FYN Class Descriptions           

FatBurn Yoga

This exciting innovative workout is FYN’s “signature” class that combines yoga and cross training.  Adding in weight training with yoga sequences for a complete calorie burning workout.  You will experience strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio all in one hour, non-impact class.  All levels welcome.  *Heated to over 85 degrees.


Pilates Fusion

This class combines traditional mat Pilates with yoga.  You will be increasing your core strength with each Pilates Fusion class while maintaining flexibility.  A strong core helps with all other types of movement and helps to prevent injury.  *Warm room, 82-84 degrees.


Power Flow

This class will take your vinyasa to the next level.  This is a vigorous flow with challenging and advanced postures.  No need for weights, with this class you will use your own body weight to build strength and with the vigorous flow you will feel that cardio workout.  *Heated to over 85 degrees.


Flow Yoga

A Vinyasa flow for both new and experienced yogi’s.  Synchronizing breath with each move, working on twists, binds, balance and asanas.  Work the whole body and unwind the mind.  *Heated to 85 degrees.


Alignment Yoga

This is our take on Hatha yoga.  Deeper postures and working in conjunction with your body’s alignment.  This class is great for all levels of yogi.  *Warm room, 82-84 degrees.


Slow Flow

This class combines balance, deep core strengthening, stretching, and twists.  You will slowly flow through the asanas focusing on breath to bring stillness to the mind.  This class is great for all levels of yogi.  *Warm room, 82-84 degrees.


Gentle Yoga

A nurturing and kind class for the whole body that combines a soft flow with mostly seated stretches and long holds alternating between sequences.  *Warm room, 82 degrees.


Fun Flow

A fun class that includes a whimsical flow, fun music, exciting themes, and time to work on a challenging posture or two.  *Warm room, 82 degrees.



Mostly on the floor, while restorative heals the body, yin will activate change at a very deep level.  Leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated.  *No heat.


Simply Yoga

Going back to basics.  First working on basics and alignment, preparing the body for deeper, more challenging poses.  This class provides a great foundation and is a great place to start your yoga practice.  *Warm room, 82 degrees.