Jason Follansbee

Jordenne Sargent

Jeff Leombruno

Amy Vetter


Ron Beaudry

Call to order at 7:15pm.

Kately made a motion to accept Feb minutes, Jordenne seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report.

$12,993 in checking, $11,128 in savings. No official treasurer's report. We will move forward with the contract with Granite Coast this year.  Amy received refund from Ngin. Jason questioned if we had money for him to buy some new bats. Would like to get 4 new bats, Amy approved. Jason made a motion to table treasurer’s report with the hopes we get the computer running.

Basketball season is wrapping up. Having some trouble getting sweatshirts out and collecting uniform shirts from everyone. Really need to get a basketball director in place for next year. Also need to make a decision what we’re doing with the 3/4 program for next week - would like to split the 3rd and 4th grades next year to start putting together the 3v3 league for the 3/4 program moving forward, but with one transition year. Also need to look at having the ability to have two practices a week. Jason will also send info about the Blue Devil basketball clinic to the girls when we receive info.


We’re up to 130 total registrations for baseball/softball. Jason said we might get to host the Cal Ripken tournament this year, and we will probably try to host the 10u softball tournament as well. Assessment are scheduled for next Saturday the 17th. Jason said we have a lot of coaches currently signed up. Current Babe Ruth reg is only at 2, Jason said we will pool with Newmarket and send kids to Exeter. Jason projecting 2 majors teams, and 2 minors teams.


We’re registered in the league, fees have been paid. Katelyn is still waiting for her insurance binder from the league. There have been votes on rule changes. In 10u, there will be no drop third strike rule. Also no player can walk a run in. Also if there are more than 9 girls, the coach has an option to take a player out for a inning and take an out in the batting order, or take the player out of the game completely but avoid an out in the batting order. They did have a clinic with great turnout, but hopefully more players from Epping will show up. All team rosters need to be submitted by March 23rd. Concern about girls not staying committed to their rec teams and focusing on All Stars, EYAA will have a rule that requires more playing time. There will be a coaches day for the league, and there needs to be at least one coach from each town needs to attend. Last Katelyn heard it was March 22nd (tentative, in Epsom). Waiting for confirmation.

Currently only 3 signed up for 12u, so Kately will work on finding a home for them.


5k this past weekend went well. Around 160 total registrants. Jordenne is still figuring out exact numbers, but hopefully we broke even. Looking at Saturday the 16th next year, possibly 10am? Jordenne will reach back out to Holy Grail shortly so we can start planning for next year.

Jordenne would like to look at getting an ipad and being able to take cc at the Snack Shack. She would also like to get a new menu board. Talking about doing the hit-a-thon, and movie night again this year. April 18th will be pizza bingo at EES.

Open discussion:

Discussion about the need for a soccer director and what that entails. Ron expressed interest in that, and we will ask Dave to come to the next meeting to discuss.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23pm.