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Q: What is the difference between your dog park and a regular dog park?

Our members-only dog park has many benefits you won’t find at a public dog park. Our team of “Barktenders” are there to ensure all dog interactions are supervised. We also have strict health and behavior requirements so you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is socializing with friendly, healthy pups.  Not to mention, we have snacks, drinks and a beer bar with local craft brews.  Yum, right?        

Q: Is the park open everyday?

ofCheck out our park hours here or call us at 916-456-4720.

Q: How much does it cost?  

We offer memberships and a limited number of single visit passes.  Check out our website for current prices and special offers.  

Q: Why don’t you offer day passes?

Each dog guest is allowed up to two trial passes as a way to determine if The Local Bark Park is a good fit for them.  We have designed this to be a members-only park so as to create an environment in which the dogs become very familiar and comfortable.

Q: Is there a behavior assessment needed for my dog?

That depends.  If your dog has been a boarding or daycare guest in our playgroups at either The Local Bark or Animal Den, you can skip this step.  *Please note The Local Bark Park will be mixing all sizes and breeds of dogs, as well as allowing play with toys.   If you are uncertain how your dog might react to a dog of a different size or a specific breed, or with toys around other dogs, we suggest you schedule an additional behavior assessment.  If your dog hasn’t played in our playgroups, please call to schedule a behavior assessment.  Plan to leave your dog for at least 4 hours for this evaluation at either The Local Bark or Animal Den Pet Resort.

Q: What is the orientation for owners?

If your dog passes the behavior assessment, your last step toward attending our park is your orientation.  This orientation may be scheduled on our customer portal, or by calling 916-456-4720.  Although not all family members are required to attend the orientation, it is strongly suggested, and required for children.  All dogs visiting The Local Bark Park must be accompanied by someone who has attended an orientation.

Q: Is there a separate area for small dogs?

Not exactly.  Part of our temperament testing requires that large breeds are friendly toward small dogs.  That said, we understand not all small dogs feel comfortable with large dogs (they can be kind of clueless about how big they are!).  For that reason, we are offering Tiny Tot Tuesdays, specifically for small dogs only (less than 30 lbs.)  Check our website for current pricing.

Q: Is it closed when it's raining?  How will I know for sure?  Are there other times it may be closed?

The park may be closed during periods of rain or if there are any issues related to safety we may be dealing with.  We will send out text alerts in these rare circumstances.  Please call 916-456-4720 if you are unsure whether the park will be open.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

Yes!  You are welcome to bring human friends, as long as they sign our waiver and follow our rules.  We want to create a fun atmosphere, and we know it’s possible you may want to bring a friend who doesn’t have a dog.  (We find that odd, though.)  

Q: Are children allowed?

Children 10 and over are welcome at our park.  Kids are required to follow the rules to ensure safety and fun for all.  All kids must attend an orientation as well.        

Q: How is inappropriate dog behavior handled?

Our trained team of Barktenders are ready to assist in intervening inappropriate dog behavior before it leads to anything serious.  At your orientation, you will learn critical skills as well to help avoid doggy conflict.  You take a big role in attending to the needs of your dog to help ensure everyone is having a good time.  Examples of interventions include “leash breaks” and redirecting a dog to different play partners when necessary.  We may also need to resort to use of a squirt bottle with water, and in extreme circumstances, may need to interrupt a fight using citronella spray or other deterrent.  Our goal is to ensure a good time is being had by all, and we are there to prevent these problems from arising in the first place.

Q: What if my dog engages in a fight?

We will do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Depending on the severity of the confrontation, we may ask you to remove your dog for the remainder of the day.  It is likely we will need to reassess whether your dog is an appropriate candidate for this type of play environment.   Any dog who causes injury to another dog will be excluded from future use of the park.

Q: Do you allow electronic collars?

We support the proper use of e collars, as we understand they can be a wonderful training tool.  If we see inappropriate use, or we believe it is causing stress in your dog, you may be asked to leave the park.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

We require 30 days notice of cancellation of memberships.  

Q: What else should we know?

We work hard to create a fun place for both you and your dog.  Please assist us in keeping it this way!  Leave your egos at home, and be respectful of our trained Barktenders assisting in managing dog play.  Please keep your alcohol consumption to a respectful level.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave or cancel your membership if either you or your dog’s behavior is inappropriate.