June 17th-24th 2018

A Global Celebration of Land Surveying

Land Surveyors United Members

Why ‘International Surveyors Week’?

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No matter where you are in the world, there is a good chance that the majority of the general population know very little regarding the importance of professional land surveyors to society. Let's educate them!

On your dedicated day of the week, share and describe your best land surveying photos from the field and tell not only your fellow surveyors how surveying is typically done in your area. Consider sharing photos and videos of your setup in the field, wildlife you encounter in your area and /or any situation you think is unique to your area that other surveyors may not run into.

It may also not be a surprise to you that this is an important event, considering the number of surveyors who retire every year far passes the number of new surveyors entering the workforce.  We desperately need to inspire a new generation of surveyors and the best way to do that is to show them how interesting and rewarding a land surveying career can be.

If we do not inspire surveyors to think outside of their local environment, we are chaining them to it!

Our Shared Task and Mission.

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As a community, we can bring public recognition to the profession by acquiring surveyor proclamations from our local, state, and national governments. We must motivate them to recognize all of the valuable contributions land surveyors have made to civilization. In order to determine the process for requesting a proclamation, please contact the state and local government offices from which you would like to make a request. Most state and local governments need at least 3–4 weeks to complete the request. You can also get a sample proclamation on the International Surveyors Week website at

If you are able to schedule a signing ceremony, Arrange to have several land surveyors present and promote the day and time of the ceremony on community calendars and in local news publications.

Make sure a photographer will be present at the event so that you can include a photo with any news releases and post them to Land Surveyors United Community.

Become a SURVambassador and Help United Surveyors in Your Area

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