After carefully reviewing the details of this case, I conclude that Emma Teller is the suspect responsible for Moxie's disappearance. I base my findings on the following cases, details, and information from the case file.

The first reason that Emma Teller is the suspect of Moxie's disappearance is that the first time the police called her phone there was no answer. And her roomate Lisa, said she went to Lake Fullafish to lay low. The term “lay low” is usually used when someone is in trouble and trying to stay out of the spotlight until something blows over. Which could have meant she may have been involved with Moxie’s disappearance.

On the Official Report of Day 4 of the Winchell Investgation is when the police went to Fullafish lake to interrogate Emma Teller.They asked her why she resigned from her dog walking job. She responded saying “Even when I was walking several dogs from the neighborhood at once, it’s nothing like the big moolah I earn selling…” The police answered her phrase by saying “exotic animals.” She answered quickly saying she was completely against the idea in a suspicious way. And when they asked if she knew anything about Moxie’s disappearance, color soon returned to her face and said she knew nothing

On Day 5 of the Winchell Investigation the police received financial records of all the suspects.

Since Emma Teller is so young, she doesn’t really have any credit history. But the police got to thinking,  how does someone sell exotic animals on the black market? After the police did some digging, they found a phone application called Animal Exchange. It’s a whole community of people wanting to buy and sell exotic animals. But one post stood out from the rest. It was a post from a username called Dawgwlkr. The post says “ Can anyone tell me how much a scratch seller might get for a two year old mixed breed pup with the Crimsona X-1 gene mutation?” And that sounds similar to Emma Teller’s animal selling job.

All of this information proves Emma Teller is the suspect of Moxie’s disappearance. From her denying she doesn’t sell exotic animals to finding a community of animal sellers too. All of this information proves my suspicion.