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1571. from 2018.07.07

It’s my first ex-wife’s birthday.  7/7 on the lunar calendar is a big event in Asia.  Now, this 7/7 is not when those 2 stars meet in the sky, but everyone knows the day.

My ex was Korean, and they have their own version:

On opposite sides of the universe lived Jiknyeo, a young woman who was very good at weaving clothes and Gyeonwu, a young handsome herder of cattle. Jiknyeo was the daughter of the heavenly King and she was so beautiful that she was loved by all of the angels in heaven. One day as Jiknyeo was weaving, she looked out of the window and caught a glimpse of Gyeonwu who was living across the Milky Way. The two soon fell in love and with the blessing of the King they were united to marry and live together. The young couple were so in love that Jiknyeo stopped weaving clothes and no longer would Gyeonwu herd the sheep and cows. This upset the King very much and he decided that they should live apart from each other, separated by the Milky Way.

Only once a year were the couple permitted to meet each other, on the seventh day of the seventh month. On July 7th each year, although Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu were excited to meet each other, they couldn’t cross the Milky Way. The crows and magpies of the universe saw the despair of the young couple and would come together to make a bridge so that they could meet and hug. After spending a short time together, the couple would realize that it would be another year before they could meet again and they would both cry. It is these tears which symbolizes the start of the monsoon season.

Traditionally at Chilseok, Koreans would take baths for good health and eat wheat flour noodles and grilled wheat cake. Chilseok is the last time of the year to eat wheat based foods as after the onset of the cold winds, the wheat loses some of its quality. Although today these traditions are not as strong, the story of Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu remains common knowledge to all Koreans. So next time you see rain on the evening of Chilseok, remember that it is the tears of two young lovers separating with the realization that they have to wait one more year to meet again.


For us, being separated by the Milky Way sounds like a good idea.  I do like ex-wives better than wives.  More peace.  Less drama.

I must like ex-wives because I have 3 of them.  Don’t know where 2 of them are, but that’s fine.  Better for them and me.

1572. I don’t know why I have been fighting so hard to churn out 3,000+ words per day.  It could work, but it’s bringing more anxiety than anything.


  1. I am turning to using vidmozo in combination with other recent purchases to create a kick ass affiliate marketing system.
  2. When I go to Vietnam, this new system will be run by my LBDs.
  3. Easier than teaching English.
  4. I will save the writing for ebooks, and use video for list building and affiliate marketing.
  5. Everything will be combined with LinkedIn and SSL marketing to locals.
  6. Emphasize recurring income.

1573. Maintenance

What we need to do is concentrate on buying less stuff and living more.

1574. ChkLines - “Similar To” Search Engines

Depending on the nature of what you’re publishing, looking for similar sites to existing resources can be a great way to find good resources.


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1575. Vision

I am filling in the gaps of my desire to spend the rest of my life as a perpetual traveler.  

What I considered an adventure in my 20s may be a necessity in my 60s.  Why?  Politics and finances.  You can live comfortably and peacefully in many countries around the world for way less money and hassle than you have in the U.S.

1576.  ChkLines - Blog Commenting


  1. Reasons for blog commenting:

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~ Chaz

What I Learned About Incorporation

A great way to build some legal protection into your business is to incorporate. However, the benefits of incorporating might not outweigh the restrictions on corporations depending on your exposure to creditors.

You can form a 1-person Corporation or LLC with one owner in any state and receive all the same benefits as a larger company.

1. Limited Liability.

One of the greatest benefits for incorporation is its limited liability against the shareholders. Any debt or liability against a specific shareholder remains separate from the corporation. Likewise, the inverse is similarly true. Any debt or liability against a corporation does not open the doors of shareholders' assets to the creditor. The shareholder's liability in any corporate debt or liability is limited to what the shareholder invested.

2. Credibility.

A business with an Inc. or LLC extension after its name often sounds more credible to potential customers and clients. You’ll most likely attract more attention from the community if you choose some form of incorporation or LLC. Being incorporated can also help protect your business name in the state in which you do business.

3. Unlimited Life.

A corporation’s life is not dependent upon its owners. A corporation possesses the feature of unlimited life, meaning if an owner dies or wishes to sell his or her interest, the corporation will continue to exist and do business.

4. Transferability of Ownership.

For IBMs* (Introvert Boomer Males), your corporation can be a money earning legacy to pass on to your children, grandchildren, or your last wife or partner.

5. Tax Advantages.

Big corporations have long maximized profits by taking advantage of the tax code. To a lesser extent, so can close corporations, if permitted in your state. Incorporating also can reduce a business' taxes if it earns a lot of revenue, make it easier to seek venture capital or other outside investment, and in some cases provides more flexibility for your business.

For information on the types of tax advantages your business may gain by forming as a corporation, consult an accountant or tax advisor.

6. Retirement Plans.

Retirement funds and qualified retirements plans, such as a 401(k), may be established more easily.

7. Raising Capital.

A corporation's ability to issue stock is a strong selling point to those willing to invest capital in a business venture.

8. Deducting Losses

Net operating loss carryforwards, or NOL carryforwards, allow companies to use losses from previous years to offset profits in the future, a benefit that can allow very profitable companies to pay no income taxes.

9. Other Tax Benefits.

Corporations can defer some income until the following year, such as profits earned overseas.

Also, the corporation can deduct certain expenses, such as start-up costs, from shareholder dividends.

Corporations may deduct 100% of the cost of health and life insurance premiums paid on behalf of owners and employees while sole proprietors filing an individual tax return may currently deduct only 60% of medical premiums.

10. Corporations Don’t Get Sent To Prison When They Break The Law.

Because corporations cannot be incarcerated like individuals, penalties generally involve fines. In certain cases, corporate officers or executives can face criminal penalties for acts of corporate fraud or negligence, but it is rare.

Look at the recent fraud at Wells Fargo. The Wells Fargo account fraud scandal is an ongoing controversy brought about by the creation of millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts on behalf of Wells Fargo clients without their consent. Not one executive went to jail.

11. Corporations Can Shift Income And Expenses Around To Different Countries

Companies can shift income out of high-tax countries into the U.S., and from the U.S. to low-tax countries. Such behavior certainly lowers worldwide tax liabilities for larger U.S. manufacturing companies and appears to significantly lower their U.S. tax liabilities as well. At first, this may not be something you can take advantage of, but if you become a perpetual traveler, it’s a strategy to consider.

12. Credit Card Interest Expenses Are Deductible For Corporations, Not For Actual People

Interest expenses for credit card purchases of business items, however, are completely deductible.

13. Power Structure.

The corporate business form has an established power and management structure: directors, officers, and shareholders. Each group has its own set of clearly-defined roles and responsibilities within the corporate framework.

The downsides of forming your own close corporation include:

1. Paperwork.

All corporations are required by law to observe a number of corporate formalities to ensure that the corporation is operating as a separate entity, independent of the business's owners. These steps include holding regular meetings of directors, keeping records of corporate activity, and maintaining the corporation's ongoing financial independence.

2. Double Taxation.

C corporations are subject to double taxation of corporate profits when corporate income is distributed to the owners in the form of dividends. The double tax is created when tax is first paid at the corporate level. If corporate profit is then distributed to owners as dividends, the owners pay tax at the individual level on that income. The double tax can be avoided by electing S corporation tax status with the Internal Revenue Service.

3. Formation and Ongoing Expenses.

For a Walkabout Solopreneur just starting out, and if cash flow is an issue, know that you’ll be paying for such costs as state filing fees, franchise tax, and other government fees.


You could file all the significant documents yourself. Having said that, when you consider the time involved for filing, administering, and maintaining all the documents necessary to keep your business running legitimately... why would you?

You can do it yourself or choose one of the companies below to do the paperwork for you - correctly, the first time.

For IBMs* setting up a Walkabout Solopreneur side hustle, a corporation may be the way to go. Check with your personal tax advisor, or use the online incorporation service of your choice to handle corporate filings and maintenance.

Incorporation Resources:

Chaz Lamm

Master Age Differences

Age differences and the part it plays in marriage can certainly be used in a purient manner. It can psychologically separate married couples more than it looks like it ought to from a spiritual angle.

Men may try to find a young mail order bride for any number of reasons. Vanity. The feel of firm female flesh. But most often it's a matter of respect. Foreign brides respect love and support without a "what have you done for me lately" attitude.

International brides, especially those in challenging financial situations, look for husbands who are older, established, and who could possibly provide support and security for a family. It helps if he does not drink too much, does not gamble, and has his wild oats behind him.

Young men tend to have limited romantic skills. Let's face it. For the most part, the ideal woman was naked and horizontal.

He appreciates a woman’s beauty, he has good manners, he recognizes her need for consideration and care, and he can speak the words she wants to hear. He listens to her, to make her wishes come true and to fulfill her needs.

To be sure, men are stupid when it comes to younger women. Or any women for that matter.

Very often young Russian women write love letters to older men who could be their fathers or even grandfathers. Are these women actually interested in men who are so much older than themselves?

Yeah. Right.

Usually the man who can persuade a woman 25 years his junior to marry him will be rather rich or, at the very least, incredibly charismatic (a former senator or a leader of a motorbike gang, for example). Rich and famous is best. Younger women are easily seduced by the lifestyle.

Bear in mind that age is actually just a number. You are dating a person, not a birthdate. The earlier you get the number out of your mind, the easier it should be to concentrate on what you have to give each other.

Years ago when I was a Vice Consul in Manila, I approved visas for a 17 year old with a 76 year old husband, and a 25 year old woman with an 82 year old man. Both were good marriages. The 25 year old had children with her husband.

She can prove to be a fine person and end up becoming a truly great wife for this wealthy man. With time, she may even fall in love with her older husband. Having said that, this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, so men ought to be cautious.

Real-life couples seldom have a generation-long difference between them.

Here are my raw opinions as to the best age for women that my 63 year old ass might attract:

The quantity and top quality of young and lovely brides in Russia and Ukraine sometimes creates trouble in the minds of men from Western countries.

That said, I wouldn’t trust a young “Russian” woman as far as I can spit.

In couples where the age gap approaches generational, the older partner is under a continuous and significant stress. While it can be very intriguing at first, the long-term prospects of such relationships are directly influenced by how self-worthy the mature spouse feels. Being afraid that your younger half may leave is likely to aid in damage of your marriage.

Unfortunately, going to a dating agency doesn’t always assure you that you’ll meet a woman who actually wants to create a family. Many agencies out there are crooks carrying out work with the women who are out there to trick you. This is why you should always be vigilant when choosing an agency.

In Eastern Europe, the age difference between partners varies from 5 to 15 years. So a Western man should not be shocked if he is emailed by women from this part of the world who are up to 15 years younger.

The rule of thumb is: the larger the age difference, the lesser the odds for a successful marriage. You don’t want to end up with someone who does not have solid feelings for you, who is primarily concerned with money and stability.

In Asian countries, the age difference between spouses is commonly in the range of 5 to 10 years, and in some countries parent-arranged marriages are normal. The demographics in Asia have changed over the years – in past times only women with acute physical or mental disabilities were more than likely to stay single. But all throughout Asia women frequently prefer older husbands.

Latinas are known to be faithful and devoted wives. The divorce rate is low. And these women tend to live at home until they marry.

Appearances count. An age difference of 10 - 15 years is not a problem.

If you are done with diapers and sleep deprivation, you might possibly want to try to find older brides-to-be in Eastern Europe or Latin America.

Chinese women have a bunch of rules. They marry young (early 20s) to slightly older men. If a woman goes for career or academic success, she might find herself in her late 30s with no appropriate marriage prospects. Terrible for her. Good for Western men.

If you worry that your younger wife may leave you one day, she will. You must have the confidence of the 80-year-old billionaire, who, being questioned about his marriage to an 18-year-old, and brought up that he would be 90 and she would be 28, answered: “Well, I can always divorce her and marry another 18-year-old”.

Good-looking young men with gym bodies can afford a fashion faux pas or two, but you cannot. Many women abroad have a more stiff idea of what is acceptable attire for men, and in particular on a first date. Expensive clothes and impeccable style will be mandatory for the timeframe of your courtship, and perhaps even the years thereafter.

If you look for a relationship with a much younger woman, be sure you want it for the right reasons. It's not uncommon for an older divorced or widowed man to look for a much younger woman. He may be seeking reassurance that he has not lost his sexual appeal.

Age differences can muck up visa interviews. Be prepared to fight.

Bottom line: Because of the influence of today’s world on marriages, I would substantially caution any couple that is thinking about marriage (where there is a large age gap).

Age is a state of mind.  Don’t lose yours.