personal Finance

1        Credit in Fine Arts

2        Credits in Foreign Language

3         Credits in an Elective Focus

End of Course Exams in: English 1,2, & 3, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, US History,

        Biology 1, and Chemistry. EOC exams count for 25% of a student’s

        Q2 or Q4 grade.



        Schools teaching grades nine through twelve shall use the uniform grading system

established by the State Board of Education. Using the uniform grading system, students’

grades shall be reported for the purposes of application for post secondary financial

assistance administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.


Each school counselor shall provide incoming freshman with information on college core

courses required for lottery scholarships as well as necessary criteria (grade point average,

ACT, and SAT score, etc.) that must be met in order to receive a scholarship.

Seniors may apply for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship by completing the Free

Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available at the guidance

office or on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The priority date for FAFSA completion is May 1.


Elementary school counselors should explain the HOPE Scholarship and its requirements

to their students and impress upon them the benefits of making good grades.



Each school year, prior to scheduling courses for the following school year, schools

teaching students 13 in grades 8-11 shall conduct a lottery scholarship day for students

and their parents.7

State Mandated Exams/Tests:        


End of course exams will count twenty-five (25%) of the second semester grade.

Student Absent for State Mandated Exams:


                If a student taking high school assessed subjects is absent, the student will receive a

zero or incomplete. If the student is allowed to make up the exam, he or she will do so

during the next scheduled administration. A locally-created exam cannot be administered

in lieu of a state exam.


        Attendance is a key factor in student achievement and academic success. Therefore students

and parents/guardians are expected to assume the responsibility of attending each day that

school is in session. The school day begins at 8:00 am and concludes at 2:55 pm unless otherwise noted on the school calendar.

High school attendance is counted differently from the lower grades. Students are counted

absent in each class they miss. Simply staying at school until 11:00 am does not result in being

present for the entire day. Should a student miss more than the allowable number of class

periods in one course, they may become ineligible to receive credit in that course. Any student

who misses more than ½ of a class period will be counted absent for that period. This type of

absence could also affect perfect attendance.



                If a student is absent from class, a parent or guardian must provide the principal’s office

                staff with a written explanation within three days of the student’s absence. all absences

                will be unexcused until such written notice is given.

                Absences shall be classified as either excused or unexcused as determined by the

                principal or his designee.

                Verification is required to justify absences. After a total of eight parent notes in the whole

year, subsequent absences will require documentation from an official

of professional source, such as a doctor or dentist.


        Personal illness, serious illness or death of an immediate family member, doctor

or dental appointment, family emergency (must state nature of emergency),

Extreme weather conditions, religious observances, driver license

examination(one time only, must provide documentation), required court

appearances (must provide documentation), college visits, pregnancy, unusual situations approved by the principal.


        Truancy, shopping, recreational activities, birthday or similar celebration,

personal transportation problems, oversleeping, job or job interview, forgotten

item at home, errands, change clothes, “helping” parents, etc.


        Students receiving unexcused absences will be given the grade of

“incomplete” for all assignments missed. See “Make-up Work” for further details.

        Course credit may be withheld when six or more absences are accumulated in

         a nine-week period.

Students are subject to appearing before the attendance committee with a

parent/guardian when six absences are accumulated in a nine-week period.

The Attendance Committee or a student’s Multidisciplinary Team may determine extenuating circumstances which would make students eligible for credit.

Students may be required to complete courses in summer school if necessary.

Student Driver’s Licenses may be revoked in the following circumstances:

        More than ten consecutive absences or more than 15 total absences in a


Students qualify for reclaiming their driver’s license by earning a passing grade in at least three full unit courses at the end of the next grading period.

        Attendance Appeals

                All administrative decisions concerning attendance may be appealed by

parents/guardians to the Attendance Committee. All appeals must be made in writing

within five days of the administrative decision.

        Attendance Committee

                The Attendance Committee is appointed by the principal  and approved by the Director of

Schools and the Board of Education.

At a parent’s/guardian’s request, the Attendance Committee has authority to conduct

hearings in the case of disputed absences.

All appeals must be made in writing within five days of the administrative decision being


Early Dismissals

        Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during the school day without the

        request of a parent/guardian and the approval of an administrator. Early dismissals

may be either excused or unexcused according to the same guidelines and penalties

listed in the “Absences” section.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify his teachers that he will absent from class.

Students are required to obtain their teachers’ signatures on an Early Dismissal Form

before they leave for the day. Any class assignments must also be obtained.

Students will not be excused for sickness unless they are experiencing one or more of

the following symptoms: fever, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, seizure or serious injury.


        All early dismissals must sign out through the Front Office.

        All students should be picked up at, or leave through the Front Office. There is

ample parking reserved for visitors in the front of the building.

Scheduled Early Dismissals- Students should present parent notes to the Front

Office staff no later than 7:55. The absence will be classified as excused or

unexcused at this time. Students will be given an Early Dismissal Form which

should be signed by every teacher whose class will be missed. Early Dismissal

Forms are to be returned to the office staff before the student leaves the building.

Unscheduled/Emergency Early Dismissals- Students may only leave school

early at the request of the student’s parent/guardian and the approval of an

administrator. Such requests must be made to the office staff in person or

by verified phone contact. Requests to leave made by phone contact will

only be honored in extreme circumstances and on a case-by-case basis as

determined by an administrator. The absence will be classified as excused or

unexcused at this time. Students will be given an Early Dismissal Form which

should be signed by every teacher whose class will be missed. Early Dismissal

Forms are to be returned to the Front Office staff before the student leaves the

building. If a student is too ill to complete the Early Dismissal From, an office

worker may be used.

        Extended Absences

                Students with illness or hospitalization that will exceed ten school days may request

homebound instruction from the Director of Special Programs (729-3391, ext. 2231).

Make-up Work

        All missed class work or tests (whether from excused or unexcused absence) may be

made up provided the student makes the request immediately upon returning to

school and provided instruction time is not taken from other students.

Make-up work, make-up tests, and re-tests can be completed during Focus Time.

A grade of “incomplete” will be received for any work missed until the work is completed.

It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for makeup work, and if not

completed in the allotted time, a grade of zero will be recorded for the assignments.

For school-sponsored activities, the student will be required to make up all work missed

and will receive full credit for the assignment or test. The student will not be counted

absent for a school sponsored event (school planned, school-directed, and teacher


Proof of Attendance Letters

        Those needing proof of attendance letters for driver’s licenses or other purposes should

contact the Office of Accountability at the Central Office (729-3391, ext. 2225). a five-day

notice must be given. You may pick up the letter from the Central Office, or it may be

mailed to you. attendance letters cannot be faxed.

Tennessee Compulsory School Attendance Law

        Tennessee law (T.C.A. 49-6-3001) requires that a child must attend school from 6 years

old until 17 years old (both inclusive).

Truancy/ Truancy Council

         Truancy is defined as an absence  without adequate excuse for an entire school day, a

major portion of the day, or a major portion of any class or activity for which a student is


Students who accumulate five unexcused absences will be reported to the Director of

Accountability. Parents/Guardians will then receive a written notice regarding the

Tennessee Compulsory Attendance Law and must appear before the Truancy Council.

Failure to comply with the written notice within three days of receiving such notice will

result in the filing of a petition in Juvenile Court. A written notice will be issued each time

a student accumulates five unexcused absences.

The Truancy Council will convene weekly to hear truancy issues with students and

parents/guardians.The council will establish a plan of recommendations for improving

attendance and establish consequences should absenteeism continue to be an issue.

Code of Conduct

The school is a community, and school rules are the law of that community. Each member

enjoying the rights of citizenship  in a community must also accept the responsibilities of

citizenship. School staff, students, and parents/guardians must assume the responsibility

for appropriate behavior in the school. school should be seen as a symbol of opportunity

where rights and responsibilities are emphasized equally and human dignity is protected.

HCHS has a Code of Conduct that all members of the student body are expected to

follow. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in a student being subject to

disciplinary action.

The HCHS Code of Conduct applies to all school-sponsored events, before, during, or

after school hours.


Students shall be provided a learning environment free from sexual, racial, ethnic and

religious discrimination/harassment.

Student discrimination/harassment will not be tolerated. It shall be a violation of this policy

for any student to bully, intimidate or create a hostile educational environment for another


Bullying and intimidation are defined as either physically harming a student or damaging

his/her property, or knowingly placing the student in reasonable fear of such, or creating a

hostile educational environment. This policy addresses conduct taking place on school

grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, on school-provided transportation, or at any

official school bus stop immediately before boarding and immediately following unloading.

Alleged victims of the above-referenced offenses shall report these incidents

immediately to a teacher, counselor, or building administrator. any allegations shall

be fully investigated by a complaint manager (as set forth in Student

Concerns,Complaints and Grievances HCBOE Policy 6.305).

For further information on this policy, see Hickman County Board Policy 6.304.

Bus Transportation

According to school board policy, all school rules apply on the bus. Riding a school bus is

a privilege that can be revoked. Behavior which is dangerous, defiant, or disrespectful to

others will not be tolerated. School administrators will work closely with the Director of

Transportation to ensure that all buses are operated in a safe manner. Those who by their

behavior place others in danger will not be allowed to ride a bus. Students who are

suspended from the bus are required to beat school on time.


In order to more closely monitor student behavior, a demerit system will be utilized.

Teachers and staff may issue Level 1 demerits to students for a variety of classroom

behaviors. Some of these are: general classroom disruptions, chronically tardy to class (three to a class), disrespect to teachers or other students, sleeping in class, profanity.

Students may also be issued demerits for other violations of the Code of Conduct.

Demerits are not punishment. Demerits are documentation of unresolved student behaviors in violation of the Code of Conduct.

Student demerits will be reviewed daily by the administrative team.

Consequences include (in no certain order): warning, parent contact, loss of privilege, detention, ISS, alternative school, and suspension.

        Dress Code

                Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat and modest manner so as not to distract

or interfere with the operation of the school

Any clothing or manner of grooming which is disruptive to classroom routine is

inappropriate for school wear. Included, but not exclusively considered, as

disruptive are the following:

        Clothing not size appropriate (no sagging, bagging, or revealed undergarments)

        Excessively tight clothing (this includes “leggings” as outerwear)

Clothing or visible tattoos bearing obscene words or pictures.

Clothing bearing endorsements for alcohol, tobacco, or any other inappropriate


See-through clothing

Undergarments worn as outergarments (boxer shorts, long-johns, etc.)

Clothing denoting students’ membership in, or affiliation with, any gang associated with criminal activities

The wearing of jewelry in pierced locations other than the ear

The trunk of the body should be entirely covered from the shoulders to the point on the legs three inches above the knee. Covering the trunk of the body includes making sure that:

-There shall be no holes in pants above the knee. Holes in the pants

above the knee shall be patched with similar or like material of the pants.

Simply wearing an item of clothing under the hole is not acceptable.

-Underclothing is not exposed by slits or holes

-No part of the body between shoulders and three inches above the knee

is exposed. This includes “scooped” or “plunging” necklines.

Hats, Caps, and sunglasses (This includes hoods over the head) are not allowed

Shoes that have skates or rollers attached

Dog collars, chains, safety pins on clothing, etc.

Colors of hair that do not occur naturally (blue, pink, green, etc.)

Hair styles which obscure the eyes

                Any questionable attire is left to the discretion of the principal.

                The principal may modify parts of the dress code for special occasions.

Dress Code Penalties

        Students who come to school in violation of the dress code are subject to disciplinary

action. Parents will be contacted when there is a dress code violation. Parents may bring

a change of clothing for students not meeting dress code. Students will remain in ISS

until suitable clothing is obtained.

1st and 2nd Offense-Change clothing and/or one day ISS

Each additional offense-2 days ISS


        Coaches and other employees of the school district shall not encourage, permit, condone

or tolerate hazing activities.

The nature of any initiation shall be outlined and presented in writing to the club sponsor

and the principal of the school for approval prior to the actual initiation. Hazing by

students acting alone or with others is strictly prohibited. Any organization which permits

an initiation to go beyond the scope of activities planned and previously approved will be

suspended until reinstated by the principal.

Public Display of Affection

        Hand holding is acceptable. all other displays of affection (hugging, kissing, arms around

waists, etc.) are a violation of the code of conduct and are subject to disciplinary action.

Tardy to Class/School

        Each teacher will keep a record of students who are tardy to class.

When a student is tardy to class 3 times, a demerit will be issued.

Students with chronic tardy issues (2 or more demerits for tardiness) may face additional

disciplinary action at the discretion of school administrators.

In addition, students who drive and are late to school will be assigned Driver’s Detention each day they are late to school. See “Disciplinary Actions” section for details.

        Code of Conduct with Board Mandated Disciplinary Action


                Mandatory 1 year expulsion

                        Drugs: Unlawfully possessing, acquiring, attempting to acquire, using, being

under the influence of, selling or attempting to sell, distributing or transmitting any narcotic, stimulant drug, prescription drug, barbital or

legend drug, inhalants, or any other controlled substance. Principals are authorized to order drug tests for individual students. Refer to board policy 6.3071 for details on reasonable cause and steps to be taken.

                        Weapons: Bringing a firearm to school or being in possession of a firearm at

school or knowingly possessing, handling, transmitting, or using a

Weapon or knowingly possessing an object with the intent of going

armed, or use

of any object in a threatening or assaultive manner. Weapons include,

but are not limited to, firearms, BB guns, pellet guns, ammunition,

explosives, knives with blades of 2 ½ inches or more in length,

switchblades, razor blades, box cutters, bowie knife, or other like

instruments utilizing a razor blade and ice packs, daggers, slingshots,

leaded canes, blackjacks and knuckles.

Battery on Employees: Causing or attempting to cause physical injury, or

behavior in such a way as could reasonably be expected to cause

physical injury, to a school employee or any person acting in an official

capacity on behalf of the school.

                Up to and including a 1 year expulsion

                        Harassment (Intimidation/Bullying):

                                Conduct by a student that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably

interfering with another student’s academic development or that creates

an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment.

Harassment (Discrimination): Any conduct that:

        1.Unreasonably interferes with student work or educational opportunities;

        2.Creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment,

where such conduct is based on a person’s sex, race, ethnicity or


                5 day suspension

                        Drug Look-A-Likes or Drug Paraphernalia: drug look-a-likes or paraphernalia

shall include pills, powder or any substance which gives the appearance

of prohibited drugs. Drug paraphernalia shall include roach clips, rolling

papers, pot pipes, pagers or any other device or materials used with

illegal substances.

Representation of any Substance as an Illegal Drug or Controlled Substance

                Tobacco: The use or possession of tobacco by any student.

                        First offense:                        2 days ISS

                        Second offense:                3 days ISS

                        Third offense:                        5 days ISS

                        Fourth of more offense:        Suspension

                        In addition to the foregoing, when a student is found to be in possession of

tobacco, a court petition must be filed.

Alcohol: Possessing, acquiring, attempting to acquire, consuming, being under the influence of, selling or attempting to sell, distributing or transmitting alcoholic beverages.

30 days suspension or alternative school placement

Other Weapon Offenses: A student shall not knowingly possess, handle, or transmit oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), a knife, with blade less than 2 ½ inches in length or a weapon replica.

        First Offense:                5 day suspension or alternative school placement

        Second Offense:        10 day suspension or alternative school placement

Code of Conduct Violations that are also Crimes

Any code of conduct violation that is also a crime will be reported to law enforcement officials.

        Safe Harbor Provision

                1.A student may approach a school official and voluntarily surrender an object, the

possession of which is prohibited by these rules, provided the object is one that the

student could lawfully possess off school grounds and is not a firearm. This safe harbor

provision does not apply if a search is ongoing in the school. If a student approaches a

school official and voluntarily surrenders such an object, then the student will not be

subject to discipline under these rules. The principal will make arrangements to return the

object  to the student’s parents or legal guardian.

2.If a student discovers an illegal item such as drugs, a weapon or other contraband (e.g.

tobacco, alcohol) on school property, including on a school  bus, the student may

approach a school official and report the discovery. A student shall not be in violation of

the rules solely by making such a report. School officials shall use discretion in

determining whether the circumstances surrounding the report warrant further

investigation of the reporting student.

Director’s Right to Modify

        The Director of Schools has the right to modify disciplinary sanctions. Such modification

may only be done on a case-by-case basis considering the specific circumstances

surrounding the disciplinary sanction.

Disciplinary Actions


        Loss of Privileges


         Detention is held each day during Focus Time. Students who do not attend assigned detentions

may face additional disciplinary action at the discretion of school administrators.

Driver’s Detention

Students who drive and are late to school for an unexcused reason may be assigned Driver’s

Detention. Students may be required to turn in their keys at the Front Office. They will be kept in a

secure location and returned to the student at the end of the detention period. Driver’s Detention

is from 3:00-3:30 pm. Work and athletic practice/games are not valid excuses for missing driver’s

detention. Failure to attend assigned detention will result in further disciplinary action and may

result in loss of driving privilege.

In-School Suspension (ISS)

Alternative School




Students wishing to appeal disciplinary actions should do so in writing to the Director of


Cell Phone Violations

        First Violation-                Phone confiscated

                                Parent may collect phone after 3 pm of the same day

        Second Violation-        Phone confiscated

                                Parent may collect phone after 3 pm on the last day of the

grading period

                Third Violation-        Phone confiscated

                                        Parent may collect phone on the last Report Card Day of the

school year

                Cell phones will be confiscated if they are seen or heard at school. This includes if they

are sticking out of pockets, or if students are “checking the time.” In each case, phones

will be kept clearly labeled in a secure place until a parent signs for the phone.

Extracurricular Activities

        Athletic teams and club organizations each have their own set of rules, guidelines and criteria for

membership. Please check with a coach or sponsor to determine which team or club is right for

you. According to board policy 6.3071 students involved in any voluntary extracurricular activities

shall be subject to random drug tests.


        HCHS offers a wide variety of athletic teams in which our students can participate. These

include: Football, Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Softball, Tennis,

Cross country, and Cheerleading.

Students wishing to participate in athletics at HCHS must meet all TSSAA eligibility rules.

TSSAA rules state that a student must earn six credits in the previous school year to be

eligible for the current school year.


        HCHS offers a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and organizations in which students

can participate. These include: Art Club, Auto Mechanics, Band, Beta Club, Building Tech

Construction, Cosmetology, Choir, FBLA, FCA, FCCLA, FFA, Hickmanite, HOSA, Pride

and Spirit, Science Club, Skills USA, Spanish Club, STAR Teens, Student Council,

Theatre Arts, Welding, Yearbook, and 4-H.

Students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more likely to have better

attendance, better grades, and better performance on standardized testing.

General Information


                Students should notify the office immediately if they have been involved in an accident.

School personnel will make every effort to inform families of accidents involving students

and we will act in the best interest of student safety and well-being.


        students may eat breakfast at school from 7:30 to 7:55 each day. The breakfast line will

close promptly at 7:55. Car riders should arrive in time to eat breakfast before 7:55.

Car Riders

        Drop-Off Procedure- Students should be dropped off at HCHS in the rear unloading zone

no earlier than 7:30. Late arrivals are dropped off at the front entrance.

Pick-up Procedure- Parents/guardians may pick up their students in the rear parking lot

at 2:55. There are plenty of parking spaces available.

Please exercise caution in the parking lot during these very busy times.

        Dismissal from School

                The first dismissal bell rings at 2:55. All car riders and west-bound bus riders are

dismissed from school at this time. Students may visit their lockers and then proceed

directly to their cars or buses.

East-bound bus riders will leave on the second bell. These students may visit their

lockers and then proceed directly to the cafeteria until the second bell rings. Students

may not leave the area until the bell rings.

Driving to school

        Driving to school is a privilege, not a right. Student drivers are subject to guidelines

established in this handbook.

        All students wishing to drive to school must purchase and clearly display a

parking permit.

Parking permits will be available throughout the school year.

Parking is permitted only in assigned spaces.

Students must provide a valid Tennessee Driver License and Proof of Insurance

to purchase a parking permit.

Students and their passengers must enter the school building immediately upon

arrival. There is no loitering in the parking lot.

Students are not allowed to return to their vehicles, unless escorted by a HCHS

staff member, until school is dismissed.

All vehicles are subject to search at any time.

Cars parked inappropriately may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Vehicles adorned with content which would be considered disruptive in the

classroom are not allowed on campus. Examples include, but are not limited to:

profanity, logos for tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, obscene pictures, and

gang-related items.

HCHS is not responsible for damaged vehicles or items stolen from vehicles

while on campus.

Student drivers and their passengers are expected to arrive at school on time.

Late arrival will not be tolerated. Student drivers who arrive late are subject to

disciplinary action. See “Driver’s Detention” under Disciplinary Actions section for


        Cell Phones/Electronic  Devices

                In accordance with HCBOE policy 6.312, cell phones and other personal communication

devices are not to be visibly displayed on school grounds.

See “Disciplinary Actions” for a list of consequences.


        Student records are confidential. only authorized school officials with legitimate

educational purposes may access student information without the consent of the student

or a parent/guardian.

Electronic Devices

        Electronic devices not related to instruction are not permitted. Students may have

personal laptops and tablet computers if they are system-approved and related to


        Earphones, headphones, earbuds, etc. are not permitted. (unless authorized for testing

or classroom purposes)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

        FERPA is a federal law that requires the school district, with certain exceptions, to obtain

your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your

child’s records. However, the school may disclose some student information without

written consent when the information is designated “Directory Information” unless you

have advised the district to the contrary in accordance with district procedures.

Statistical information not identified with a particular student may be released to any

person, agency, or the public.

The primary use for Directory Information by the district is to include this type of

information in certain school publications.

“Directory Information” relating to a student includes the following: name, address,

telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially

recognized activities or sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of

attendance, degrees, and awards received, and the most recent or previous educational

agency or institution attended by the student. Within the first three weeks of each school

year, the school district will notify parents and eligible students of the items it proposes to

designate as “directory information.” For students enrolling after this notice is published, a

list of the items will be given to the student’s parent(s) or eligible student at the time and

place of enrollment. After the parent(s) or eligible student have been notified, They will

have two weeks to advise the school system in writing (a letter to the director of schools’

office) of any or all of the items they refuse to permit the school system to designate as

directory information about that student. At the end of the two-week period, each

student’s records will be appropriately marked by the record’s custodian to indicate the

items the school system will designate as directory information about that student. The

designation will remain in effect until it is modified by the written direction of the student’s

parent(s) or

the eligible student. Student directory information for 11th and 12th graders shall be

made available upon request to persons or groups which make students aware of

occupational and educational options, including official recruiting representatives of the

military forces of the State and the United States.

Financial Obligations

        Students are required to meet all financial obligations before grades and/or other records

will be released. Students may also be subject to loss of privileges. If for some reason,

debts cannot immediately be paid in full, due consideration will be given.

        Focus Time

                Each student is assigned a Focus Group. Focus groups meet each day from 1:10-1:50.

                The purpose of Focus Time is to allow students a chance to receive extra academic

instruction, make-up missed tests and assignments, participate in academic intervention

groups, hold club meetings, and complete class assignments.

                Teachers have first claim on students’ time during Focus. If a teacher assigns a student

to return to them for remediation, then the student is obligated to do so. Failure to comply

may result in loss of privileges or disciplinary action.

One day a week will be set aside for club meetings.


        Students or parents wishing to appeal administrative decisions must do so in accordance

with Hickman County School Board Policy 6.305.

Intervention Groups

        Many students will be assigned to academic intervention groups. These groups will meet

during Focus Time each day on a regular schedule. Intervention groups will be created

for Algebra I & II, and English I, II, & III. Students will be placed in intervention groups

based upon their TVAAS projections, TCAP and EOC results, and DiscoveryEd

benchmark test results.

Participation in assigned intervention groups is designed to increase student

achievement and proficiency in these very important subjects. We share a desire with

parents for students to achieve at the highest level possible. We also recognize that not

all students

are at the same level of proficiency when they enter high school. As such, attendance

and participation in assigned intervention groups is mandatory. Failure to report to

interventions may result in loss of privilege and/or disciplinary action.

Students may earn their way out of participation in intervention groups by demonstrating

mastery of the skills taught in each group. In other words, once students are caught up,

they no longer have to report to interventions. If their performance begins to slip, students

may be reassigned to intervention groups.

Late Arrival Procedure

        Students who arrive after 8:00 must enter through the front entrance and sign in at the

front office. The late arrival will be determined excused or unexcused at this time.

The doors to the rear entrance will be locked from 8:00-2:55.

Student drivers and riders must walk from the parking lot to the front entrance.

Please be on time to school.

Library Media Center

Hours: Open 7:30am - Close 3:30pm

Students are encouraged to visit the library and make use of its resources whether it be for  school work or for  personal leisure.  The library houses 36 laptop computers for student use. In order to gain computer access, all students must return an “ Application for Account and Terms and Conditions for Use of the Internet and Network” form. This form must be accepted and activated by the technology department.  Computer privileges are subject to being taken away if technology is used in an inappropriate manner.

Students must have teacher-signed pass to use the library during any school period except before school. This includes Focus time. Passes should be given to Library Media Specialist upon entering the Media Center. Your pass will be stamped and timed when you arrive and when you depart.

Fines of $0.10 per day will be charged on overdue items.  Excused absences will not be fined.  It is the responsibility of the student to alert the library staff to days which were counted as excused absences. All overdues and fines must be cleared, or student will be restricted from checking out other items.

Lost books should be reported as soon as possible. The student will be responsible for paying the cost of the book so that a replacement can be purchased.  If the book is later found in good condition, money will be refunded.

Students transferring to another school must be cleared through the library. No report cards or transcripts will be forwarded until cleared. Seniors should take care of all library business well in advance of graduation.

Students are encouraged to request items they would like to have placed in the library.  These requests may be honored as funding permits.


        Each student is assigned a locker at the beginning of the school year. Students are

responsible for the contents of their lockers.

Sharing lockers is forbidden. It is assumed that the contents of a students’ locker belong

to that student alone.

Lockers are subject to search at any time.

All lockers have a school-owned combination lock. Students with disabilities may request

a padlock if it is required by their IEP.

Students are responsible for keeping their locks closed at all times. Lost or damaged

locks are the financial responsibility of the student. Students will be charged $10.00 for

each lost or damaged lock.

Lost and Found Items

        Lost items should be reported to the front office.

Found items should be brought to the front office.

Every effort will be made by the school administration to reunite lost articles with their

owners; however, items will be disposed of at the end of each school year after report

card day.


        Students have 25 minutes for eating lunch. Students may bring lunch from home or

purchase lunch from the school lunch program. Students are only allowed to eat lunch

during their assigned lunch period.

Students are expected to behave responsibly during lunch. Raucous behavior and

littering may result in disciplinary action.

Students are expected to report to lunch on time and remain in the cafeteria for the

duration of their assigned lunch period.


        If under exceptional circumstances a child is required to take non-prescription or

prescription medication during school hours and the parent cannot be at school to

administer the medication, only the principal or the principal’s designee will assist in

self-administration of the medication. The student must be competent to self-administer

medicine with assistance in compliance with the following regulations:

        Written instructions signed by the parent will be required and will include:

        1.Child’s name

        2.Name of medication

        3.name of physician

        4.Time to be self-administered

        5.Dosage and directions for self-administration (non-prescription medicines must

have label direction)

6.Possible side effects, if known

7.Termination date for self-administration of the medication

The medication must be delivered to the Front Office in person by the parent or guardian of the student unless the medication must be retained by the student for immediate self-administration (i.e. students with asthma). Medication cannot be transported on a school bus.

All medication must be administered through the Front Office.

Under no circumstance may a HCHS staff person provide medication of any type to a student.

        Outside Drinks

                All drinks consumed at school must be purchased at school. Outside drinks are not

permitted and should be finished before entering the building. Students will be required to

dispose of any drinks brought into the building.


        Students needing to use the telephone must have a note from a teacher authorizing such

use. Telephone use is only authorized for student sickness, cancelled extracurricular

activities, club activities, and other uses approved by an administrator.


        Textbooks are the property of the Hickman County Board of Education. Students have

free use of these books provided certain conditions are met.

Textbooks are issued to students by the classroom teachers.

Textbooks are identified by an inventory number. Students may not exchange books with

another student or alter the inventory number in any way.

Students are financially responsible for lost or damaged textbooks.

        1st-2nd year of textbook adoption-100% of cost of book

        3rd-4th year of textbook adoption-75% of cost of book

        5th-6th year of textbook adoption-50% of cost of book

Students will not receive a replacement book, grades, transcripts, or be eligible for

participation in graduation until all textbook replacement fees are paid.


        All visitors must enter the building through the Front Office and sign in.

        All visitors must wear a visitor’s pass while they are in the building.

        Students who wish to bring a visitor on campus must have prior approval from an

Administrator. Visitors are required to show photo identification.

Social Services Contact Information

        Tennessee State Department of Education

                Legal Services Division- 615-741-2851

        Department of Children’s Services (DCS)

                To report abuse or neglect: 877-237-0004

                For questions about adopting Tennessee children: 877-DCSKids (327-5437)

                If you are interested in becoming a Foster/Resource Parent for Tennessee children:

                877-DCS-Kids (327-5437)

        Crisis Services

                Toll-free Youth Telephone Line: 866-791-9222

        Suicide Prevention

                In Tennessee, an estimated 850 men, women, and youth die by suicide each year- more

than the numbers who die from homicide, AIDS, or drunk driving. Suicide is the third

leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 10-24 in Tennessee and

throughout the entire nation.

If you are thinking about suicide, or know someone who is, there is help available at this

number:  1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Family Life Planning Curriculum

        Tennessee requires schools residing in school districts with pregnancy rates above 19.5

        per 1,000 females ages 15-17 to implement family life education. Because Hickman

County exceeds this threshold, an age-appropriate family life planning course that

emphasizes abstinence until marriage and includes instructions for the prevention of

HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases will be implemented. Parents and legal

guardians have a right to examine the grade level instructional materials and confer with

school leaders regarding any or all portions of family life. A parent or guardian who wishes

to excuse a student from any, or all, portions of family life shall submit a request, in

writing, to the student’s principal. A student who is excused from any or all portions of

family life shall not be penalized for grading purposes if the student satisfactorily performs

alternative health lessons.                T.C.A. 49-6-1302

Non-Discrimination Policy

        It is the policy of the Hickman County Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, creed, age, or religion in any of the programs, practices, or employment in the school system. A complaint may be filed by anyone who has a grievance regarding discrimination as set forth in one of the following statutes: (1) The Rehabilitation Act of 1972, Section 504: (2) Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: or (3) Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972.

Discrimination is Against the Law

Title VI

Title IX

Section 504

ADA/Title II

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin in all programs or activities receiving Federal financial assistance.

34C.F.R. Part 100

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance.

34 C.F.R. Part 106

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

34 C.F.R. Part 104

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by public entities.

28 C.F.R. Part 35

Title VI & IX Complaints

Mike Elkins                                                        Misty Shelton

115 Murphree Ave.                                                115 Murphree Ave.

Centerville, TN 37137                                                Centerville, TN 37033

931-729-3391 Ext. 2255                                                931-729-3391 Ext. 2226

mike.elkins@hickmank12.org                                        misty.shelton@hickmank12.org 


Section 504 Complaints                                        ADA Complaints

Anthony Brown                                                        Julia Thomasson

115 Murphree Ave.                                                115 Murphree Ave.

Centerville, TN 37137                                                Centerville, TN 37033

931-729-7730                                                        931-729-3391 Ext. 2234

anthony.brown@hickmank12.org                                        julia.thomasson@hickmank12.org


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Academic Requirements                1                        Grading Scale                        2

Accidents                                11                        Graduation                        1

Athletics                                11                        Grievances                        14

Attendance Appeals                        4                        Harassment                        9

Attendance Committee                4                        Hazing                                8

Attendance Requirements                3                        Honors                                2

Board Mandated Discipline                9                        Honors Diploma                2

Bullying                                6                        Intimidation                        6

Bus Transportation                        7                        Library                                14

Cell Phones                                11                        Lockers                        15

Class Schedule Code of Conduct        1                        Lost and Found                15

Confidentiality                                13                        Make-up Work                        5

Course Credit                                2                        Medication                        16

Criminal Acts                                 10                        Mission Statement                1

Crisis Services                                17                        Non-Discrimination Policy        17

Dept. Children’s Services                17                        Organizations                        11

Dept. of Education (TN)                17                        Proof of Attendance Letters        6

Director’s Right to Modify                10                        Public Display of Affection        8

Disciplinary Actions                        10                        Safe Harbor Provision                10

Dress Code                                7                        Scope of Authority                1        

Dress Code Penalties                        8                        Social Services Contact Info        17

Driving to School                        12                        Suicide Prevention                17

Driver’s Detention                        10                        Tardy to Class/School                8

Dual Enrollment                        2                        Telephone                        16

Early Dismissals                        5                        Textbooks                        16

Electronic Devices                        13                        TN Compulsory attend. Law        6

Extended Absences                        5                        Tennessee Diploma Project        3

Extracurricular Activities                11                        Truancy/Truancy Council        6

FERPA                                        13                        Visitors                        17

Financial obligations                        13                        Weighted Grades                3