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Climate Fund - Advisory Committee Role Description
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CIV:LAB Climate Fund I - Advisory Committee Overview

Introduction to CIV:LAB

CIV:LAB is an innovative grantmaking network that channels global funds and resources directly to community climate initiatives. We connect local actors with the resources and funding required to launch bold responses to the present impact and long-term threat of climate change. CIV:LAB aims to expand the clean energy workforce, educate future climate leaders, accelerate industrial decarbonization, and provide aid to the organizations that are taking action against the threats of climate change in their own communities.

Purpose: The Advisory Committee Members will represent the various climate ecosystems they are part of while guiding CIV:LAB decision-making for the climate fund in their locale. The primary goals of the advisory committee members are to be a local climate leader, champion local climate programming and support impact driven climate action through grant-making. The members of the Advisory Committee share their knowledge by providing CIV:LAB with their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of community perspectives; their connections to local climate efforts; and their guidance on strategy for the Climate Fund’s future endeavors. Local advisory committees have no governing function within CIV:LAB and the national network.


** Advisory Committee applications are only being accepted for LA County at this time. For other locations, we are happy to consider your application when we are next recruiting.

Size of Committee: A minimum of 6 with a maximum of 13 per location.

Time commitment: Will vary depending on response to application. At least 15 hours each cycle.

Compensation: Honorarium of $500 per grant cycle or donation to a nonprofit of choice.

Role and Responsibilities:

What we are looking for in an advisory committee member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the advisory committee, please fill out this application.