Economic Development

Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke keeps her promises. By following through on her plans to advance economic development, revitalize our Squares and improve key infrastructure, Mayor Burke has shown our community that she is committed to making Medford reach its full potential as a place to live. Just take the Library or the Chevalier theater for example. Mayor Burke secured a $12 million grant for Medford Public Library renovations and hired a new professional manager with over 30 years of experience to operate the Chevalier Theater. Moves likes these are what Medford needs to attract even more economic development and activity so that Medford Square can be the bustling center of activity that it used to be.


With community input, Stephanie has worked to make the Medford Square Master Plan reflect the priorities of Medford citizens and she continues to shape the Plan with input from the community. By increasing economic activity, improving walkability and accessibility and highlighting Medford’s history as well as natural assets like the Mystic River, Medford will thrive under the Medford Square Master Plan and Stephanie’s leadership. The list of development and revitalization projects goes on to include the Riverside Plaza improvements and Complete Streets. Complete Streets projects are improving our infrastructure, making the City easier to navigate and creating a safer environment for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. I’m excited about the possibilities for Medford and we need Stephanie to continue the work she’s been doing to make Medford the best place to live for our entire community, including people who have been here for generations and newcomers alike.


Rick Orlando

Co-Chair, Medford Business and Economic Development Transition Team

Co-Chair, School Building Committee


Paul Materazzo

Medford Business and Economic Development Transition Team